Monday, October 6, 2014

Style Made Easy With Le Tote & 50% Off Code

Hopefully you know by now that one of the main purposes of this blog is to make it easier for us to get dressed in the morning.  (Or afternoon, if that's when you actually get out of pajamas.  Or late, late afternoon.  No judgement here.  ;P)

Some of you wish someone else would shop for you and pick out your clothes, and while there are several services out there that do that for you and send you clothes to try and buy, etc., I want to introduce you to one that I got to try over the past month called Le Tote.  There are a bunch of things that stand out about how Le Tote works that I absolutely LOVE and want to tell you about!

How it Works - The Basics

Basically, when you subscribe to Le Tote, you select items on their site that you love, and then you'll start receiving totes at your doorstep with 3 garments and 2 accessories catered to your personal style.  Wear them as much as you like for as long as you like, and if you want to purchase them then keep them and your account will be charged later.

Simple, right?  Okay, so what do I looove so much about this service?  Oh, so many things!

Top: Le Tote  |  Jeans: Old Navy (similar, similar)  |  Boots: c/o White Plum (similar)  |  Bag: c/o Lily Jade

What I Love

Unlimited totes.  What?  YES.  Whereas other personal shopping companies send you only one box per month, with Le Tote you subscribe for $49/mo and get unlimited totes.  You've just gotta send your current tote back and they'll ship you a new one right away.  I received 3 in one month!

Wear the items, even if you won't purchase them.  Other companies are purely shopping services with the purpose of you ultimately buying items they've sent, but Le Tote is different.  They want you to wear all of the items in the box, basically renting the clothes!  If you have special occasions coming up you can have new stuff to wear without purchasing new garments.  So good!  And if you want to buy anything, you get them at a discount from the retail price as a member.

Keep the tote as long as you want.  If I'm honest, I don't like most shopping services because you have to send the tote back within a certain time frame.  That doesn't make shopping easier--it makes it stressful!  With Le Tote, you can keep the tote as long as you want, which is sooooooo nice.  Just send it back whenever you're ready.  (Basically whenever you want to try a new tote.)

Free two-way, 2-day shipping.  It's super fast, and free both ways!  Free shipping is my heart language.

Top: Le Tote  |  Skirt: Lord & Taylor (similar)  |  Shoes: Old Navy (similar, similar)

My Experience
You get to rate the items in each tote so that your personal Le Tote stylist becomes more keen to your style over time.  I was curious to see if the totes would actually improve.  I was skeptical, but they really did improve.

My first tote alllllright.  I chose the wrong sizes, so things didn't fit me super well, but in terms of the style I liked what was sent.  For some reason I really didn't like my second tote and sent it back almost immediately, even though it was mostly items I chose myself.  Win some, lose some--but it cost me nothing extra to do it--not even shipping!  But by the third tote, I liked 2 of the 5 items so much that I purchased them!

I was also impressed with how easy it is to return.  They send you a bag with paid postage, so all I had to do was put the clothes in the bag and leave it on my doorstep for the mailman to pick up.  Very, VERY easy.

With free, pre-paid return shipping, encouragement to wear items with no obligation to buy, and no timeline for when you have to return things, Le Tote really does make working your wardrobe easier!  If you don't have time to go out and shop, if you live far away from stores, or if you like wearing new items often but hesitate to buy lots of new clothes (and rightly so), I think Le Tote is a fantastic solution.

50% Off Promo Code: PuttingMeTogether
If you're interested in trying out Le Tote, get 50% off your first box with code PuttingMeTogether!

Top: Le Tote  |  Jacket: c/o SheInside (similar, similar)  |  Jeans: LOFT (exact)  |  Shoes: Target (exactsimilar)  |  Necklace: Le Tote

Have you tried shopping services in the past?  What did or didn't you like about them?  What appeals to you about Le Tote's service?

This post was sponsored by Le Tote.  All opinions are mine.  For more info on PMT's sponsorship policies see disclosure page.


  1. Does the cost per month apply towards items you purchase? Thanks!

  2. Just ordered my 1st box! Thank you :)

  3. The only question I have is this: if you can keep the item for as long as you want and wear it as many times as you want (I assume just don't wash it)...if someone decides to return that item after wearing it five times, does the company then turn around and take that returned item and put it into someone else's tote? If so, that could be really ridiculously gross. Any idea what the company does for a situation like this?

  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I might try it out!

  5. You can sign up for free to view the items to see if they fit your style.

  6. Cute tops! Is it possible to browse on Le Tote before signing up?

  7. I don't think so. But signing up is free and you can just unsubscribe if you decide you don't like their items.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for this review. I've seen other bloggers mention Le Tote, but nobody has explained the process as well as you have here. It seems like a pretty convenient (and fun!) service. I'm glad your third tote had some things you loved!

  9. HappinessatmidlifeMonday, October 06, 2014

    I am always leery of these subscription type of services. I think at the end of the day, I don't like the idea of renting clothes that I wear everyday and would've been better off just buying an item in the first place. I have never tried rent the runway but if I did have a need for a special occasion, I would give them a try.


  10. This is one very interesting opportunity and I really like the ide of wearing a tote as long as I want and return it after that.
    End of tenancy cleaners Hammersmith

  11. Who cleans the clothing and accessories?

    We do! Cleaning of all items is included in the monthly fee. Each item is dry cleaned or machine washed (accessories are disinfected) and then processed through our Quality Control department. We guarantee that each item is immaculately cleaned. If you receive anything you feel doesn’t look like it should, contact us at [email protected] to report the problem right away.

  12. I copied and pasted directly from their website because I was very curious myself... :)

  13. So.. .you pay $50 a month, and that amount doesn't apply to the clothes you might purchase.. but you can actually wear the items and return them without paying for them--as opposed to just trying them on... and those worn items are cleaned and sent to another person, who might purchase them... Yikes...

  14. You get a free month if you end up buying your whole tote! Plus you get 20-50% off retail prices if you want to purchase anything, because it is used clothing of course. It's free shipping both ways and you get as many boxes as you want each month, where you get to actually wear the clothing. It's definitely a different concept to get used to! :)

  15. I just popped over to their site because I was interested and curious. I started to do their size profile but quit once I realized they only go up to size 12.

  16. I got my first tote on Friday and LOVE THIS SERVICE. If these clothes were worn before, you would never know it - they look pristine and have no odor at all. I received 4/5 items that I had put in my closet and am keeping 2. I really like that they are so responsive when you email them and they will listen to your requests. One of the tops I wanted to keep was too big so I requested it in my next tote in the next size down and the answer was "no problem!" Easy. I got an email from a stylist today who wanted to learn more about me and my style and she added an extra item to my next tote. Amazing. This service answers everything that I didn't like about Stitch Fix. I'm not sure how often I'll spend $50 to get a month of service - probably not until there were enough things in my closet that I was pretty sure I'd want to buy - but for the first month free (that's the offer on the website now), you can't really go wrong. Thanks for this post!

  17. You should check out Gwynnie Bee! They only offer sizes 10-32. Here is a review about it as well! :) Hope this helps! http://authenticallyemmie.com/gwynnie-bee-fashion-file/


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