Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Plaid Button Up for Cooler Weather - 6 Ways

Believe it or not, I didn't own a plaid shirt before blogging.  Buuuuut, most of the pieces I'd now consider my wardrobe staples weren't in my closet before blogging.

Once I got a plaid shirt I marveled at all of the ways you could wear one.  I've heard from several of you that you feel "cowgirl" in a plaid shirt, which is not bad, but if it's not the look you're going for then that's not helpful, right?  I think it depends a lot on the design of the plaid shirt, the material, as well as how you style it.   

For example, I'm amazed that the same plaid shirt can be styled to look casual and laid back (look #1), a little bit girly (#2), or business casual (#5).

I meant to get this post out a while ago, which obviously didn't happen, but that's why these are styled for cooler weather.  Spring is in full bloom here, but I know most of you have a few months of cooler weather ahead of you.  Hopefully this will help you mix up your wardrobe to make it through!

1.  With a Cardigan
This is the most straightforward one in my mind...and maybe my favorite!  Totally one of my go-to looks for fall and winter.  This works with any neutral colored cardigan but can also work with colored ones.

2.  Fancy Casual - Under a Pullover
Layer it under a pullover for extra warmth.  You could pair it with skinny jeans and boots like the bottom half of #1, or for a little twist I made the outfit "fancy casual" pairing boyfriend jeans with heels and a necklace.  I don't pair boyfriend jeans with heels often because it's not natural to me.  I tend to think of boyfriend jeans as casual, casual, casual.  But if I can ever remember to pair them with heels, I think it's a fun way to switch things up!

3.  Tucked Into a Skirt
You can either tuck the top into a skirt or knot it over the skirt, which I didn't show.  I styled this for cooler weather, but if I did a spring version of this I would have used a white a-line skirt, a pair of pumps, and a necklace.

4.  Peeking Out From Under a Vest
You can do this look without the pullover, but I liked having all of the layers for colder weather.

5.  With a Blazer
Works with or without the pullover.  And if you missed yesterday's post with this outfit, head over to get 3 tips on adding some subtle feminine touches when wearing a button up + pullover.

6.  Paired with Light or Colored Jeans
Lastly, of course I have to mention colored jeans!  These aren't technically "colored" but they are different than the standard blue or black jeans.  I like that it adds some brightness to the winter blues.  Depending on the color of your plaid top, you might have a lot of options for colored jeans it would go with.  Especially if you have a neutral gingham top like #6 and #8 below!

Like I said, I think making a plaid top not look western has a lot to do with the pattern, and definitely the styling.  I think any of these are far from looking mistakingly cowgirl and can be styled into casual, chic, or business casual looks.

Lastly, if button ups are difficult to wear because of gapes and fit, see the comments on the post on collared button ups for tips from fellow readers.

What's your favorite way to wear a plaid top?  Which way do you wear the least?

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  1. I've been eyeballing a plaid shirt, but didn't really see the versatility. Great post and better late than never! It's still cool here!

  2. This post is so helpful! I need to remember this...pinned! :)


  3. Love all of these! I have several plaid shirts and I have never paired one with a pencil skirt...or really a skirt in general - why have I not thought of this?! I always wear plaid with jeans..how boring am I.

  4. It is amazing how versatile a shirt like this can be...who would have thought?

  5. I love a good one-piece-many-ways post! And this one is especially perfect because it illustrates so well how you can change up the feel of a shirt entirely - sometimes I feel a little overly casual in plaid to, but how polished does it look under a sweater and blazer?! It's like it's an entirely different piece.

  6. I tend to forget about my button downs but love the way the look once on, ironic right? All of the look so great on you!


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