Friday, November 7, 2014

Black and White for Three Occasions + Tips for Black and White Outfits

One item I didn't anticipate wearing so much was a pair of black jeans.  I know that sounds silly because they're really basic, but I debated forever and ever and eeeeeevvvvver about buying a pair because I wasn't convinced that I would ever choose them over a pair of normal dark washed jeans.  The difference seemed so subtle and not worth paying for, you know?  I finally took a "chance" (sounds so dumb!) and have not regretted it at all!  

Black denim can be really classy, professional, or create a polished casual look.  They're pretty great!  So, today I'm teaming up with DENIZEN for the Levi's brand to show you how to style black denim for three different occasions.  And not just using black denim, but using an overall black and white theme!  

DENIZEN is made by Levi's and is only sold at Target.  I was pretty excited to sample some pieces because...Target product.  Hello.  Obviously.  I'm really glad to say that this pair of black DENIZEN denim is super soft with some stretch and overall really dang comfortable.  (But beware, it runs a little small, IMO.)  I don't know how the color holds up since I haven't washed them enough to know yet.  But as far as comfort...good stuff.

Anyhoo, the looks!  

Outfit 1 - Office
First up is a business casual look with a white blouse with subtle polkadots and a pleated front.  Earlier this week I showed this outfit with red shoes, but I actually like this minor substitution of black wedges even more!  I love that this look is streamlined and tailored but not deathly boring because of details like pleats, polka dots, and little bows on the on the shoes.  

Shop Outfit #1:
Top: H&M (exact)
Jeans: c/o Denizen (exact)
Shoes: Payless (similar)
Tote: Nordstrom (exact)

Outfit 2 - Casual
A black and white striped tee with jeans is a blank slate that you can do a lot with.  You could pair it with a blazer of any color or wear a chunky cardigan and boots, for starters.  I opted for a casual look and grabbed my faux leather moto jacket to provide some texture.  I think a different texture helps break up all the black in the outfit.  Then, to liven it up a bit more I went with leopard sneakers!  

Shop Outfit #2:
Tee: JCPenney (similar)
Jacket: c/o Sheinside (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: c/o Denizen (exact)
Shoes: Target (exact, similar)
Bag: Forever 21 (similar, similar)

Outfit 3 - Going Out
Lastly, I reunited myself with one of my favorite pieces, the lace tank, for a black and white look suited for going out.  I say this like a broken record, but this lace tank is amazing because it's a solid color but is not plain since it's a lace texture and has a crochet trim.  (See HERE for past lace tank outfits.)  I threw on a black statement necklace to dress it up a little as well as to provide a focal point for the outfit.  Then I slapped on some heels and demanded that Benson take me out to dinner.  

Shop Outfit #3:
Top: Target (similar)
Jeans: c/o Denizen (exact)
Shoes: H&M (exact, very similar)
Bag: Target (exact, larger version)
Necklace: c/o Love Shopping Miami

Tips for Black and White Outfits
If you're looking for inspiration or help with black and white outfits, here's a summary of tips we just talked about:
  • Incorporate patterns like polka dots, stripes, animal print, or other graphic prints.
  • Utilize textures like leather, lace, or velvet.
  • Find pieces with details like pleats, a crochet trim, or interesting neckline to create interest in the outfit.
And then demand that someone take you out to dinner.  Tell them I said so.  ;)

Thanks to DENIZEN for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are mine.  For more on PMT's sponsorship policies see disclosure.  


  1. Do you have any tips on keeping black jeans from going all "faded 80's" after a few washes? I bought some amazing LC Lauren Conrad black jeans at Kohls but after only a few washes the color looks more gray than black. I tend to wash them inside out on cold and only dry them once every few times (I have to because they stretch too much!) but I didn't know if I was missing another step or if you have any helpful tricks for keeping dark clothes from fading.

    And I love the looks! Even though I'm seriously into color, I love the classic, clean look of a black & white outfit.

  2. Soaking them in vinegar for a day helps keep in dye and avoids the fade!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

  3. Awesome! I've never heard of that trick. Do you soak them prior to washing them for the first time or can you do it at any point to stop the fading?

  4. I just wrote a post about how I think black jeans are even better than blue jeans! I totally agree - they're perfect because they are comfortable, but can be a lot dressier than blue jeans, or totally casual. I love that first look the most - all of my favorite "colors" in one outfit :)

  5. I was also the same as you and now my black skinnies are my staple, love how you can easily dress them up or down!! Great looks, you are adorable.

  6. I think black jeans are better than blue jeans too! It's so easy to dress up or down!


  7. I'm a sucker for Black and White combos. Great looks!


  8. Awesome outfits... the casual one is my favorite, especially since I have those shoes (thanks to you!). My Denizen skinnies are my favorite jeans!

  9. I've usually done it prior to washing the 1st time but I think you can do it any point.

  10. Yes to black jeans! The big issue I have with them vs. a dark denim wash is fading - finally just found a replacement for my old pair of black jeans that was just not looking so good. And I love these black & white looks. The other issue with black jeans being that if I put on a white top I feel like a waitress... but these are perfect!

  11. I can never find black jeans that fit! I really want a pair. I have a new job and it is super casual, the boss is in jeans all the time, and black ones would be more options vs. blue denim day after day.

  12. Super cute, Audrey! I love my black denim as well and wear them to work as "black pants" frequently - so much more comfy than dress pants! ;) I do often find that they fade fairly quickly, but I don't mind that so much...I just buy them pretty cheap and replace them when they get too faded, haha.

  13. I've never done the vinegar thing, but that's a great tip! I have a pair of black LOFT jeans that I've worn a ton, have had for over a year, ad have not faded one bit.

  14. I totally wear black denim as "black pants"! Another reason you and I need to be friends. I've had a pair of black LOFT jeans that I've worn a whole lot, have had for over a year, and haven't faded at all. I buy LOFT jeans when they have the 40-50% off sales. At that point they are just slightly more expensive than a cheap pair of jeans and would probably last a lot longer.

  15. I really, really need to get myself to LOFT one of these days. I keep hearing awesome things about their pants and jeans...

  16. (And yes to being friends. We need to meet each other.)


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