Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wardrobe Building Blocks Currently in Stores

There are some pretty fantastic wardrobe building blocks in stores right now and even though I posted them on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, they are too good not to share on the blog.  

We spent yesterday traveling, and today Addie blessed me with not one, but two bouts of projectile vomit.  Oh, plus a blowout, because, why not keep the party going?  Besides, who doesn't like doing multiple loads of laundry in one day?  Fun fun fun.

That is all to say I wanted to get a more thorough post out about this, but instead we'll settle for a re-gram of my Instagram post and a widget of additional items instead of a better collage.  You can thank Addie and her hurting digestive system for that.

1.  Dark Wash Skinny Jeans (exact  |  Option 2)
It shouldn't be any secret that I love me a pair of dark wish skinny jeans.  But how about ones with elastic waistbands?  YEAH.  That pair shown above have an elastic waistband plus the whole thing is nice and stretchy.  Perrrrrfect for the holidays.  But my all time favorite pair (option 2) from LOFT are always in stock.  And right now they're 40% off!

2.  Striped Tee - (exact)
I found this one at Target for $12.  The product image does not make this top look desirable, but it's a great boatneck neckline in a soft material.  I sized up for a looser fit.  (I think I got it in Medium, but I can't remember because it's not in front of me right now.)

3.  White Button Up - (exact)
That annoying, never-ending search for a good white button up.  Well for me, that stopped here.  (I hope.  Only time will really tell, though.)  This Old Navy one is a medium/light weight that's not too flimsy but not too stiff.  Again, it's not in front of me at the moment so I can't remember which size I got, but I *think* I got it in small.

4.  Cozy Knit Scarf - (exact  |  Option 2
I showed this before, but it's too good to pass up.  I got it last year from Target and am really glad it's back again this year.  This time it also comes in grey/white and yellow/white, both of which look awesooooome!  Super soft and cozy! 

There's also a very similar Forever 21 version that is cheaper.  (option 2)

5.  Brown Booties - (exact  |  Option 2  |  Option 3)
I've also talked about these before, but I love them so much!  Even though they're from Forever 21 they are soft and the heel is rubber which makes them very comfortable.  I'd been looking for a pair of cognac boots FOR-E-VER.  Forever!  And these finally, finally, finally ended the search.  There are a couple of other versions at different shaft heights, as linked above, though I have not personally tried those and cannot attest to their comfort levels.

Have you seen any good wardrobe building blocks in stores lately?  ALSO!  What are you in search of for this Black Friday?  I'm still hunting for cognac riding boots.  UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!


  1. Those striped Target tops are the business. I have two of them and I wear them all the time! They go with absolutely everything.

  2. I hope Addie feels better! Cute outfit choices!

  3. LOVE that scarf. Actually, I love everything here. Very cute picks!


  4. I love the scarf! Scarves are totally my thing :)


  5. Love the scarf!! Please check out my store : 8pyramids.us

  6. Same here :) Please check out my store : 8pyramids.us

  7. Same here lol :) Please check out my store : 8pyramids.us

  8. I have the Old Navy pull on jeans in black and they are awesome!

  9. Chico's sells elastic waisted skinny jeans and pants in tons of colors and shades, I love them! And I got the perfect cognac ankle boots this year from Kohl's...Vera Wang with a rubber heel...I can wear them all day teaching kindergarten, so that says something! Just wanted to share, Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I just bought cognac Sam Edelman Penny boots from Nordstrom on sale for $150. I love them!! I wore them all day one day and were comfy the whole time. Good luck finding some! Love your blog!

  11. Love the cognac boots! Been looking for a pair like those. :)

    xo - Sheila

  12. I've been trying to buy that striped shirt from Target but it was sold out of my size when they were on sale a week or so ago. Hoping to get it when they have all clothes 40% off for Black Friday!

  13. I do love me some good quality basics. Because I've lost some weight and therefore don't have many bottoms that fit me, I recently went to Old Navy for some new pairs of pants. I got a pair of elastic waist jeggings (ew, I hate that word) that fit me wonderfully. I now am actually excited about casual clothes because I have jeans that fit now! I also got a pair of high-waisted flare jeans...which I haven't had in years, but they make my legs look so long and lean, and I adore them! I LOVE that scarf, by the way. I would love to have a knit scarf like that - so cozy for the cold weather!

  14. Love all of these picks, definitely perfect staples for your wardrobe!

  15. I just got my first-ever pair of *comfy,* well-fitting skinny jeans at Target--"curvy skinny" cut from Denizen by Levi. They're a really dark wash, and so stretchy (without being skin-tight around the backside and thighs or loose around the calves and ankles) that I can wear them traveling, or eating Thanksgiving dinner, or anywhere!


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