Thursday, September 25, 2014

Never Miss Your Favorite Item on Sale with Shoptagr

How many of you loooove getting something on sale?  I do.  Or better yet--snagging something on sale that you've been eyeing for a long, long time.  #winning!  But on the flip side, when you find out too late that an item you've been eyeing went on sale and you missed it...well, that makes me want to cry into a bowl of ice cream.  A big bowl.  If that’s you too, then we are in luck and can eat ice cream tear-free thanks to Shoptagr!

I introduced Shoptagr to you all earlier this year, but in case you're new around here, Shoptagr is a sale-stalking service that watches specific items for you--in your size and color choice--and emails you when they go on sale.  Use Shoptagr's plugin (basically like Pinterest's plugin) and +TAG an item that you're hoping goes on sale, in the exact color and size of choice.  Rather than having to check over and over again to see if the things you want are on sale yet, or worse--missing it altogether--Shoptagr does the worrying for you and emails you when it's on sale.  That means more brain space for you to focus on other things and more beloved items in your closet at a better price!

And tagging with Shoptagr just got easier with their new feature +TAG & SHOP.  Shoptagr has its own interface where you can browse thousands of items from multiple retailers like Macy's ASOS, and Topshop all at once.  Tag the items straight from +TAG & SHOP to put on your sale-watching list.  

If you love scoring deals on items you love without having to think about it sign up for Shoptagr's free service! It'll give you a wonderful peace of mind while saving you money!

This post was sponsored by Shoptagr's. All opinions are mine. For more info on PMT sponsorships see disclosure page.


  1. This looks like a cool service! Thank you for sharing!




  2. I just signed up! I've been devastated that a cardigan I wanted from Anthropolgie is now sold out. :( I don't know how I forgot to check and see the price online these past few months.

  3. I was so excited when I came across Tagr. I tagged about a million things but it's been over a month now and not a single notification. Am I doing it wrong? Do you get sale notifications?

    Maybe I just pick loads of stuff that never goes on sale.


  4. I use this service and the only downside is you don't get a notification if the entire store goes on sale, e.g., old navy has 25% off sitewaide. I've definitely missed getting a discount because the individual item isn't marked down but a sitewide discount applies.

    Fair warning!


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