Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shopping Adventures - Old Navy, ASOS, Nordstrom

Wowee.  I've been shopping a whole heck of a lot these days.  Well, shopping in the sense of trying on lots of things, not necessarily keeping them.  

I think I mentioned that I've been doing a little closet cleanse since giving birth and kind of revamping my wardrobe.  A few people have asked me to share the pieces I look at, even if I don't keep them.  I've found some pretty good gems, and some could-be-gems-for-others even if they're not for me.  Plus, I always love when Fran does her reviews, so I thought this might be helpful.

Lastly, I said in a recent post that since I'd been feeling "meh" about Target through the fall I started to venture out to other stores.  I started with ASOS and Nordstrom (cuz free shipping...and ASOS ships internationally, btw) and I wanted to share my shopping ventures.

Old Navy
But before we get to the other two stores, I've been ordering things to try from Old Navy like crazy, so here's what I've been looking at recently:

First, this eyelet tee.  I absolutely love my white lace crochet tank and though I have a different lace tee with sleeves, I want to replace it with something that feels more like that tank, but with sleeves.  The lace tee I have is a little too romantic feeling for my tastes so I unfortunately don't like wearing it much.  I was looking for something with lace, crochet, or eyelet and scored this top for $12.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.  While the bad-habit shopper in me is like "It was only $12!  Just settle!" My good-habit shopper side is like, "BACK AWAY FROM THE TOP."  I don't absolutely love it on me, and it doesn't fulfill the purposes I was looking for.

It is see-through because of the holes, so you have to wear a cami underneath.  I'm wearing Medium.

Second, this polka dot dress which I scored for $15!  I *almost* love it, but something about how it hangs on me below the waist isn't perfect.  It's perfect in some angles and not others, which means it's not perfect.  I think my hips are a little too wide for it to hang the way I want it, but if you aren't hippy like me I think this dress would be SO CUTE FOR YOU!

Next, jeans.  I'm looking for replacement boyfriend jeans so I tried two from Old Navy that ended up only being $16 each!  On the left above is the boyfriend skinny ankle jeans.  They look better in real life, but I still don't like how they bunch at my knees.  I LOVE the color and distressing though.  I'm normally 6/8 in jeans, but reviews said to size down, and size 4 fit better than size 6.  Size 6 was too baggy in everything except the legs.  I'm still contemplating whether or not to keep these, trying to figure out if the knee thing will stretch out with wear.  Again, they look better in real life too.  Might need to take a better pic with the real camera to see how they really look!

In the middle is boyfriend straight jeans.  Gosh, these jeans and the pair above look so much better on the models!  I like how straight these are compared to the ones above, and when cuffed more they look even better.  However, I just love the distressing and wash on the first pair!  Dilemma.  I'm wearing these in size 6.

At $16/pair I kiiiiinda wanna keep both.  My good shopper side is cringing.  :)

This last pair is the rockstar skinny in grey.  Not a boyfriend cut.  I want another pair of light jeans this spring, and these were also on sale for $19.  These are very stretchy, which could be great, but I personally find the stretchiness unflattering on my legs, especially with the lighter color.  I think I need to go with more structured and thicker jeans in lighter colors given my build.  Otherwise, great color!

This was my first time ordering from ASOS.  I don't know what took me so long, since it's free shipping both ways.  RIGHT?

Some of their stuff is super expensive, but some of it is more within my price range.  I particularly like ASOS for their huge selection of skirts!

I've read that sizing runs small, and I found that to be true.  For a-line skirts I'm normally size 6, and usually never 8 (only 8 on bottom for fitted things like skinny jeans and pencil skirts).  I tried both skirts below in size 6, but 8 felt better with both, even with elastic waistbands.

First up, this jersey circle skirt.  Super comfy, stretchy material.  Besides the wrinkles from being packaged up, it lays nicely and is a lightweight stretch jersey.  It's not terribly thin though.  Compared to most maxi skirts and other jersey dresses I've gotten at Target, this jersey is sturdier.  I would still wear a slip under this, given that it's white and I don't like to take chances.  I'm 5'6" and it hits right above/at my knees.

I absolutely love it and have a white skirt on my shopping list.  HOWEVER, I'm trying to be a really good shopper.  I need to go back to what I used to do when I was first building a wardrobe (see Building a Remixable Wardrobe and Wardrobe From Scratch) and be really, really specific about what I want each piece to do to determine if I should keep this or not.  

This skater skirt is a similar material to the white one above, but this has more pleats at the waistline.  This color is called blue, but it looks more purple to me in other lighting.  It also comes in red and in "khaki" which either is actually olive or I'm completely colorblind.  I love the pleated detail, and it can be dressed up or down nicely.  I'm not sure I need a purple skirt given I have this similar magenta one, but I'm going to play around with it in my closet because I like it so much.  Or I might try the olive one instead.

I also tried a really pretty white eyelet skirt, but it was too puffy for my taste.  If you're not hippy or if you want a puffier white skirt it might be a great option.  It's fully lined.

All in all, I'm a huge fan of ASOS skirts!  I'm open to other stuff they have as well, but just didn't find anything on my current shopping list this round.

I don't know why, but I always felt under qualified to shop at Nordstrom.  Their free shipping is helping me get over it though.  That, and having bought some accessories like my favorite ever teal teardrop necklace, the reversible tote, and the pendant I've been wearing lately.

But, like I said, I was not happy with Target and looking for some more options, so I found myself on Nordstrom's site.  Here are some things from my order:

This is another eyelet skirt, but I like this much better than the ASOS one I linked to above.  It's less puffy, and is fully lined.  Very cute and perfect for spring!  I personally won't be keeping it because it's not quite what I'm looking for in a white skirt.  I got it in Medium and it fits my waist perfectly.

All of my jeans have been a little loose these days, so I'm looking for a really, really, REALLY good replacement.  Something that holds shape and is form fitting.  This pair has rave reviews (I guess because a popular blog linked to them).  They're actually called leggings, but they feel like a very thin and stretchy pair of jeans.  Whether you like that or not is just up to what you're looking for in jeans.  I can see why everyone loves them, but they're not quite right for me.  I've had jeans that are more flattering on me and prefer something a little thicker.  However, for a jegging, I think they're pretty great and worth a shot!  I'm wearing size 6.

Next, this scallop tee.  SO CUTE!  (Seen in THIS post.)  Without realizing it I got rid of a lot of the bright colored tops in my wardrobe, so this peach one totally caught my eye.  The material is thin and loose, and the fit is kind of boxy and baggy which might not be ideal for a lot of people.  I loved the peach, so I ordered the white version after.  However, I'm not a fan of the white on me.  I wanted to love it, but it did something odd at my chest--and I don't have a large chest.  I think the color makes some aspects of it that I don't like stand out in an undesirable way.

I'm going to wear the peach one tucked into skirts, with printed shorts, or with normal blue, white, or grey jeans.

Also comes in dark green, black, and bright orange.  I'm normally 6, once in a while 4 on top and I'm wearing this in size 8.

Other Nordstrom Pieces
I ordered 3 necklaces: this pink pendant I've been wearing, the turquoise version, and a gold chevron necklace.

I'm warming up to Nordstrom a lot, and I like the variation from my standard Target finds.  I also LOVE their "True Fit" thingy that helps determine how a piece will fit you.  So far with the 3 clothing items I've ordered it's been pretty spot on.

Target Pieces
I forgot to photograph pieces from a Target order before I returned them.  I looked at this printed kimono in ivory.  It was enormous on me, even in XS.  But the real problem I think was that my shoulders are broader, so all that material didn't hang well.  I think if you have normal or smaller shoulders it'll be fine, but broader shoulders + extra material kinda made me look like I had wings.  :D

This crepe dress was pretty cute and fit well (I ordered M), but I just loved my recent black Old Navy dress more.  The Target one comes in 4 colors, and if you're looking for a non jersey material this would be great.

Whew!  I know.  Tons of shopping.  I've got some decisions to make!


  1. Elisabeth KlassenSaturday, April 04, 2015

    I loved this post. I really liked the eyelet skirt from Nordstrom, as well as the jeggings. Jeans are one of my favorite wardrobe staples and am interested in trying out jeggings...as I keep hearing amazing things about them.

    Diary of Elegance

  2. I also tried on the ON polka dot dress. Loved it online but looked the same on me as on you so I returned it. I wear XS and tried on an XS.

  3. I love the jeans from Old Navy - I wonder how you got them for so cheap though? When I clicked through, they were $34.00!

  4. I know! They were on sale for $25 then On had a 35% off sale which I didn't think would apply to things that were already on sale. But it did!!

  5. I love review posts! And I have to agree with every piece. My favorite has to be that scallop tee!

    Roxi - www.persianfrenchie.blogspot.com

  6. YAY! I love these kinds of posts. I like that first pair of jeans on you! If you have a tailor, you can have them fix the knees for pretty cheap. I actually have that done to all my dress pants now because I hate the bunching. May be worth a shot just to make them into the perfect "for you" jeans!

    I wanted to also tell you I bought that ON black dress (the one w/ sleeves and waist band) AND I'M SO IN LOVE. I can't wait to wear it alllll spring and summer.

  7. the link to that jersey circle skirt at Asos doesn't work which is a shame as it's really cute! :) I found a black one through google but I liked the white.

    I find Asos quite addictive, you'll portably be hooked after your first order! I've been slowing down on buying there lately though, with all the changes during and after pregnancy I'd rather buy stuff in store so I can be assured of a good fit. Asos returns are expensive here in Australia, they sadly aren't free!

    Away From The Blue

  8. Oh, strange! I just tried the link and it worked. It's called ASOS Circle Skirt in Jersey if you want to look for it on the AUS site.

  9. Totally love this post. I appreciate how you describe why things do and don't work for you. The jeans from Nordstroms look great on you. Thanks for letting me learn from you!

  10. I got the straight leg Old Navy jeans and love them! I ended up cuffing them twice instead of one big cuff.

  11. Love all the jeans! I actually loved the top left ones the best! Can't believe how cheap they are! Awesome finds! Xo

  12. Love this post! I tend to shop online primarily from places that offer free return shipping. I order a lot from Banana Republic Factory online and Gap Factory online. They both offer free shipping both ways as long as you order $50.

  13. Very helpful post! I've shopped at Nordstrom since I was 13, not because my family was made of money, but because it was the only store to stock size 12 shoes! I also love that Nordstrom offers the option of a rewards debit card instead of only credit cards. The Nordstrom jeans look perfect on you and I think I'm going to buy one of those pendants.

    Re ASOS, I bought a very similar skirt from them last year and LOVE it. It was basically my summer uniform. I was so thrilled when ASOS launched its tall section recently.

    xo Beth - LongLeggy.com

  14. I've concluded that khaki is a different colour here in the UK than it is for you in the US - to us it is a dull green-y colour, whereas I often see US bloggers using it for a more yellow-y colour. There's probably some military history behind why!
    This kind of post of my favourite to read :)

  15. I ALMOST ordered that Nordstrom tee after seeing it on you in the post last week, but after reading your review of the material, I'm so glad I didn't. That would NOT be flattering on me! Love this post - definitely do more of these! :)

  16. Florentina ScusiSunday, April 05, 2015

    Very pretty things!! My fave is dress and white top!

  17. You got some really cute stuff! I love that polka dot dress from Old Navy and that peach shirt with the scalloped bottom. The prices aren't shabby, either!


  18. Audrey this is such a great post! I know it probably took you some time to write and take all those pictures but it is super helpful! So many details about sizing and fit and materials. Thank you!

  19. Love posts like this! Dumb question...I'm guessing you always order more than $50 from ON to get the free shipping and then just return whatever doesn't work? I don't know why this never occurred to me before. I'm always waiting on free shipping deals or looking in stores. Thanks for putting all this together!

  20. You should do posts like this more often because this was so helpful!

  21. Lauren WickersheimMonday, April 06, 2015

    UM - if you're getting rid of your lace tee can I buy it? I've literally been looking for months for one close to yours because I love it so much and can't find one to save my life.

  22. Cute choices! I really like that eyelet skirt; I tried on one (at Old Navy?) that was too puffy, but that one looks more understated and casual. I'm older than you, and I think the puffiness plus the eyelet just made it too girly and dressy. Good job getting a deal on those Old Navy jeans; I love the boyfriend skinny jeans and have been wearing them for a couple of years. I recently replaced them with a pair of Gap boyfriend jeans (from the Gap outlet store) that I like even better; they seem sturdier and less stretchy. I wish catalogs and websites listed the lengths of skirts; that eyelet skirt looks much shorter on the model than it does on you, and you are an inch shorter than me, so it helps to know that it would probably not be too short on me.

  23. There was an eyelet skirt on Target's site that was less puffy also. And it was more of an eyelet one than the Nordstrom skirt.

    I wish websites listed lengths of skirts too! I might avoid more skirts than I need to because the models are so tall which make me assume skirts are shorter than they are.

  24. This lace tee? http://www.puttingmetogether.com/search/label/lace%20tee

  25. Yeah, I order over $50. There's an Old Navy really close to my house so returns are easy, but I often order online if they have more inventory.

  26. Good to know, Alisa! Thank you. I'll try to do more of these in the future.

  27. That makes a lot of sense about khaki. Glad to know I'm not totally colorblind haha.

  28. Randall HarrisonTuesday, April 07, 2015

    It's been a while since I've stopped by your blog. I'm so glad that I did. Love seeing the affordable outfit choses posted here!!!

  29. I love love love that you did this. I hope you do more posts like this. I find them very helpful! My favorite ON boyfriend jeans were the middle ones!

  30. Good post robesdemariee2013.com


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