Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dressed Up, Dressed Down: Non-Maternity AND Maternity Pieces & 30% Off Code!

If you were around back in June while I was pregnant you might remember a shop I introduced called Lilac Clothing (click here for post).  Most notably, they specialize in clothes that can be worn whether you're pregnant or not!

Today I'm collaborating with Lilac Clothing again to try some of their pieces now that I'm no longer pregnant.  And for kicks I added a Dressed Up, Dressed Down twist to show you how to wear these pieces two ways.

30% off Lilac's Fall line or any full-priced Tummy Trimmer Denim with code PMTFALL

Dressing Pieces Up or Down
Dressing pieces up or down can be extremely simple.  In many cases a quick exchange of accessories does the trick, especially if you have the right base piece.  These types of pieces allow you to transition smoothly and easily from one type of event to another without having to change your entire outfit.  For example, you can be running errands in a comfortable casual outfit one minute then get in your car and swap out your shoes, necklace, and jacket and be ready to meet friends for a nice night out without having to go home and change!

Dress: c/o Lilac Clothing (exact)  |  Jacket: Target (similar)  |  Boots: c/o White Plum (similar)  |  Bag: Nordstrom (exact)  |  Necklace: Forever 21

Dress: c/o Lilac Clothing (exact)  |  Blazer: c/o SheInside (exact)  |  Shoes: Target (exact)  |  Necklace: H&M

Shannon Dress
When I first glanced at this dress my quick assumption was that it would only work for a casual setting, but after a second thought this dress easily goes from dressed down to dressed up.  Pair it with boots and a denim jacket for a casual outfit to run errands in, or dress it up with a statement necklace.  I added a blazer for even more polish and for a fall layer.

And believe it or not, this dress looks amazing when pregnant.  Last time I talked about Lilac Clothing when I was pregnant I wore a dress with a similar construction, and the seams on the side show off a baby bump beautifully!

Dress: c/o Lilac Clothing (exact)  |  Scarf: c/o Eliza & Ro.  |  Bag: Nordstrom (exact)  |  Boots: Target

Dress: c/o Lilac Clothing (exact)  |  Jacket: c/o SheInside (similarsimilar)  |  Shoes: H&M (exactsimilar)  |  Necklace: Forever 21

Brynley Dress
This dress is super soft and has a faux wrap feature that defines your waist.  It's easy to dress up or down since it's a nice solid.  Add a scarf of any pattern or any necklace--it's a blank canvas for you to accessorize any way you want.  I even kept the accessory colors the same (black) to show just how simple it can be to take a dress from dressed down to dressed up.  Just change out casual shoes for pumps or heels and add a classy simple necklace.

Top: Old Navy (exact)  |  Jeans: c/o Tummy Trimmer Denim (exact)  |  Bag: Nordstrom (exact)  |  Boots: c/o White Plum (similar)

Top: Target (similar, similar)  |  Blazer: H&M (similar, similar)  |  Jeans: c/o Tummy Trimmer Denim (exact)  |  Shoes: Old Navy (similar)  |  Bag: Target (exact)

Tummy Trimmer Denim
These jeans are special, and I'll tell you why in a sec.  First, dressing up and down.  Jeans can be worn a million ways, but one way to make it simpler is to work with a pair of dark wash jeans.  While you can of course style lighter washed jeans in a dressed up way, I think darker washes are a lot easier to do this with for some reason.

Now for why these jeans are special--they're called Tummy Trimmer Denim for a reason.

It's shapewear denim that comes with a built-in shapewear panel that smooths, contours, and trims your midsection.  Supposedly most women typically measure 1-2" smaller with these.  They're great for postpartum or for any other time you are trying to trim up a tummy.  Like...during Thanksgiving?  Or is that just ME during Thanksgiving?  :P

Lilac Clothing has pieces that are great for women who are pregnant and who are NOT pregnant, so everyone should go check them out!  AND, Lilac is giving us 30% off their fall line or any full-priced Tummy Trimmer Denim with code PMTFALL!

This post was sponsored by Lilac Clothing.  All opinions are mine.  For more on PMT's sponsorship philosophies see disclosure.


  1. How long is the coupon code good for?

  2. Excellent remixing as usual, Miss Audrey! Especially love the dressed up/down striped dress - denim jacket + dress can do no wrong in my book and this version is perfect for fall with the booties.

  3. Coupons are good until November 30th. :)

  4. Haha! Food induced baby pants! Perfection! I really love the way that ruched dress fits you. I mean like woah! It's so flattering and you wouldn't automatically think it would be!

  5. Ooooooo That purple dress/leather jacket combo is gorgeous!

  6. Really loving that striped dress!

  7. I am IN LOVE with the purple dress and the blue blazer!

  8. you look great in each outfit!

  9. I absolutely love the concept of clothes that work while pregnant and after as well. At 33 weeks I really don't want to buy any more maternity clothes but this is something I could actually do because I know I would eb able to wear them afterward. I am loving that striped dress!

  10. Wow! That purple dress looks amazing on you, Audrey! I love the color and the cut so much. What a neat clothing company, too!!

  11. I adore that purple dress! Great color on you and the cut is super flattering.


  12. I love how simple yet drastic changes you make to the outfits in these series. Thank you so much for your advice. My outfits look shapeless or blah must of the time. I will really like to make the most of my wardrobe. But as homemaker, I really enjoy the comfort of sweat pants and hoodies. Let's see how can I tweak it a little bit. Thanks a again. Great blog!

  13. Thanks, Glory! I'm confident that you can find sweat pants and hoodies that are figure flattering as well. Otherwise, there are some jeans (jeggings) that feel like sweatpants, and cute hoodies that don't drape in an unflattering way. Ponte blazers also basically feel like sweatshirts but look much better. Good luck with everything!

  14. This blog is amazing! I have been stuck in a jeans rut for so long, thank you for taking the time to explain everything so clearly! :) I'm short, so shopping is already a pretty daunting task but knowing what I need to look for really helps and I'm actually looking forward to it. You rock!

  15. So glad to hear that, Katherine! If you're shorter you might need to make good friends with a tailor. It'll make your shopping life SO much easier. If you haven't seen these yet, check the posts in Wardrobe From Scratch on proper fit ( http://www.puttingmetogether.com/2013/02/wardrobe-from-scratch-part-3-basic.html) and alterations 101 ( http://www.puttingmetogether.com/2013/02/wardrobe-from-scratch-part-3b.html)
    Good luck!

  16. I'm a bit late to the remixing party but i gotta say this series has probably saved my wardrobe. I can spend up to 3 hours (thats my record) sitting on the floor and tearing through my closet trying to decide on what to wear, and changing clothes upwards of 5 or 6 times on any given morning, but now, clothes are a lot less scary and I spend a lot less time on my bedroom floor!

  17. Wow, 3 hours! That's pretty impressive. I'm glad to hear you're spending less time down on the floor. I hope you have a ton of fun remixing your closet!

  18. OMG thank you for this and the from scratch series!!!! I knew I needed to rework my closet because I am 22 and the best fitting stuff I have is still from high school and I like to think my style has evolved at least a bit lol... I saved some money for it, but was a little lost on where to start. Now that I have an actual direction, I'm looking forward to having something that I won't be ashamed to call a wardrobe. Your style is very different from mine, but I can apply basically everything you say anyways <3 Off to read your other posts :)


  19. So glad to hear that, Heidi! Thank you for taking the time to write, and good luck with rebuilding your wardrobe!

  20. I have really enjoyed reading and learning throughout this series! It's definitely shown me where I have been lacking in my wardrobe and stuck in a rut. I've also gotten some ideas of things to post about on my blog! Thanks for the advice!

  21. I think your pictures showing the OK-but-blah outfits with no accessories and transforming them into WOW!-amazing-eye-popping ones with just a few items are the best part of your whole series! A small investment in costume jewelry, scarves and belts makes a huge difference! Thanks!

  22. Great to hear, Glenda! Best of luck with everything!

  23. Cheryl ForresterSaturday, June 13, 2015

    Thank you for this very helpful and interesting blog. It has inspired me to reimagine what I own and how I might tune it up. I am excited to share your info with others as it is just so reasonable and easy to make your own. Again many thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi Cheryl! I'm so glad it's inspired you! Thanks so much for taking the time to write and say hello :)


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