Friday, August 29, 2014

Mix & Match: Graphic Tee

SO, being that we just had a baby I've been oblivious to what day it is.  I ventured out of the house solo yesterday and today to--take a wild guess--Target and Old Navy.  And what do you know--it's Labor Day and there are sales galore!

I've been ITCHING to get my hands on Old Navy's fall stuff.  Waiting and waiting and waiting to no longer be pregnant.  But when I finally got in there I exercised restraint because I remembered I wanted to tear through and assess my closet again before buying a bunch of new stuff.  I successfully restrained myself!  And then I celebrated with a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  Win some, lose some.

Anyway, Old Navy's got a ton of graphic tees and they are cheap cheap cheap right now.  Like $6 thanks to Labor Day.  Actually, everything in store and online is up to 50% off!

Here are some looks you can do with any of those graphic tees.  Apparently I'm into neutrals and fall colors lately, so we'll roll with it.  

Outfit 1 - Polished Casual
One of my favorite pieces for fall is my olive skinnies.  I paired them with the graphic tee and a striped blazer.  Striped blazers don't only belong with solid tops.  Don't be scared to put a striped blazer with a graphic tee!  The one featured above is from Old Navy and of course on major sale.  But so is the striped blazer that I own and LOVE from Nordstrom--40% off! 

I topped off the outfit with a wine colored bag because <3 wine + olive.  And cognac ankle boots.  I've been looking for a pair *just* like these, so you bet they're in my online shopping cart!  

Shop Outfit #1:
Tee: Old Navy
Blazer: Old Navy (alternative: my beloved Nordstrom striped blazer for 40% off!)
Olive Skinnies: Old Navy
Boots: Target

Outfit 2 - Fancy
I went for white on white and a mix of fancy and edgy, pairing a feminine pleated skirt with a moto jacket.  (Both items on huge sale.)  I added more wine and cognac because what can I say?  I'm the kind of person that loves something so much I squeeze it to death.  Pray for my child's safety.

Shop Outfit #2:
Tee: Old Navy
Jacket: Old Navy (super sale)
Skirt: New York & Company (also on suuuuuper sale) 
Shoes: Target
Bag: Target

Outfit 3 - Weekend
Lastly, boyfriend jeans and sneaks for comfy chic weekend wear!

Shop Outfit #3:
Tee: Old Navy
Jacket: Old Navy
Boyfriend Jeans: Target
Shoes: DSW

How would you dress up your graphic tees?  

And catch Labor Day sales at Old Navy, Forever 21, LOFT, and Nordstrom!  


  1. I love the different outfits you chose! A graphic tee, blazer, boyfriend jeans and heels is one of my favorites! I also think adding a funky statement necklace to your graphic tee adds a cool edge! Great post, I will be snagging a few of these this weekend!



  2. First of all, I'm super impressed that you're still doing awesome blog posts with a tiny newborn at home! I could barely remember to eat lunch when mine was that little haha! I've also been obsessed with graphic tees lately and I'm really glad you did the post. I love the idea of glam-ing up such a basic piece. I've been wanting to try a graphic tee with a pencil skirt. I see a trip to Old Navy happening in the near future!

  3. First, I know you are super busy. So thanks for taking the time to put together these posts! And, this format of posts is so helpful to me, to see an item in different combos. Thanks! Congratulations on your sweet baby!

    Just bought the Nordstrom blazer in grey/grey stripe. Can't wait!

  4. Glad you're getting out and about! I loved doing coffee dates with my girls while they were in the sleepy infant stage. Every time you post those olive skinnies I want them in the worst way, but they are only available in two huge sizes :(.

  5. Wow, thank you for taking the time to put these posts together even with the new baby! I'm impressed/intimidated :-)

    Anyway, was moved to comment because I wanted to mention how much I love the format for these posts. Having all three outfit photos and then a breakdown of each outfit is super useful. Thanks!

  6. I love how easily graphic tees can translate between different looks. These outfits are amazing. As soon as I think I have a favorite, I realize I love another one just as much. Congrats on your baby and hope everything is going well!


  7. Thanks so much for the input, Marisa! It's good to know what feels useful for people, so I appreciate the feedback.

  8. I'm in love with the Olive pants, especially paired with a burgundy purse. Amazing!

    stop by :)

  9. Old Navy does have such cute tees out right now, love this one!

  10. HUGE congrats on your sweet girl. I too am beyond impressed with your posts since she's arrived. Really (selfishly) glad you have found time to post but we will all be here if you need to take some time for yourself or with your new expanded family!

    But, I have to echo everyone's comments and say that the format of your posts like this is spot on. Love it.

    Maybe you've done a post on this and I haven't seen it but can you explain boyfriend jeans? I am such a fashion moron as it is but they really confuse me. They seem to only be able to be worn super casually with fashion tennis shoes or flats? Can we wear them into the winter? I'm a casual girl as it is (with two kids, haven't made the time to be otherwise) but haven't ventured into boyfriend jeans just because I wasn't sure they would be flattering.

    Regardless, always love your easy (and inexpensive) style and LOVE these Old Navy tshirts. I have the Voila one and it's so comfy and easy to wear.

  11. Thanks, Kara! Posting a couple of times a week isn't tough since I'm on maternity leave and Addie sleeps most of the day. It's nice to do something that feels a little "normal" like blogging!

    Boyfriend jeans can be worn casually, but they can definitely also be dressed up! Here's a post that talks about dressing up boyfriend jeans: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/2013/12/changing-styles-with-bottom-half.html
    And here are some ways I've worn boyfriend jeans on the blog: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/search/label/boyfriend%20jeans

  12. Thank you for once again providing a whole set of outfits for things in my capsule wardrobe... love these!! Old Navy's fall stuff is indeed tempting, but ice cream doesn't require restraint - if you're nursing, you're still requiring extra calories to feed a baby. What better to pass along :)

  13. i finally found something that I can wear!! woooo thanks!!

  14. I love all of these outfits! I have several of these pieces in my closet and I think I can put these together here at home! And congrats on your sweet new baby! Susan

  15. I love the fabulous tee...and every single outfit you made here! I've been wanting a fashion-y graphic tee for this fall, but haven't decided what will win yet.

  16. Ah! That "fabulous" tee is so great! I'm not much of a graphic tee kind of girl, but that one is pretty darn, well, fabulous! :)

  17. I really need to snap up this tee! It goes so well with everything!!



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