Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shopping Help: Long Sleeved Dresses

Do you tend to ramp UP the dress-wearing or wear dresses LESS in the winter?  

I was scoping out Old Navy's clearance sale (additional 25% off clearance items!) and saw a bunch of cute long sleeved dresses that are super cheap right now.  Four of them are shown below, along with a bunch of others from H&M and Nordstrom Rack.  

Tomorrow I'll post some collages with styling ideas that can be used with any of them!

Ones with asterisks* are on major sale--clearance PLUS 25% off.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two*  |  three
four  |  five  |  six*
seven  |  eight*  |  nine*

Option 3 also comes in cream.  
Option 5 comes in a few different colors, including a pretty brighter green.  


  1. I love #3 and #9!!

  2. I really like #5 and #6. Both for completely different reasons too.

  3. I'm wearing dresses and leggings more than ever! Mostly because I'm pregnant and dresses are way more forgiving and comfortable for my growing bump than pants. I have #9 a size up from normal as suggested in many reviews, and I love it!

  4. I *just* bought the Old Navy Space-Dye dress (#2 -- in the pink color) before Christmas and wore it for the first time yesterday! It is super comfortable and flattering but not very thick (FYI for the gals who live in cold places... laying underneath and having a cardigan on hand was a must in frigid temps like yesterday!). The dress runs slightly big so I don't think I will be able to wear it without a scarf (it can fall down a little too much in the chest region for my liking) and a belt, but it was so cheap, I can't complain!

    I kind of live in dresses over the winter (because fleece leggings are the most amazing thing ever created) so I love all your suggestions!

  5. I really like #4 & #6. I have one very similar to #9 already. Looking forward to your styling tips!

  6. I usually don't wear many dresses in winter, not because I don't like long-sleeved dresses, but because I do not own any. I might just have to by some of these!!!


  7. I'm from Chicago, so DEFINITELY NOT! Even if the weather was more cooperative, I would still be hesitant. As a curvy girl, these kinds of dresses tend to accentuate them, so I tend to steer clear of them.

  8. I wear dresses so much more in the winter than summer! Add leggings and boots, a cardigan and scarf. So warm, cozy and comfy!!

  9. I looove wearing dresses in the winter! I'm actually warmer (and more comfortable) in a dress than I am in pants, so I tend to wear them tons more when it's colder out. I love wearing long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and sleeveless dresses in the winter, since I can layer up the short-sleeved/sleeveless dresses on really cold days, but long-sleeved dresses are great on their own AND layered :) Old Navy does a great job of having a large selection of dresses with sleeves - that second one is so pretty!


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