Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping Help: Collared Button Ups

I don't think I paid much attention to collared button ups until a few years ago, but now my closet has a decent amount of them.  And here's why: 

1) They are great for layering, which makes them good for both colder weather AND spring.  You can layer them under a sweater or vest, or let them stand alone in the spring.

2) Most are pretty easy to work into a work outfit or dress down as casual. 

3) They're nursing friendly!  When it's cold, instead of layering a pullover on top, find a thick sweater cardigan.

For all these reasons I love having a good selection of them in my closet.  Since they work for colder and springier weather you can stock up on them anytime and not worry much about whether or not you can wear it "now" or have to wait until much later.

There are a bunch of good options out there, and I almost didn't want to tell you about them because I don't want a few of them to sell out before I get a chance to try them.  Haha!  #confessionsofaselfishblogger :P 

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine
ten  |  eleven  |  twelve

Row 1: Neutrals backgrounds with subtle patterns.  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3
Verrryyyyy easy to remix since the patterns aren't too loud.  But they're more interesting than plain solids!

Row 2: Light colored plaids - Option 4  |  Option 5  |  Option 6
Oh man, these are pretty.  I definitely want to try #4 and #6!  They're also currently on sale, so I'd better put them into my shopping cart before posting this so they don't sell out.  Hahaha :D  Option 4 comes in a billion different colors and patterns.

Even though these are lighter they totally work for fall and winter!  Just pair them with a darker sweater, like navy, black, or tan.  The contrast will pop well!  Or, why NOT do winter lights, right?

Row 3: Neutral polka dots and plains - Option 7  |  Option 8  |  Option 9
I have the white version of #8 and love the material.  I like it in blue as it serves similarly to a chambray top but is better suited for a professional setting--OR casual.  I have one similar to #9 and looooove it.  (See the ways I've worn it HERE.)

Row 4: Gingham - Option 10  |  Option 11  |  Option 12
I really want to try #10 too.  I love the color in #11, and you can't go wrong with #12 as it's classic.


  1. I only have a few button downs in my closet, so I probably need more! I'm always looking for ones that don't need to be ironed! Loving gingham right now!


    Dawn Lucy


  2. I always think these are so cute and versatile, and you definitely picked some great ones, but I always hate them on myself, especially the real stiff structured/starched ones. Real loose silky varieties like #3 I might be able to do. But I tend to feel more myself in full-on blouses, no buttons.

    Not so nursing friendly though. :/

  3. any suggestions for big-busted ladies? i can never find ones that don't pull between the 3rd and 4th buttons...

  4. Yeah, I have the same problem! And, if they do fit around the chest, they look huge on the rest of me!

  5. Mercedes AndersonFriday, January 16, 2015

    I have the same issues. Buying the larger size makes everywhere else fit funny.

  6. My only problem - I hate to iron! At least if I wear them under a sweater and can cheat and iron the collar and lower sleeves. :)


  7. You can always just sew some snaps in between the buttons so that there isn't a gaping hole. Don't know if this will help but you can always try!

  8. I love my button downs! Seeing this makes me want some more! I don't think it will be hard to convince myself to buy some since they are so versatile!

    On another note, I have a blog and was wondering if I should switch my comment thing to Disqus? Anybody have any opinions/ideas?


  9. Yes! You can buy larger and try taking it in in the waist/tailoring, getting a minimizing bra, and/or that double-sided fabric tape works great to hold the gap closed! They sell some specifically for this purpose.

  10. I have the worst time with button ups. They always gape in the wrong spots. I love all the patterns though!

  11. I have #5! It is so pretty on. Very easy to dress up or down. :)

  12. My sister has this issue, and found some (I think at JCPenney, although I'm not sure) that have a little elastic portion in the mid-back--she can buy a size bigger so the bust fits, but the elastic keeps it fitted around the waist. If you are decent with a sewing machine, I bet it wouldn't be too hard to add a little elastic in the back yourself!

  13. I have come to love button-ups in the past year or so, too, for all the same reasons! I always thought of them as 'mom' shirts (I guess my mom wore them a lot or something), but that's why I love them now. So many fun prints, they look a little bit dressed up while still being totally wearable, and the nursing-friendly thing is what really won me over :-)

  14. I would love to see options for styling these! I am a fan of a white button-down, but other than that my creativity stops short. Mostly, I fear I'll look too mannish. :)


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