Friday, March 13, 2015

Mix & Match With Sale Items! (Old Navy and J.Crew Factory) reposted

Okay...I'm reposting this because it looks like that new widget I was trying wasn't working very smoothly for everyone.  What a shame, cuz it made things a lot cleaner.  Anyway, sorry to those who are seeing this twice!  

Happy Friday, friends!

Both Old Navy and J.Crew Factory currently have sales going on, and there are approximately a billion things that I love at both stores.  Old Navy is 20% off regular priced items and 30% off sale (WHAT!!!!) with code ONSAVE.  But it ends TODAY!

J.Crew Factory is 30% off everything with code HEYSPRING.  That ends on Sunday, so you've got the weekend.

I put together some looks mixing and matching items from both stores, with just a few Target and Forever 21 items (sandals and accessories) sprinkled in there.

I'm most excited about that denim jacket.  I've wanted a lighter denim jacket for a while and have been eyeing this Old Navy one.  It's totally on sale, so it's TIME!

And, the J.Crew Factory skirt.  I've seen them around for years and have loved them.  I had a coral skirt a few years ago but I needed to get rid of it and have been looking for a replacement.  This one is so stinking cute!  However, it *seems* like it'd be too short for my liking at 18.5"--does anyone have this who can speak to the length or sizing?  (I'm 5'6")

Other notes...that striped top looks perfect.  I love the printed tote.  The striped flats give me all the heart eyes (WHYYYYY are there so many good ones out now!?)  The navy dot top is totally versatile.  And the anchor graphic tee...well, I'm just a huge fan of any graphic tee right now and have to work hard to not buy them all!  :)

And like I said..a billion things to love.  More below!

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  1. Casey @ A Little Bit of CheerFriday, March 13, 2015

    Just got a lighter wash denim jacket today but it's the Kut from the Kloth one--it's fabulous!! It's a nice change from my darker one. Love all of these items you posted, Audrey! xo

  2. I'm not sure about the coral Factory skirt now, but if it's the same one they've sold the past 2 years, it's short. I purchased an adorable yellow version, and it was so cute in the dressing room--standing up. Big oops on my part! I was in a hurry & didn't do the sit-cross legs--check before I left the dressing room. It was way too short when I sat & it had to be returned. Such a bummer b/c the fabric & fit were great! I'm 5'5, for reference. If someone has tried this year's version & it's longer, please share.

  3. I just bought that skirt at J Crew and I didn't think it seemed that short! I'm 5'10" (and a modest mother of 2 to boot) so I think it would be fine. Not for work, but for casual events it is perfect- I've considered going back to get the navy!

  4. I like the anchor shirt. I would definitely wear it all the time!

  5. I have that denim jacket! Perfect for spring!

  6. I've been checking out your blog for a long time now and it's about time that I finally tell you how in love I am with your style/fashion.
    I have no natural skill at building outfits, let alone an entire wardrobe, but you blog has given me hope and inspiration!

  7. Happy that I found your blog! Really like it! It’s so

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    Diana Cloudlet


  8. Thank you, Lindsay! I hope the blog is really helpful for you! Good luck with everything! _____________________________

  9. So many cute outfit ideas! I have that factory mini skirt in gray (just wore it today, actually!), and I am loving it in the coral and periwinkle colors. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. The length of that JCF mini skirt is the only thing that has kept me from placing an order - I absolutely love it and it would probably get me back into wearing skirts again!!


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