Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shopping Help: Pants for Fall

Before giving birth to Addie I was scoping out the new stuff at Old Navy and was pretty amazed by how many types of pants they have!  I rounded up a few options from Old Navy as well as from a few other stores for some help with pants for fall--particularly non-jean pants!

Most of them come in a PLENITUDE of colors, so be sure to check them out.

Twill & Khaki:  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3
Khaki and twill pants are great for work looks.  These three are in a variety of different cuts, and they all come in a bunch of different colors, that are really really good for fall!

Prints:  Option 4  |  Option 5  |  Option 6
Printed pants really know how to liven things up!  Some prints are super crazy, but I think these 3 are on the subtler side and can be turned into a simple look with a plain neutral top so as not to go overboard.  Colored tops would definitely be more daring but that doesn't mean they won't look chic!  Go for those too if you dare!  

NOTES: Option 4 comes in 3 different prints and 8 solids.  

Comfy Casual:  Option 7  |  Option 8  |  Option 9
For those who want a change from jeans but want something that's still laid back--chinos or cargo pants!  (Or cords--see below.)  These are really, really great alternatives to jeans, and again there are tons of colors to choose from.  

Non-Skinny:  Option 10  |  Option 11  |  Option 12
Here are some options for those who don't love skinny cut pants: bootcut khakis, bootcut cords, and boyfriend cords.  Again, all in a billion different colors.  

With all the choices out there, what color or cut or material of pants--besides a good old pair of blue jeans--is your favorite for fall?  


  1. One thing I have been having a hard time with is finding pants that are long enough. Maybe it's because its still summer and I'm looking for pants I can wear in the fall and winter... I don't want my ankles exposed when I'm waiting at the bus stop in November! It looks like a few of those old navy options might work though.

  2. I love the printed options! I want some colored pants for fall. I get tired of wearing jeans all the time. I REALLY want a good pair of long, flared jeans to wear with my chunky heel ankle boots and can't manage to find any that aren't high-waisted. High waists aren't a good look on me lol.

  3. I like twill and chinos in the darker colors for fall. I like the pants from Target, NY&Co and Old Navy. They have a good selection for petites.

  4. i just bought 4 pairs of Old Navy pants!! I'm so excited to try them on!

  5. Love these pants! I love fall just because I can wear some pretty crazy pants :)
    Great post!


  6. So many great options! I am on the hunt for some more colorful pants, so this post is much appreciated. Old Navy's "the Flirt" cut fits me perfectly, but they don't have much in the way of colors of prints. I guess I'll have to try the Pixie cut!

  7. I actually totally love Old Navy's pants. I have SEVERAL pairs of the Pixie pants in multiple colors and patterns. They're my go-to work pants, and I love them! I have a pair of the Diva cut jeans that I adore as well. Also, I have two pairs of printed Rockstar jeans that are a lot of fun, even though they don't fit me the greatest (I had to size way up, and they're too short so I always cuff them).

  8. how does the sizing compare between diva cut jeans and the pixie pants? size up for the pants?

  9. I'm pretty curvy with big caboose LOL. I don't know, I haven't shopped in Old Navy in ages except for their super stretchy RockStar jeans but I'm definitely in the market for more "non-jean" bottoms! Might have to stop by and check out the selection. Thanks for the posting.

  10. Hi Mindy! I actually wear the same size in both the Diva pants and the Pixie pants, and they fit me just fine, but I've heard that some people have needed to size up on the Pixies.

  11. Thanks. Got some Pixie stretch chinos(option 1 above) and they fit my normal Old Navy pant size. Tried on their Pixie skinny ankle pants during yesterday's Labor Day sale, and same size fit as if it were 1-2 sizes smaller on my legs. :( Guess I'll stick with the Pixie chinos and Rockstars

  12. What a bummer! I'm sorry the Pixie ankle pants didn't work out for you :( From what I've heard, people either LOVE them, or they absolutely don't work. Sigh. I'm glad the Pixie stretch chinos worked for you!! :)

  13. You always find the most beautiful locations for your photo shoting.. like this time! I love your gorgeous dress. With this long wonderful legs you can wear what ever you want! The sandals are great.. perfect to the dress! clich here,love you post


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