Thursday, January 15, 2015

Style Challenge #1: Wear a Dress

FIRST STYLE CHALLENGE LINKUP.  Hollaaaaaa!  I have loved, loved, loved seeing your posts on Instagram and hearing how the challenge has been for you.  I have mad crazy respect for those of you who are in negative temps and still took the challenge to wear a dress.  *bows down in awe*

My friend had a bridal shower where all guests were asked to wear something sparkly.  I scrambled around for something--anything!--that would work beyond jewelry, but I got rid of the few sparkly tops I had a while ago.  I was given this scarf over Christmas, which is the only sparkly item in my closet, so I had to make it work.  Obviously I need to remedy the lack of sparkle, stat.  

I didn't have Addie with me, so I didn't have to worry about anything being nursing friendly.  Honestly, I was kind of bummed that out of all the dresses that I've been staring at longingly in the back of my closet, this plain grey one was the only one I could wear because it was the only one that worked with this sparkly scarf.  It felt like a missed opportunity to wear the dresses I miss so much, but I know this is all temporary.  And there are WAY (way way way way) worse things to be bummed about in life, so I got over it, threw on an outfit, and thanked the Lord that I even have clothing, period.  :)

This is *exactly* one of the outfits I showed in the Blanket Scarf remix, just with a different scarf.  Never mind that.  It's a dress!  And that's what counts today!

Anyway, LINK UP!  LINK UP!  I want to see your posts and read about how the challenge was for you!

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Target (similar)
Blazer: Old Navy (similar)
Fleece tights: Bare Necessities (similarsimilar)
Bag: Target (exact)
Shoes: Kohl's (similarsimilar)
Scarf: SPUN by Subtle Luxury - gift from Popsugar (exact)

Oh, and P.S.  Anyone looking for a black ankle boot--I found a bunch below at pretty darn decent prices!  Option 1 is a little more expensive at $59, but for Ivanka Trump I call that pretty darn decent.  The rest are around $40 or under.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six


  1. Thanks so much for hosting! I'd be at a complete loss to find something sparkly too... I know I used to have a couple shirts but I gave them away!

  2. Love this idea for the new year! And love your sparkly scarf! :)

  3. Love that scarf. And this challenge! I can't wait for next week!

  4. HappinessatmidlifeThursday, January 15, 2015

    What a great scarf, glad you were able to find something sparkly.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  5. Love it! Ankle boots are probably my new favorite thing. Love yours!

  6. I love that dress--it's the perfect canvas for accessorizing! That sparkly scarf is fun. I don't have a lot of sparkle in my wardrobe either...that would be a tough prompt for me!! Anyway, thanks for this fun challenge! :)

  7. I decided to join in on the fun a little too late so I've linked to an older post. Which only reminded me - I haven't worn a dress in far too long??! Challenge accepted;)


  8. Do you find that that dress stretched out a lot when you wore it while pregnant? Just wondering if its something I'll want to keep and wear awhile if/when we have another baby.

  9. What a great idea and fun challenge! Thanks for hosting this linkup!
    Positively Stephanie

  10. I honestly don't know if it's stretched out because I bought it while pregnant, FOR pregnancy and have no idea how it fit pre-pregnancy. That said, it doesn't look stretched out to me at all when on the hanger, and its stretchiness is still in tact. It doesn't seem like I wore it while pregnant, whereas I have a t-shirt that I totally killed and is definitely stretched out from sleeping in it while pregnant. Hehe.

  11. Even when I'm not nursing I have to pump at work so dresses are hard. Luckily it's in the 50s today so wearing a shirtdress with a leather jacket! Love your outfit, I have been looking for ways to wear my black booties ;)

  12. Although I didn't get to wear my dress yet this week, I did however wear a skirt which is kind of like a dress. Decided to link that up instead. Hope you won't hold that against me... lol. It's freezing here... brrr! Thanks for hosting the link up challenge and encouraging me to shop my closet :)

  13. Very cute look--sometimes the "plain grey" dresses make the best outfits. That scarf is beautiful and is the perfect amount of sparkle. Thanks for the inspirational link-up.

  14. This is so much fun, thanks for the challenge!


  15. I've totally missed out on this challenge! I need to catch up and figure out what I need to do to join in!

  16. Yay! I'm loving this challenge. I tried but didn't end up braving the cold in a dress. Even with my fleece leggings, it was just too cold. I'd much rather stay inside, anyways.

    I also love your attitude about finding things to wear. Sometimes, I feel the sam way, especially since I work from home. I rarely get a change to show off my collection but really I should be thankful that I have clothes to wear.

    Andréa Christine
    Polette Eyewear Review | SimplyFashionTV

  17. That scarf is gorgeous. And yeah, I'm too chicken to wear a dress when it's freezing out!

  18. I did have the challenge in mind when i got dressed a few times, and I posted on insta...but I'm so behind with blogging it will be a while before I get a post up, haha! To be honest though, summer ehre so wearing a dress wasn't too difficult :)

    I know what you mean about being excited to wear things post-baby too, I have so many things that don't work with baby...I find that on the days I just have to run a quick errand or I won't be out for a feed, I can wear those things, although it isn't often, it's nice to wear them for an hour or so! :)

    Away From The Blue

    2015 Wardrobe Inventory Linkup

  19. Cute look! The scarf looks like the one in the PopSugar Must Have box for December - SPUN by Subtle Luxury.

  20. Yesssss! That's where it's from! I couldn't remember the name of it haha! Now I can link to it. Thank you!

  21. I'm in love with that scarf!! Girl, I know what you mean. Getting excited about wearing something and then realizing you can't, but you are SO right about there are so many other [bigger] things to be bummed about, and Praise God we have clothes to put on every morning!

    I HAVE to join in on this link up!!!


  22. I love it! It's so casual and comfy. Not to worry, you'll get back in your clothes soon enough. I'm 7.5 months post baby and am just getting back into 90% of my clothes! The dance I did when I pulled on (and buttoned - comfortably) my jeans was epic! I'm wearing them in my OOTD on my blog today. I posted for next week's challenge already!

  23. Lauren WickersheimSaturday, January 17, 2015

    I cannot for the life of me find booties with the notch in the front like you talked about a while back. My legs are so short I can't sacrifice any leg line, and your beige and black ones are perfect but I can't find them anywhere!

  24. Yep, this is a wonderful outfit, Audrey! I love the gray + black + sparkly scarf together. I also really like those boots. I have a pair of ankle boots that are cute, but I can't tell if I really like them or not. I've only worn them a handful of times, but it's hard during the winter since they're cognac, and I'm unsure about how they look with black tights (basically the only color tights I wear). I may need to pull them out and try them with a couple different outfits - this post was a good motivator for me to give it a shot!

  25. Aw man! Yeah, for some reason I can't find other good affordable options that dip in the front either. I'll keep looking though!

  26. I wear dresses (or skirts) almost every day in our very cold temps (it's been hovering around -20C/-4F until this week). My super lazy trick is just to wear yoga pants over my tights on the way to work. Stylish! The other day I got hit with a question right when I got to work and couldn't take them off for a few minutes and someone asked me if it was a new trend. :D

  27. Haha! Do you watch Modern Family? At least you weren't wearing a Superman costume. 😉

  28. Nastassja PetersenTuesday, February 03, 2015

    I tried commenting on this post before without luck, but I really want to say something so I came back - I love how different this is to your usual style, in an amazingly good way. I love the dress on you, the scarf - and even your hair. Everything works really well together; very chic and edgy.



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