Saturday, January 3, 2015

Simple Closet Organization Anyone Can Do

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of seeing people's closets.  It's taken me a while to do a closet post because when we moved into our house 4 months ago the closet in our bedroom didn't have any rods or shelves.  What we did have was a 2 week old baby and closet dreams that went out the window.  For the last 4 months our clothes have been either hanging in a closet in another room or still packed in boxes, but thanks to holiday vacation time we finally have a functional closet!

It's not amazingly spectacular or pretty, but it's organized.  When everything has a place my heart does a little happy dance!

And, does anyone recall me saying that if Benson weren't married to me he'd be a minimalist?  Well yeah...I'm actually a little embarrassed by this picture because I look like a hoarder compared to him!  And what's worse is that the left side of the bottom half--all those coats--aren't even his.  They're mine!  Oh, and the section behind the middle wall that you can't see yet...also all my stuff.  This picture puts me to SHAME, so let's move on quickly...

After mulling over systems from different closet companies, Ikea, The Container Store, and approaching general contractors to custom build one, we landed on this Rubbermaid kit.  It hit all the notes of having a customizable closet at a comparatively good price point, and we are quite pleased!  Another compelling aspect is that it's a flexible and adaptable system, so if we ever want to change our closet structure in the future it'll be extremely easy.  Rather than ripping out the entire closet and starting over, we can add more shelves, rods, drawers, or move them around as we need.  Pretty cool!

We set up double rods on both sides with extra shelving on Benson's side.  The middle section (shown above) has a full length rod for dresses with more shelves.

The top rack holds tops and cardigans.  Some people like to arrange strictly by color or strictly by type, but I tend to arrange things in a more nuanced fashion.  First by type (sleeveless, short sleeved blouses, short sleeved tees, long sleeved tees, long sleeved blouses, collared button ups), then into subgroups (solids, prints), then loosely by color within each subgroup.  Cardigans are in the back, grouped by type (thick, thin), then by color.

I don't think there's a "best" way to arrange clothes.  To me, it's really just however your brain works best and what will help you find your clothes quickly.  Mine's a little complicated, so let's not analyze what that says about my brain and move on!

The bottom rack has blazers, jackets, pants, and skirts.  Pants are hanging two on a hanger and aren't by color, rather by usage.  I wanted ones I wore often to be easily accessible.  Skirts used to be hung by type (knee-length, maxi), but right now they're all over the place since I put some in the back that are on the chopping block.

The dividing shelf holds my small collection of sweaters, growing collection of Everlane tees (I don't wear any other tees anymore!), and jeans that I don't wear often.  Like, boyfriend jeans that I can't wear in the winter or old jeans that I don't wear anymore but use for outfit pictures of what not to wear.  These were things that desperately needed a place in our old closet.  They kept ending up in piles on top of our dresser, but now they have their own shelf, and the world is right again.

Dresses are in the middle section behind the middle wall.  That wall is kind of annoying, but oh well.  I used to hang these by type: short dresses first, into groups of sleeveless or short sleeves, then maxi dresses, but now all of the nursing-friendly dresses are in the front.  The others are chilling in the back waiting to be loved again someday.

On the shelf above the dresses are boxes with scarves.  The boxes are from Ikea (HERE), and one box has lighter scarves while the other box has heavier ones for winter.

On the other side of the middle shelf (near Benson's side) we installed a tie/belt hanger for each of us.  Even though the Rubbermaid system has a ton of attachments besides shelves and rods, (drawers, a pants rack, shoe shelves, etc.) this is the only one we're using so far.

Way up top are purses that get less use.  I got rid of a bunch when we moved and will probably get rid of many more.  I pretty much only use a handful of bags now, which we store in our office, and more often than not I'm using the diaper bag!

Workout clothes, shorts, pajamas, and undergarments are in a dresser I share with Benson.  Yall don't need to see the unmentionables, but I will say that these Ikea drawer cube organizers are the bomb dot com.  I use different cubes to store socks, underwear, etc. so that they all have a special place and don't overflow onto each other.

Shoes and Jewelry
We don't wear shoes around the house, so mine are in an entryway closet.  That's a mess right now, so we're probably going to set up another Rubbermaid unit in that closet to organize all of our shoes.

My jewelry hasn't been set up yet since we *just* unpacked it all.  I'll save that for another post whenever it's finished.

I'm not trying to be a commercial for this closet system (this is NOT a sponsored post even though it sure as heck sounds like one), but I'm sooooo glad we found it.  Our closet isn't huge, but it fits more than our walk-in closet did at our old place, and the kit didn't cost much considering it allows you to have a custom closet.  It's an organizational system than almost anyone can do!  There are different versions for different sized closets, anywhere from 4ft to 10ft kits.

What's aspect of your closet or wardrobe needs some major organizational help?


  1. It's looking great! My husband has even less stuff than yours, so don't worry you could be me and be even more embarrassed!! I just realized that a belt hanger would really simplify my life. At the moment I loop them through the door handle. I try to keep an organized wardrobe, but I'm far too messy. But at least I catch myself before it gets too bad and start organizing things again. That's gotta count for something,right? You've done a good job and enjoy your cupboard space!

  2. I was curious to see how you organized scarves, since that part of my closet could use some help. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks great! I have a lot of work to do... :)


  4. I love your hangers! Been switching over myself slowly. Makes such a difference for your clothes.

    I find it hard to keep it up - no matter how organized it starts, it slowly slides into chaos. And then the seasons switch. Like what? I'm totally unprepared.

    Thanks for sharing your strategies.

  5. This was such a blessing! We are currently (but slowly) transitioning one of our bedrooms into a closet/make up room. The painters come on the 12th. I'm so excited that you posted this closet organizing system because I dreaded it. This was so helpful. Thank you so much! I'm excited!

  6. I love looking at organized closets. We were lucky that our new house already had the Rubbermaid closet system in the master closet. It works pretty well for us, but it's nice to know that we can rearrange it in the future if we choose. I think we need to purchase the belt hanger though. I am obsessed with the IKEA drawer cubes...they keep my dresser drawers so much more manageable.

  7. Hah! I bought a house this year as well and ripped out the two 1950's teeny closets in the master and built a walk in and found the exact same Rubbermaid! Great minds think alike. My contractor put up the cross beams but I arranged all the shelves myself. I put the tilted shoe racks in the back and then the Rubbermaid shoe cubes on the back wall which are great for flats or low heels. Love love my closet! My contractor liked it so much he's now using them in all his rental properties.

    I will say I used the belt/ tie hanger for scarves (I'm about to get another) and it's so wonderful to be able to grab them and go rather than rummage in a box.

    For jewelry, I highly recommend these- again, everything is visible! I had all this great jewelry I never wore. Also they take up no room and I can hang them high with my clothes. I have several and a few with bigger pockets for belts.


    My challenge right now is my tall boots and fake uggs. Winter wear, but I hate them all floppy on the floor.

  8. Sounds awesome! I would have LOVED this in our old walk-in. But that had built in wooden shelves--hard to rip out and we didn't know about this system yet.

    I thought about using the tie rack for scarves but they wouldn't have held them all and I didn't have enough room for more tie hangers.

    For boots--what about putting empty wine bottles inside to hold them up? Or even rolled up magazines.

  9. HappinessatmidlifeSaturday, January 03, 2015

    I am so envious of your organized closet!! and you have a new born - how do you do it?!! My closet needs a deep cleaning before I can organize it. There's just way too much stuff in it.


  10. I'm with you on the ikea drawer organizers. I use the skinny longish one for my bras (folded in half and nested) and the cube ones for socks, underwear, tights. Love 'em.

  11. I love how organised your wardrobe is! I love seeing how people organise their wardrobe, it's fascinating and gives me ideas! I've started to realise I'll never be organised until I get rid of more stuff though - the less you have the easier it is to organise, haha! :)

    Away From The Blue

  12. Even less? I'm so impressed! I'm actually kind of messy, especially compare to my husband, but when everything has a proper place it's a lot easier for me to keep it tidy.

  13. For your tall boots and fake uggs, foam pool noodles are your friend!


  14. Oh yeahhhhhh!! I saw that on Pinterest and totally forgot about it. Genius!

  15. I'm really glad, Vicky! We put this system in Addie's room too. It's easy and doesn't break the bank for what it is.

    Soooo cool that you get a whole room to be a closet and makeup room. Good luck with your remodel!

  16. Your closet looks fabulous! Thanks for showing us, its inspired me. I've been wanting to do something with mine, but didn't know what to do. It currently has one rod across the top, which is great for dresses, but wastes so much spacer under tops, skirts and pants. I wonder if I can find something similar to the Rubbermaid closet kit around where I live, in Australia.

    Also, don't worry that you have more clothes than Benson. Us ladies like to change up our look more often than men.

  17. Such a cool post!

    Love from www.trangscorner.com
    - a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog

  18. this post was so helpful, thank you for posting!

  19. That's awesome. Thanks for the idea!

  20. I feel your post was a gift from the Lord. It was too perfect.

    We don't have kids so we can spare a bedroom. I don't know why I waited for so long. Yes, I do. I hate decorating or anything related to it. I’m the worst. I can put an outfit together but not a room. I’ve lived in my house 13 years and have put up like 3 pictures. I’M SERIOUS!

    I thought it was going to be expensive to do and it's really not. I committed to getting as much as I can online and so far with coupon codes and Ebates, I’ve been able to do that for the most part. I'm so not a person that can redo furniture and stuff. That would be torture for me. I'm so not a decorator either. I'm peace mealing stuff from Pinterest. The most expensive thing has been the vanity and I was able to keep that at $200. When all is said and done, it will be around $850 (that includes painting too). If people were willing to redo stuff themselves, it could be 1/2 that. Our floors need to be redone but that will not happen until next year so I will just use throw rugs. As you can tell, I’m excited.

  21. The closest IKEA to me is in Charlotte, NC. I wish we had one closer. Online it is!

  22. This is so organised. I'm am totally jealous. I wish we did wardrobes (closets) like this in the UK. Laura x

  23. I just saw a suggestion recently to use a folded magazine in each boot -- maybe that will help!

  24. thank you for that post! i needed something like that haha

  25. I couldn't agree more about getting rid of stuff. That was actually going to be my #1 organizational tip, but I felt like I had no place to say that when I looked at the side by side comparison of Benson's side and mine! haha. I actually got rid of a ton during the move and once I was finished being pregnant. I purge every few months, and now that my closet is organized it makes me wanna do another one!

  26. Love this idea! Definitely sharing it on social media this week :).... Now, to get to work on my own closet :p

  27. Hahaha, we organize our clothing identically! You're not the only one with a mega-complicated brain ;) I currently have my scarves on a hanger (each scarf hangs through a shower curtain loop on the hanger), but it's not ideal. I'd love to get some little boxes for my scarves as you've done!

  28. Wow! You have a great ideas! Nice work! Space in the closets is always a problem. I often would like to increase the space of the room !!! I'm Eni, blogger from Italy. Take a look at my blog if you want!!! Have a nice day, kisses,


  29. Love this closet organization post! God bless you for sharing this personal space!

  30. Love this! And, honestly, it makes me feel a lot better about the amount of clothes I own.

  31. This looks fab!! We, too, have a rather tiny closet, and we set up a system that's very similar to the one you chose. Makes a girl feel so good, doesn't it? My heart still does an extra little pit pat when I open the doors and see it all organized properly. =)


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