Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Favorite Items

Last month I posted a list of my favorite items for the fall transition that you could easily wear in the fall with some layering.  Today is a list of my favorite items for fall!

It was pretty hard to narrow down this list since fall is pretty much the best and everything about dressing for fall is awesome.  But I managed to get it down to my favorite building blocks for a great fall wardrobe.

Below are two types of links: 1) Links to purchase the item shown above and sometimes similar additional options, and 2) links to my past posts wearing those items to give you inspiration for how to wear them.

Most items/options are from Target, Old Navy, and H&M.

Plaid Button Up: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  |  Option 4 (I <3 the blue one)
outfit ideas 1  |  outfit ideas 2  |  outfit ideas 3  |  outfit ideas 4
Can you get more FALL than this?  If you answered anything other than "no," then joo crayzee.  One of my first One Piece Many Ways posts was on wearing a plaid button up 10 ways, but that thing is old and embarrassing, and myyyyy my how far we've come.  I should probably do another one now that I've learned a thing or two about remixing over the years.  Until then, there are 4 links to my past posts with various plaid button ups.

Chunky Knit Scarf: Option 1 (exact)  //  outfit ideas
What is cozier than one of thse?  I got this herringbone scarf towards the end of last year so I didn't get to wear it much, but I loooooooove it.  Though, any chunky knit scarf will do.  I have an orange one that I also adore, but I didn't label it in my outfits so I can't link you to the posts.  Sorry!

Pullover Sweater: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas 1  |  outfit ideas 2
These are great for layering over the plaid button ups, or you can wear them by themselves and mix and match them with different statement necklaces and scarves.

Faux Leather Jacket (Cognac): Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas
This is probably my favorite piece for fall.  And spring.  And whenever the heck I can wear it.  Cognac is a great color for leather because there's less of a worry about it looking too "biker chick"-ish.  And really, it goes with everything.

Scarf: Option 1 (exact)
Another option besides a chunky knit scarf is a cozy plaid scarf like this.  This Target one is going all over the blogsphere.  I got the Zara one last year, but I didn't know that it would be ENORMOUS and I'd overheat in it in San Diego.  I might try to sell it in exchange for this Target one since it's smaller.

Ankle Boots: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas 1  |  outfit ideas 2
You can pair these with jeans, but my favorite is with dresses and skirts!

Chunky Textured Pullover Sweater: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas
The pullover sweater I showed above is plain and simple while this one is chunky and has some texture.  It's gives the outfit more character without any type of crazy pattern or print.

Gingham Button Up: Option 1 (exact)  //  outfit ideas
I love these because they can be dressed up or down or professional or casual.  You can pair them with a pencil skirt and heels or jeans and boots.  Wear it under a blazer or under a sweater or cardigan.  (Sorry, the outfit ideas link above only has one post because I haven't labeled the posts prior to that.  Dah!)

Tights: Option 1 (exact)
You might have noticed that I don't have any dresses or skirts on the list.  That's because tights allow you to wear any skirt or dress in the fall!  My most worn are black, brown, and maroon (all of which are in the link above).  I think maroon is the safest color if you want to venture out from neutrals.

Boyfriend Cardigan: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  |  Option 4  //  outfit ideas
I have a thick boyfriend sweater cardigan that I totally love wearing in the fall.  It's perfect with any button up and keeps me warm and cozy.  The shopping options above link to boyfriend cardigans of various thicknesses.  Some are pretty thin while others are on the thicker side.

Riding Boots: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  |  Option 3 (black/brown)  |  Option 4 (black)
outfit ideas - cognac  |  outfit ideas - black
Okay, I take back what I said in the plaid shirt post about not being able to get more "fall" than that.  RIDING BOOTS WIN.  I don't know that I need to say more about them except <3 <3 <3.  And... <3 some more.

Faux Leather Jacket (Black):  Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  //  outfit ideas
I've found myself reaching more for my black leather jacket than my cognac one, which is really surprising to me.  I think it can look really chic and not too hardcore, and I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of it this fall!

What are your favorite fall pieces?


  1. Boots!! I was so excited for the weather to change so I could start wearing my riding boots again. My husband just rolls his eyes... he said he doesn't "get" the boot trend, thinks it looks goofy. But for some reason I feel so much cuter and more feminine in boots than in heels. Maybe because boots are actually comfortable? And keep your feet warm? What's not to love?!?!

  2. Love the color of the raspberry sweater!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com
    A sweater giveaway on the blog from Mickey & Jenny (2 winners will be announced!)

  3. I can not find those Target boots in store! I'm bummed!

  4. My gingham top and plaid scarf are certainly going to be worn together and a lot this winter. I'm hoping it gets cool enough to unpack my cable knits by next month. I'm so ready for the weather to get cool and stay cool!

  5. All these pieces look so great. The colors are getting me so excited for fall (it's just barely starting to cool down where I am!) I especially love that brown moto jacket. I definitely need to get one in that shade!



  6. I have worn booties with skirts (no tights yet) twice this week and I think it's my new love!

  7. I wore booties for he first time today with a dress! Super cute! But the booties ate into my ankles. I wonder if it's bc they're new or if there is some bootie trick I'm missing. Help!!

  8. Scarves in thicker fabrics would have to be my favourite fall accessory. I just bought a pair of black booties from Forever 21 (my first pair) and I have been wanting to style them, but the weather here in New Delhi, India hasn't cooled yet!

  9. Love booties! Is there a trick to choosing the right pants? Mine never seem to look quite right..

  10. I always have to roll up my pants above the boots to make it work. Does that work for you?

  11. Glad you included the boyfriend sweater. I bought one last winter while pregnant and haven't been able to figure out how to wear it without a big round belly. I hadn't thought of button downs. Thanks!

  12. I am so in love with everything plaid right now! IS cognac your favorite leather color? You looooove your Target bag in cognac, and your little flats. Just curious!

  13. Haha! For as much of a black phase I'm in right now, I think cognac will always be my all-time favorite.

  14. Hi Audrey, I'm going to wear a dress tomorrow, in the fall, with footwear that isn't sandals AND a nice cardigan. I will even accessorize with a belt. Up until now I have only ever worn pants once the weather turns cool, but because of your blog I am making this bold move! ;) Liz

  15. SO- been looking for a perfectly sized white sweater like that for years. I'll need to scope that one out at H&M. ALSO- do you have a shop your closet? I bet someone would buy the plaid "blanket style" scarf from you so quick! I'm dying to get my hands on a plaid scarf this Fall too!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  16. I was looking for a white sweater like that too! I'm a little worried it won't fit this season post-baby now that I'm breastfeeding and all--it barely fit perfectly, like too perfectly, pre-baby! Oh well.

    I do have a shop your closet, but I took it down for the time being since I wasn't updating it and almost all the items have been sold so far. But I currently have 30+ items sitting in the corner of my room waiting to be listed!

  17. Great list! I love all of these.



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