Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wise Black Friday Shopping, Sales, and Finds

Confession time.  If I'm honest, I have a love-hate relationship with Black Friday.  And for a few years it's actually mostly been hate.  Yes, I admit it!  I'm a style blogger who for the last few years who has tried to stay away from Black Friday.  It entices you with amazing sales, which can be a great thing, or it can make you buy a bunch of things you don't need.  It's one of those things that you can take advantage of if you are wise, otherwise it will take advantage of you.

This year, instead of avoiding it, I've decided to take advantage of it.  Today I'm sharing my personal plan to take advantage of Black Friday along with some of my picks and other good pieces to add to your wardrobe.  And lastly, there's a list of a few good sales.  All that said I still want to encourage you to make smart purchases!

Wise Black Friday Shopping
I've only got two main tips, but they've been really helpful for me as I've sifted through the ocean of sales that have bombarded my inbox!

1.  Shop from a list.  The reason I've avoided Black Friday is because stores work hard to make you want to buy stuff you don't need just because they're super cheap.  But rather than being enticed by shiny sale signs, stay in control by shopping from a list.  Spend a few minutes to make a shopping list of things you've been wanting or things you need to replace.  Use lists like Wardrobe Building Blocks, Fall Favorite Items, and Shopping Help posts to collect ideas, remember what you've wanted to add to your wardrobe, or jog your memory for things that need to be replaced.

2.  Set aside a budget for "extra" items.  Let's be honest.  As much as you try to shop from a list, there will be some deals that you'll want that won't be on you list.  Let yourself have a little fun by allocating a budget for extra items.  That way you can be conscious and intentional about what you're spending and not feel guilty for picking up some good deals.  

Below are some picks I've been looking at that are now on major sale along with some great wardrobe staples that might be on your shopping lists.  All items are from Target, Old Navy, LOFT, and J.Crew Factory...except the boots are from Nordstrom.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three  |  four
five  |  six  |  seven  |  eight
nine  |  ten  |  eleven
twelve  |  thirteen  |  fourteen  |  fifteen

Options 1 and 2 are great striped tops that are very versatile.  Option 3 is a striped blazer that many of you have asked about and is now back in stock and on sale.  Option 4 is a really nice looking coat that comes in this great rich purple shown above, cream, a pretty light grey, and black.

Option 5 is a super fun wool coat that's 40% off!  Option 6 is a great floral dress that's also 40% off and can be worn in any season!  Wear it by itself with colorful red flats in the spring, or pair it with black or dark green tights and boots in cooler weather.  Option 7 is a basic striped dress that is incredibly versatile and also 40% off!  (See how I've worn mine HERE.)  Great score!  Option 8 is the next pair of boots that I'm going to try on my never-ending quest for new riding boots.

Option 9 is a great deal at 50% off and can be worn to the office or would be great for a holiday party.  And because it's a t-shirt, it can be worn casually but the jewels give it more polish.  Option 10 is one of those tees with a pattern that is subtle which makes it more interesting than a plain tee but just as versatile.  I featured Option 11 in a past Shopping Help post, and now it's 40% off which I'm so excited about!!!

Option 12 is a great wardrobe staple that comes in a bunch of different colors.  Option 13 is a fun graphic tee that's 50% off.  And Options 14 and 15 are fantastic pencil skirts that each come in several different colors and are also 50% off.  

Notable Sales And here's a list of my favorite sales.  But remember to be wise!!!
  • Target - a lot of women's apparel are 40% off!
  • Nordstrom has an array of sales for all different things.  You can find their Black Friday deals HERE.
  • LOFT - 50% off everything
  • Old Navy - up to 50% off everything online
  • J.Crew Factory - 50% off everything

Are you shopping Black Friday?


  1. Ordered a few 40% things from Target (from my shopping list!) while still in bed this morning. Win!

  2. I'm a fashion blogger and I hate black Friday mostly because of the crowds. However thanks to all the online sales there is no reason to deal with that hassle. I like the list of items you put together, especially the polka dot coat!

  3. Hi Audrey. A am the OPPOSITE of a 'fashion blogger', being twice your age- yet still trying to glean simple tips so that I don't look quite so clueless. So I have to share my latest boots, which were a direct result of starting with one of your links. Franco Sarto's CRASH boots: I have feet that aren't the best, and had to buy these a half size up to accomodate some flukey small toes. Got them in the acorn. LOVE THE COLOR. Wanted detail but not a lot of straps that had the potential to "curl". These have simple snaps instead of buckles. The leather is a combo of smooth with some pebbled texture on parts of them. And best of all, less than half price at Macy's this Black Friday sale (including the 15% code), bringing them to $85. SCORE!!! Love your blog. Your family is beautiful. :) PS Can't stand the crowds, and got them online

  4. I, too, am a style blogger who avoids black Friday. I worked in retail for so many years that I hate it. Don't care about deals. One year when I worked at KB TOYS the crowds were so bad that a little boy got his arm broken. So I stay inside and shop online! Love the two pencil skirts you've picked!

  5. The jacket is no longer on sale at Target! Agree.

  6. I just grabbed the J Crew lookalike herringbone vest from groupealz for $29!! I think they have quite a few left if anyone is still looking!

  7. Brynn, you are so sweet! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

  8. Hi everyone!
    The black/white polka dot jacket is back on sale! $55.99 - score!


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