Monday, December 1, 2014

My Black Friday & Cyber Monday Finds

Oookay.  Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, crazy sales galore.

On a trip to Trader Joe's I let myself get sidetracked by the Old Navy next door since I didn't have Addie with me and could actually try stuff on hassle free.  Quite the luxury these days.  I tried on a few pieces and realized they were much, much cheaper online, so I placed my order!

In case you're interested, I showed below some things I bought and some things I looked at while at Old Navy.  And I threw in other things I got from Target, Macy's, and Gap.

Links to Shop:

Row 1:
I tried on the cable sweater in S and thought a Medium would have fit better, especially to layer over things.  I really liked this sweater and loved it in this color, grey, and the "reach for the sky" aqua-ish one.  Ultimately I decided I didn't want pullover sweaters (thanks to breastfeeding), which is good because I would have had a really hard time choosing between the colors!  

Then I saw the polka dot sweater and was REALLY glad I had just decided to not get a pullover sweater because, hot dang, this thing is cute.  I don't know about sizing because I didn't try it on given what I just said about pullovers.  Both of these sweaters are under $20 with the 40% off!  

Pullover hoodie--what the?  I thought you just said you weren't going for pullovers?  Yes, except this is workout gear.  Ain't nobody breastfeeding during my workout time!  And thank goodness because this thing is SOFT and FUZZY and has zipper pockets and those thumb holes on the sleeves.  I am a HUGE fan of zipper pockets for working out!  So helpful to secure your keys or phone while you're on a walk.

Row 2:
I ordered the pencil skirt in navy and floral dress when they were 40% off.  I haven't received either yet, but I'm particularly hoping the floral dress works out since it's nursing-friendly.  

I tried the swing coat on in-store, and AHHHHH it looks so good!  It's wonderfully tailored, but ultimately I didn't get it because the shoulders were juuuuuuust a little too snug for me and the size up was way too big.  Good thing because I wouldn't have been able to decide between the maroon, the light grey, or the cream.  All such good colors!

Row 3:
Cognac riding boots.  The never-ending search.  UGHHHH!!!  I ordered these to try.  The color looks like exactly what I'm hoping for, but since this is pair number 5 million that I've tried I don't have high hopes.

Bought the gold polka dot socks as a gift.  So cute, and at full price I wouldn't buy them, but at 40% off it's definitely yes! 

I also bought the fur-lined slippersribbed scarf, and plaid scarf as gifts.  The slippers come in a lot of fun patterns while ribbed scarf comes in a ton of different colors.  And while plaid scarves are all the rave this season, I really like this red one!  

Last random deal that I got was this area rug from Target in cream.  It's a 7'x10' rug that I got for 20% off, but even its original price is reallyyyy good for a rug that big.  It was out of stock in cream, and I almost cried myself to sleep.  But because I'm neurotic I checked back periodically to see if they'd restock it, and one night, low and behold, it was IN STOCK.  And then I almost cried myself to sleep from tears of joy!

Anyone get any good Cyber Monday deals?  Share them!  I'm not done buying gifts!


  1. those boots are BEAUTIFUL! make sure you do a review so we know how much we want to have them too ;)

  2. I'm excited for you to find cognac riding boots so then I can copy. Haha. I definitely took advantage of the Old Navy 50% everything and Target 40% off clothes this weekend!

  3. Haha! I went to return a pair at Famous Footwear and tried on a pair of Fegalucious boots that were on sale for $50. So far they are my favorites! Who woulda thought? Waiting for these Bandolinos to come in first before deciding though.

  4. I support your decision to not wear pullovers. If you change your mind [or someone gives you one], a nursing cami or a tank with a stretchy neckline underneath works well. When it's time to nurse, lift the hem of the sweater and leave the cami in place to cover your midsection.

  5. Thanks for the tip, Katie! I've been wearing nursing cami's under everything since I normally wear cami's under all my clothes. I usually think of pullovers layered with button-ups, and in that case it seems really annoying to pull it up (or maybe even having to pull it off) to get to the button up and then through a cami. But for some reason I never thought of just wearing a pullover by itself. Haha DUHHHHHHHH. Thank you for that reminder!


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