Thursday, June 18, 2015

LOFT Sale - Everything 40% Off

Hey guys!  Popping in really quickly to review a few items I recently got from LOFT.  It's particularly pertinent because today LOFT is having a 40% off sale

Blue Tie Waist Dress
First up is this dress.  The print has a similar feel to the blue maxi dress I talked about earlier this week, but the silhouette and neckline are different.  And the length, obviously.  I love this dress!  It's pretty thin and therefore lightweight and comfortable.  It's that soft material that's super easy to do anything in and can be styled for work with a blazer or sandals and a crossbody for a casual day.  Very easy to move around in.  However, because it's thin I'd recommend wearing a slip underneath if you want to smooth out bumps and lumps.

I'm normally size 6 in dresses and I'm wearing this in Medium.  All my pictures were fuzzy for some reason (maybe because of the moving baby in the front?) so I couldn't get a good closeup of the adorable print, but you can see it on the product site.

It also comes in a maroon-ish version HERE.

I really, really wanted to love this skirt because I've been looking for a coral skirt for a while.  But, I'm a 7/10 which in Benson's rule book is not quite enough.  

It's slightly too big in the waist for me.  I'm 6/8 on bottom (smaller waist but larger hips) and wearing this in Small, and the waist is still a little loose.  It's also thin and would need a slip underneath.  Perhaps a darker color would also be a little more flattering.  It comes in black, navy, coral, and berry.  

My guess is it would look fantastic on someone with narrower hips because of how it hangs.  I like the skirt overall, just not for me.  :(

Remember last week when I talked about solid colored tops that aren't cotton tees?  (THIS post.)  This coral top is AWESOME!  It is 100% polyester (sorry for those who can't wear that).  BUT, while sometimes polyester feels super cheap and is thick and doesn't move well, this is a thinner, flowy polyester that drapes really nicely!  These pictures don't do it justice.  The top is lightweight, and while that's a plus, you would probably need to wear a cami under it.  

There's a cute slight flutter detail to the sleeves and a slight hi-lo hem.  

I'm normally S/M on top and I'm wearing this in S.  XS almost fit too, which is only to say I'd size down rather than up if you are unsure.

Also, the price shows a red "sale" number, but the 40% off still applies on top of that at checkout.

Any other LOFT finds people should be aware of?


  1. I have two of those LOFT circle skirts from last summer — a black & white striped one and a navy one. I didn't wear the navy one until this spring because it was a little too big in the waist whereas the black & white one fit perfectly, but after a few rounds in the washer and dryer, the navy one shrunk slightly to fit perfectly. I am also 5'6", usually a size 6 in dresses, and got smalls in both skirts. So weird how the two skirts fit differently at first, but they are so comfortable and easy to wear! That coral color is so cute, but definitely not as versatile as the darker neutral versions.

  2. Hard to tell if it's me or Loft, but Loft has REALLY been working for me lately!

  3. fashionforgiantsThursday, June 18, 2015

    LOFT has been taking all of my money lately. All of it! I'm actually headed over to the sale now to get a couple of work blouses and probably a dress because, have I mentioned, they're taking all of my money lately!

  4. I love LOFT! Seriously, 75% of my clothes are from there! haha

    Her Heartland Soul

  5. Did the black and white one shrink in the washer and dryer? Also, I'm surprised (and glad) to hear that this skirt went through the dryer okay because my assumption was that it would pill. Glad to hear you're loving your skirts!

  6. Haha! I really like LOFT but up until lately, not a lot of my closet was made up of LOFT things. I've been able to find more and more things from there that fit me better though, so that is slowly changing now!

  7. Same here! I'm surprised how many things I've been keeping from my LOFT orders!

  8. If the black & white skirt did shrink a bit, I didn't notice. It's certainly still wearable. And pilling has not been an issue! One thing that is a little annoying is I have to iron the navy one after washing/drying because it wrinkles pretty easily (as you can see in the coral version), but I also store it in a drawer rather than hanging, so that's probably my bad. I don't iron the striped skirt because you can't really see any wrinkles due to the pattern.

  9. I like the dress on you, and it looks like it will be very versatile for your lifestyle - dates, casual days, work. Great choice! Too bad about the skirt. It seems like a jersey skirt would be just like any other, but I recently tried on a lot of jersey skirts at Nordstrom Rack, and realized that the cut makes a big difference. My hips are wide compared to my waist, and some of them made me look TOO wide. Weird. Good luck finding a coral skirt you like. My problem is that I prefer pink to coral, and it's hard to find pink this year. Maybe next summer!

  10. I like LOFT styles, but they charge almost $15 to ship to Hawaii, so I've given up buying from them. None of the other companies I order from charge like that. Sad... That dress is super cute.

  11. I love LOFT stuff, so cute. Good for you for being able to walk away from the coral skirt. Its great but it's not PERFECT. Addie around your legs is so MYLIFFFEEE!! Love those babies :) -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  12. Not sure if you're looking for light pink or a more saturated pink, but here's a light pink skirt: http://bit.ly/1FqfFtx


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