Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Striped Blazer 4 Ways (Inspired by the HP x360)

If you've read this blog for any length of time it should be obvious that I love pieces that are versatile and can be used multiple ways. I tend to think of that mostly in the context of clothing, but when I learned about a piece of technology that could do the same thing, the HP x360, I thought it was pretty cool!

The HP x360 can be used in 4 different modes: laptop, tablet, tent, and a stand.  That's a piece after my multiple-use loving heart!  

In partnership with HP, I came up with 4 ways to wear a striped blazer for 4 different contexts: office, casual weekday, dinner, and lounging or running errands on the weekend.

I specifically wanted to style this blazer for different activities because I was inspired by how the 4 modes of the HP x360 enable you to do different activities with the same device.  

Like, I think it's so cool that you can take a laptop, with all of your documents and programs, and fold it up to use it in a tablet mode with a touchscreen!  It's also nice to be able to start browsing online in laptop mode, decide you want to browse with a touchscreen instead, and easily prop it up into the tent mode to seamlessly surf with a touch screen without having to switch devices. 

And similar to how I feel about clothes that are versatile, there's something fun about the versatility that helps you get really creative with it.  For example, HP is going on Meghan Trainor's tour "All About that Tour" to create her first behind-the-scenes documentary, but they're actually letting her fans generate footage for it with the HP x360.  

In that spirit, I wanted to think outside of the normal ways I've styled this blazer.  In the past I've mostly styled it for casual weekday looks, similar to the second look above.  I had a lot of fun figuring out how to style it for other scenarios and now have a few more outfits and occasions to wear this to!

Top: Old Navy  |  Blazer: Shade  |  Skirt: JCPenney  |  Bag: c/o Lily Jade  |  Shoes: Target

1.  Office
I don't think I've paired this blazer with a pencil skirt yet.  I went monochromatic for the base to streamline the look so that the striped blazer would be the focus.  I think it'd work with any colors that are close together but not a complete match.  Or you could easily adapt this with a colored pencil skirt and use a white or black button up (or whatever color is in your blazer) to unify the look.

Tee: Old Navy  |  Blazer: Shade  |  Jeans: Target (similar)  |  Shoes: Payless  |  Bag: Nordstrom

Browsing some pretty pins in 'tent' mode

Reading blogs in 'tablet mode'

2.  Weekday
Colored jeans and a graphic tee for a casual weekday.  (And showing both the outfit and the HP x360 in action!)  This could just as well be done with a plain white tee, but I like how a graphic tee adds a *tiny* bit more interest while still being very neutral.

Top: Target  |  Blazer: Shade  |  Jeans: Old Navy (similar)  |  Shoes: Old Navy (similar)  |  Clutch: c/o Sole Society

3.  Dinner
I'd never done a look for going out with the blazer, so it was a bit of a challenge to come up with a dressy look at first.  But then things came together, and I love this outfit and will probably wear it again!  Dress it up a little with some lace, a clutch, and some bright heels.  Bright heels are a must!  Not really.  But, yes really.  ;)  

Tee: Everlane  |  Blazer: Shade (similar)  |  Jeans: Lucky Brand via Nordstrom Rack  |  Shoes: Target

4.  Lounging
I paired the striped blazer with relaxed jeans, a plain white tee, and white sneakers for running errands last weekend, catching up on TV shows, and hanging out with Addie.  

Because this particular blazer is ponte, it's not "stuffy" at ALL, like other blazers may feel.  And therefore it's easy to lounge in, be very active in, and be drooled on by a baby.  :P  But it can also be used in a business casual look or be dressed up for going out.  I loved being pushed to think of how to style this in different ways.  

If you've been thinking about getting one, you're in luck because there are quite a few GOOD options out right now.  I think most of the ones below, if not all, are a similar comfy knit.  

For a few more ways to wear a striped blazer, click HERE.  

Links to Shop:
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Thanks to HP for sponsoring this post.  For more info on PMT's sponsorship policies, see disclosure


  1. This is totally random, but I'd love to see more of your home. Looks so chic.

  2. I love the looks you put together with the blazer! My only question is, do you typically size up with a blazer for layering purposes? Or does this blazer work in a typical size? I sure wouldn't mind recreating the weekend look :)

  3. I have option number 4 and I'm definitely excited for this post. I feel like I pass over it all the time because I have trouble getting out of 100% office or 100% leisure with it. I like the "dinner" and "weekday" options.

  4. I usually don't size up. I prefer my blazers, cardigans, and any type of jacket to have enough room in the sleeves so that they're fitted well but also have enough room or give to fit a shirt underneath. I guess it depends on how buff someone's arms are in relation to the rest of their body. I am not buff and need to work them out more haha, so most blazers fit my arms fine.

  5. Thanks Natassja! We moved in a few months ago but we are still a long ways away from having the house fully settled. If that ever happens, then I'd love to show my home!

  6. Thank you, Meghan! That's encouraging to hear!

  7. I used to love wearing blazers, but they've felt kind of impractical for me ever since having kids and staying home with them. I love how it looks paired with the white tee and jeans though--so casual and practical, but so pretty!

  8. What a great round-up and it really helps me think of new ways to wear one of my blazers.

  9. i love your four ways to style a striped blazer! And I received my hp last week and have enjoyed tinkering around with it too :)


    C's Evolution of Style

  10. Love all the ways you've your stripe blazer - it's a great closet staple!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  11. Great blazer. I love how the stripes are different from your traditional blazer, but still a practical piece to have in your closet.



  12. I have a striped blazer but I am not good at styling it. Thanks for the great tips! I love it with a tee! Susan

  13. I just bought a striped blazer so I'm so glad I found this post! Now I have a little bit of inspiration to get me going!

  14. so much love the stripped blazer!


  15. Just moved from a business casual office to a totally casual office. It's *cold* in there, and I was looking for layering pieces. The striped blazer is great - just purchased one of the recommended links and got so many compliments!

  16. That's awesome, Lauren! I'm encouraged to hear that, so thank you for sharing!


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