Monday, June 22, 2015

Coral Sandals

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I've been asked a handful of times for advice on choosing shoes, but I haven't written anything on it because I don't really know how to answer the question.  Most of the time I'm wearing tan or nude shoes! 

But, sometimes I do like adding a pop of color to an outfit with shoes.  I haven't been able to articulate a rhyme or reason to it that's coherent enough to write a post with shoe advice, rather I just try it out and sometimes it works.  This was one of those times, and I was pleasantly surprised!  While I really like this top, the sandals are what make the outfit for me!

They're from Sole Society, but the same pair linked below that are on sale.  If they're still out of your price range, I linked to a much cheaper coral sandal from Target for $16.  I usually wear 8.5-9 and got these in 9.  

Shop for the Look:
Top: White Plum (exact, similar)
Jeans: LOFT (exact, similar, similar)
Shoes: c/o Sole Society (exact, exact--on sale, similar and much cheaper)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (exact)


  1. That top!! I love the fringe!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. Super fun sandals! And I think you're right on that - sometimes it just works. Sometimes you don't feel it. But having colored shoe options in the closet is definitely a good thing :)

  3. So cute--love the pop of color with that top!

  4. Love the fringe detailing of your shirt.



  5. I LOVE those cheaper Target sandles you linked to. I bought them in Pewter when they were on sale a few weeks ago and they are so comfy. I'm used to a break-in period with shoes and these were blister free from the start!

  6. i LOVE your sandals hun!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. I agree, Diana. I have two pairs (pewter and black) that I bought in the past, and found them surprisingly comfortable and durable for the price. Now I am thinking of getting coral and mint.

  8. Cute! I really need to stop buying clothes for awhile, and add some footwear in pretty colors to add oomph to my outfits. You did a great job putting this outfit together. :-)

  9. Hi I wonder how you where white pants all the time. I have a toddler and I cant wear white any more :( she has dirty shoes and when i lift her my pants get dirty soo often :(... i feel jealous !!

  10. Haha...I know my white jean wearing days are numbered. Addie isn't walking yet, and when we are out she is mostly held by people so her feet don't get dirty. Plus, we don't wear shoes in the house. But also, I'm not with her the entire day because many days of the week she's at childcare while I'm working, so there's less hours in the day for her to wipe something on my white jeans. ;)

  11. Your top is see-through!

  12. I know! That's why I'm wearing a cami underneath! :)

  13. Are these sandals comfy? I am heading to Europe in two weeks and need something comfortable that don't need much or any break in time. I don't plan to walk far but maybe evening stroll to dinner on warm nights.

  14. They were stiff at first. Then after a few hours of wear (not really walking, just sitting) they broke in. However, once I walked a good amount in them the soles were good but the back strap started to rub my heel. After that day I took a break from them, and now they are fine but I haven't walked that long in them again yet. I think a tiny strip of shoe tape or even some athletic tape or a bandaid will fix it though. Or maybe it's just my ankles and you won't even have that problem!

  15. Lucky you until she start with walking and exploring all dirty stuffs !! Yes once they start moving then its hard..I already have to pick jeans and pants which are dark shades so that its not that obvious when my little one dirties it :)

  16. What a thorough review! This is incredibly helpful. Thank you, Audrey! You're awesome!


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