Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Transition Favorite Items

MAN, it's hot here!  I'm jealous of those of you who are actually transitioning into fall weather since it's 85-90 degrees here.

Anyway, even though it seems I'm lightyears away from being able to wear any of these pieces, I thought I'd do a roundup of some of my favorite pieces for the in between weather.  These are great as the weather gradually dips but isn't completely in fall mode yet, and they are also fantastic for layering once fall is in full force.  (We'll do a Fall Item Favorites list once that happens.)

Below are two types of links: 1) Links to purchase the item shown above and sometimes similar additional options, and 2) links to my past posts wearing those items to give you inspiration for how to wear them.

Chambray Top:  Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  //  outfit ideas
Pretty much like jeans for your top half, which means they're incredibly versatile.  Pair them with any patterned bottom--pants, skirts, shorts--or pair with a solid and add any printed accessory.  It's a blank canvas for you!

Long Sleeve Striped Tee:  Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  (GREAT option, but limited sizes)  |  Option 3 
outfit ideas 1  |  outfit ideas 2  |  outfit ideas 3
I'm pretty partial to stripes.  And here's my broken-record reason why: It's one of those patterns that's subtle enough to serve as a neutral but has enough visual interest that you don't need to do much accessorizing, unlike a plain solid top.  I think I could wear striped tops everyday in the fall and not be sick of it!

Cargo Jacket: Option 1  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas
The canvas material is a great lightweight layer.  Not too hot, not too cold, and you can always layer more underneath if you need to.  Perfect fall transition piece!

Polka Dot Button Up:  Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas
Exactly like the long sleeved striped top, a polka dot button up has that type of pattern that has visual interest but isn't overpowering.  Besides a striped top, this is one of my most worn blouses in the fall.

Olive Pants  //  outfit ideas
Olive and maroon pants are two of the bottoms I wear the most often through out the fall transition, fall, and the transition back into spring.  Olive is a nice change from dark blue or black jeans, but it's also considered a pseudo-neutral which means it goes with many, many, many other colors.

Mustard Cardigan:  Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  //  outfit ideas
I was so shocked at how much use I had for a mustard cardigan.  And like many of you I worried that mustard wouldn't look good on my skin.  I was wrong!  There are a lot of different shades of mustard.  One could definitely work for you!

Ankle Boots:  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  |  Option 4  //  outfit ideas
I chose ankle boots here rather than full calf length boots.  We'll save those for fall!  Ankle boots give you a fall look without overheating your legs, which is why they're great for the transition into fall (AND out of it into spring).  Wear them with jeans or dresses and skirts to toughen up your looks and "fallize" them without needing to bundle up too much.

Blazer:  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  //  outfit ideas (Sorry, this group is weak. I haven't labeled most of my black blazer outfits yet!)
If you think blazers are "too formal" definitely, definitely try a ponte one.  Blazers can schnazz up your outfit instantly.  Whether it's with a colorful printed blouse, a structured office appropriate button up, or a plain v-neck tee with skinny jeans, blazers are a wonderful layering piece that will not only be weather appropriate for the fall transition and fall, but will make you look super put together!

Maroon Pants  //  outfit ideas
I love my maroon jeans to much that I honestly wish everyone in the world could find a good pair of maroon pants.  Ha!  (Clearly I need higher aspirations.)  I pretty much have the same to say about maroon pants as olive pants, except I think maroon is even more sophisticated and luxurious than olive.  Greeeeaaaaat for office wear, but definitely not opposed to casual looks.

I had to limit myself with this.  There are other things like leopard flats, denim jackets, and a whole slew of goodies that I didn't even mention.  But if I had to create a fall capsule wardrobe, these items would be in there, FA SHO because, like I said, they're great for the transition from summer to fall and will still be useful come fall.

What would be on YOUR "fall transition" favorites list?

And stay tuned for a favorites list for straight up fall weather.  (Spoiler: riding boots, chunky cardigans, plaid button ups--yay!)


  1. Hello! Do you know of any other places selling the green cargo jacket. Old Navy doesn't have my size. :-(

  2. It's still pretty hot here too. No fall temps yet! My fall transition does not include pants because for me, 90° is still too hot for pants. I'm still in midi/maxi/knee length skirts.

  3. I just found another one for ya! http://bit.ly/WL1vUX

  4. Score! I have all of these or very similar in my capsule wardrobe... so thank you for even more validation and more outfit ideas. My other great item right now is a dress that's in a more fall color/texture (terry gray) but still cool enough to wear in hot temps - but then layerable for when it cools.

  5. Do you wear socks with your ankle boots? What about in the case of the Mudd booties (option 1) where the boots are a little see through on the buckle side? I don't like going sock less in closed toe shoes but am not sure about socks?

  6. I wear socks sometimes and not other times...but I don't really have sweaty feet. And I usually have shoe inserts/insoles which probably helps with all of that. I don't own boots with a see-through buckle, but I've seen other people wear short ankle socks with them. Even though you can see the sock a little it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

  7. Yay, I have almost all of these items! I'm having a hard time choosing my outfits these days b/c I want to get into my transition wardrobe but it's still hanging around 80 degrees most days. Too warm for most of these options.

  8. DITTO. Exactly. Exactly! I keep thinking it's because I'm a new mom that I don't know what to wear, but NO. It's seriously not! It's a little of that (mayyyybeee), a little that my closet is in disarray because we moved and still aren't settled in, but mostly because it's FREAKING 80-90 DEGREES and it's supposed to be fall!

  9. I think ankle boots are perfect for the transition :) Also, love me a mustard cardigan!

  10. Any maroon pants that are a little more office appropriate?

  11. I am so with you. I want to wear fall clothes but I live in Texas (it was 97 yesterday) and all the places I am traveling to this month are in the south. Le sigh. I am SO BORED with my summer clothes! At least I can look at this list and imagine the time when the temps get below 70.

    As far as your picks go--I love everything you suggest. I wear polka dots all of the time, but love your thoughts about stripes as well. I have plum colored cords that I wear all. the. time in the fall/winter, exactly for the reasons you state.

    Come on, fall!!!

  12. This pair: http://bit.ly/1qfSzBv There was a second pair at Old Navy that were khaki pants but they're sold out online. (The ones I was showing in previous/recent Style Tip posts.)

  13. I get so frustrated because I definitely want to wear the fall looks but I live in south Georgia so it's still flip flop weather! It feels so awkward wearing stuff like that, but it's definitely too hot for long sleeves or any kind of jacket/cardigan.

  14. Oh, I wish it was 80 degrees here. Right now it is like 45 degrees out :( Way too cold for this time of the year. We went from summer to late fall, with none of the nice fall weather days

  15. Wow, I am lucky to own almost all those pieces! I have a chambray button down, a striped black/white t-shirt, olive jacket, olive jeans, maroon jeans, gold boyfriend sweater, and tan booties. I just don't have the polka dot shirt. In you spoiler alert, I do have riding boots and a black/white buffalo plaid shirt. I am so exited to see how you put all of these together!!!

  16. I'm still sitting on it in my cart, haha. I really should just bite the bullet and buy it since I love it so much!!

  17. Got mine! I'm keeping it--hooray! It's a pretty loose fit and what seems like a durable, stretchy material. Too bad it's in the 90s this coming week so there's no way I can wear it unless we pump the a/c all day long. :(

  18. I actually laughed when I read the first line of this post. We had a frost advisory last night! So much for "transitioning"! These pieces area all super cute though, and they'd be great if we'd actually get fall temps around here.

  19. Yay! I'm glad it's going to work out for you! It's so frustrating when you get something and want to wear it right away, but the weather's not cooperating! Hopefully it cools down for you soon so you can finally wear it! :)

  20. Our temps have been fluctuating, 80s and 90s for a few days, 60-70s the next few. I've basically pulled out the cold weather stuff but left the warm stuff out too! I think I need those olive skinnies in my life.

  21. I'm pretty sure you need those olive skinnies in your life too. Weather can be so odd. We had a tropical rainstorm yesterday in San Diego. Good thing, cuz we need the rain badly (in a drought) but still strange for us!

  22. The low hip (where the first shirt ends) is wider than the high hip (where the second ends) on most women.

  23. The blogger from web page: effortlessanthropologie - clearly says "the length is slightly longer, hitting low hip.Love that!".
    My comment was that a longer length can be prettier too as the blogger remarks. You mentioned Audrey - she looks lovely in both longer and shorter length.

  24. Maybe my pictures or terminology is confusing about the length that I'm talking about. I think effortlessanthropologie and I are on the same page. In my first picture, maybe it's not clear, but the top is actually completely covering my rear, going to the very bottom of my hips. I'm not advocating for that. In my second picture the top stops at the middle of my bum (mid-hip), which is exactly where it looks like it hits on effortlessanthropologie when she turns to the side.

    If my language has been confusing, then my apologies. Hopefully this clears up everything and we can all move on. :)

  25. Ok, I kept coming back to this post, and I hit up Old Navy this weekend. They had a long sleeved slub knit shirt in a v neck there for $12. I thought it was the one you'd featured, and then I realized it just looks very similar. Will it still work? It is kind in the tummy area, and I love it, but I'm not sure if it'll dress up and down as easily because it's v-neck.

  26. Lauren WickersheimFriday, October 10, 2014

    Just got one at a consignment sale (that I also sold at so I'm still making money!) for $2!! It's Target, and I love it. Holding out on the ON one paid off :P

  27. Great ideas...I love jeans! http://lifestuffs.com/delve-world-jeans-cute-winter-outfits/


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