Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Solid Colored Blouse - Ways to Wear a Cobalt Top

See this top?  You have to have seen this top, because I've been wearing it quite a bit in recent months.  (I didn't notice until a few people said it on Instagram!)

A few years ago I would have passed up tops like this, but now I'm trying to add more of them to my closet.  They're blouses that are plain like t-shirts, but are not cotton, and they are SUCH good pieces to have in your wardrobe.


a) They're as easy as cotton tees, but look slightly dressier.  With the same amount of effort you can have a more polished look.

b) They can be dressed up or dressed down.  While this is true of cotton tees, it's much easier to dress up these non-cotton tops.  In the collage above the outfits range anywhere from casual to dressy. 

c) They float away from your body which is nice for air flow in the summer!  

d) They can be tucked into skirts (casual, office-appropriate, or dressy skirts) and worn with jeans, shorts, or work slacks.  Work them into any setting--they're so versatile!  

e) They're a perfect blank slate for statement necklaces or pendants, or a multitude of scarves.  

In a nutshell, they're awesome.  Easy to wear and remixable are two of my favorite qualities in a garment.  Tack on "floats away from body," especially for warmer months, and I don't know if it can get much better!

Below are a bunch that could work similarly to the one I'm wearing, just with different colors of course.  The ones in the last row (#10-12) plus 3 and 6 all have a little extra detail too.   Wear these with jeans, trousers, or shorts, or tuck them into skirts of any kind.  Add necklaces galore of all colors and shapes (statement or pendant) or add on solid or patterned scarves.  Just go mix and match crazy!

Links to Shop:
1. J.Crew Factory  |  2. Forever 21  |  3. Target*
4. Nordstrom*  |  5. Express*  |  6. Nordstrom*
7. Target  |  8. Forever 21  |  9. Forever 21
10. Asos  |  11. Target*  |  12. Forever 21


  1. HappinessatmidlifeTuesday, June 09, 2015

    Love all the ways you've worn this top. Cobalt is one of my favorite colors to wear and I am wearing it today on the blog too.



    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  2. Love the different ways you put the outfit together. I really like the dressed up look with the black skirt.


  3. Thank you for sharing all of these options! I love the color and you are so right - it looks much dressier than a tee.


  4. Loving this color for the summer.



  5. I love all these options! My favorite is the cobalt blue with the floral skirt! So cute!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. Agree on all counts! I have a cobalt blouse that's a bit of a different style. That is not a color I typically go for, but I always get major compliments when I wear it and it's been fun to play around with. My favorite combo so far has been pairing it with black skinnies and booties and pleather jacket both in that cognac color. Cognac and cobalt...seriously look gorgeous together.

  7. These are my favorite kind of top to wear - I've been on the hunt for good colors and shapes for a couple of years now, and whenever I find a perfect one, I add it. Super versatile - love all the styling :)

  8. This top is a staple in my closet - very versatile!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

  9. Elisabeth KlassenTuesday, June 09, 2015

    I love this post, thanks so much for sharing all these tips. I love all the outfit ideas that you recommended for one top. Love the color, just gorgeous.

    Diary of Elegance

  10. Thanks for all of these super cute ideas for styling a cobalt top, I love the chic look with the flares!

  11. Florentina ScusiTuesday, June 09, 2015

    Great looks! My fave would be probably with the floral skirt!

  12. love your outfits :D Other option could be with shorts :D

  13. I love the cobalt color! I probably would have passed on these types of solid tops in the past as well, but I'm also realizing what a great piece it is to add to my wardrobe. Plus, I think they wash & wear a little better than cotton tees as well.

  14. This type of top is what I'm missing in my wardrobe too! I pass up the basics like this because they are nice, but not as 'pretty' as printed pieces. I need more plain, practical pieces like this that go with everything! In a range of colours :)

    Away From The Blue

  15. I love this post! I have been wanting to make a post like this for a while, but with one of my skirts! This was perfect inspiration for my post ^_^!

    Blog: Guide for Ladies

    Recent post: 7 questions to make you discover what makes you happy

  16. Such T-shirt is great way to add some accent to the outfit.

    My favorite is the one with the long skirt.


  17. Such great ways to wear a simple cobalt blue top, thanks for the tips!


  18. Love Love Love this about your blog Audrey. You actually repeat pieces and wear items multiple ways, exactly the inspiration I need. (thumbs up emoji here)

  19. I love the way you have styled this blouse. I have a cobalt blue blouse similar and am always looking for ways to style it, this is perfect!

    Carmen Renee

  20. Lauren WickersheimWednesday, June 10, 2015

    What material is it, since it's not cotton? I love the look of them, but (TMI?) I have issues with polyester type fabrics giving me BIG pit stains. :(

  21. Haha! They're all different material. Many of them are polyester (sorry!) while some of them can be rayon and, if you get fancy, there are silk ones. ;)

  22. This post is a great motivation for me. I need to find a few pieces like this that can be dressed up a little. I've mostly been buying casual stuff, since that's what I wear so much, but for church or date night, I need a couple dressier options. You've given me some great suggestions!

  23. These are exactly the kinds of tops I need. I have plenty of cotton t-shirts and a few tanks but I need something different to change it up once in awhile!

  24. You're so right about tops like this! I have a black chiffon-ish top that I got through ThredUp a while back, and when I bought it, I was a little uncertain as to how it would function any differently than my black cotton tee. But, it's turned out to be a favorite. I love all the ones you've linked to here!

  25. This post came at such perfect timing! I just bought a top that looks just like yours same color and style. I was hesitant to buy it because I thought I wouldn't be able to wear it as much. But reading your post gives me inspiration for ways to rock mine.

  26. i bought 6 tops like this, about 15 years ago: fuchsia, purple, emerald, cobalt, black, copper. i wore them for EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE until they fell apart. got compliments all the time.

  27. Ooh, that's inspiring and encouraging to know I'm on the right track! It's funny how you can get compliments on the most seemingly simple pieces, isn't it?

  28. OMG - thank you for saying this! I'm in the same boat. I always admire how cute these tops look, but they never work right on me. It always looks like I just ran a marathon in them. Yuck!

  29. I didn't realize how much use I could get out of a cobalt top until I read this post. I actually bought #5 yesterday (which is reversible! how cool is that?) and it perfectly matches a pair of printed pants that I usually only wear black with. It's 8am and I've already gotten a compliment on it. Thank you for the inspiration! I absolutely love your style. :)

  30. I saw the reversible top and I was so intrigued! And I LOVE that you got a compliment on it already!

  31. Love this! I think once a t-shirt gets promoted to a "blouse," good things are about to happen. Thanks to your different necklaces/scarf and bottoms and completers, they really take on different looks. And that's with the same (fantastic) shoe repeated! yay!


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