Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Totes Magotes

That talk of neutrals yesterday got my own neutral juices flowing, which inspired today's outfit.  This black dress is about 5-6 years old, and just when I think it's time to put it to rest I find new inspiration to wear it.  I mean, can you really go wrong with a black dress?  Especially one that feels like pajamas AND fits you well when you're pregnant AND when you're not?  Sorry I ever tried to betray you, little dress.  Shame on me.

Let's talk about this tote for a sec.  I got it thanks to Fran (who, if you don't follow by now, you really, really should).  I can't tell you how long I've been drooling over the cognac Madewell tote.  Whenever I pass by a Madewell I walk in to creepily stroke the tote in admiration...and then wince at the $168 price tag.  Every time.  It's our little dance.

But one glorious day Fran linked to this tote from Nordstrom that's only $48 instead of $168.  AND, it's reversible!  Cognac on one side and black on the other, and you can switch between them as your mood or outfit dictates.  It's faux leather and pretty soft.  I'm definitely going to order a base shaper for it since heavily loading my old tote stretched it out and ruined it.  I've only tried it with a fairly light load so far, since I don't have a base shaper yet, so hopefully it holds up with more stuff in it...aka my laptop.  If not, I'll be more careful with it than I was with my last tote and use it for normal day-to-day things.  Either way, I'm glad to have a tote again, and especially one that's reversible!

Everything below is either Target or Old Navy and half of them are on clearance.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar--Target on clearance)
Jacket: Target (similar, similarsimilar)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact, splurge)

*Bump status: 36 weeks


  1. Okay, you had me at "totes magotes"! The sound of Darth Vader speaking text is too, too funny! I laughed until tears ran down my face, which is okay except when you're in the middle of class and the kids don't know whether to laugh with you or call an ambulance.

    And now I go to check out that tote... :)

  2. I adore all things madewell except the price! The jean jacket is so cute. You can barely tell you're pregnant till you hold your belly.

  3. Madewell and Free People endlessly tease me with their beautiful stores and clothing, but ugly /ugly/ prices. Such is life. Even more than your dress, I'm LOVING those shoes.

  4. this is going to sound crazy...but I'm kind of jealous of that bag. I KNOW. But the fact that it's reversible and still pretty makes me want it.

    I know, crazy.

  5. Hmm, I was just doing the Madewell drool yesterday but really am having trouble deciding if the investment is worth it... I decided to purge all my totes since I felt meh about most of them and allow myself to pick out one new bag that I I love to use for carting around my laptop... but spending less than half the $$ for something really similar (and reversible - AWESOME) sounds like it could be the way to go! You'll have to update on laptop carrying after you get the base shaper - because I did worry about that with the Madewell bag to begin with. I think it's fine to use an investment item to death, but if a laptop is just going to cause trouble, might as well get the less expensive bag.

  6. Sometimes the old ones are the best in your closet!!!! Great bag and great price!!!!!!



  7. I'm thinking of ordering this bag as well.....what size base shaper would you get?

  8. The bag comes with its own removable base thingy. It's just not as sturdy as a plastic base shaper would be. Anyway, that said, I was just going to measure the base that it comes with and order a plastic base shaper in that size.

  9. i totally splurged on the madewell tote and debated over the brown and black one! now i wish i just go this one for way cheaper and both colors!!!

  10. Hi Audrey , i follow your blog regularly , love it , i also wonder how to manage to keep ur clothes safe in laundry , i always have my clothes getting bubbles on them n i have to throw them away , do u have any suggestions , it will really help me.thanks

  11. That dress is a little treasure! It's very beautiful and you look great in it!
    House cleaning Fulham

  12. Audrey! You look SO beautiful pregnant. I love reading your blog!

  13. I really love this outfit - I'd wear it in a heartbeat!!

    Also, your post's title made me think of this:

  14. I love the bag! I ordered it from Nordstrom and got it today! I should order a backup! Thanks, Audrey!!!!!

  15. Love the tote (and another similar one at Nordy's) and ALMOST drove to the mall to get it... but then I checked Ross and found a very similar faux leather tote for...$16.99! Score!

    Worked perfectly for my day trip to SanFran with the hubs. The Nordstrom choices would've been fantastic too. I wouldn't've blinked at the under-$50 price tag; SO worth it.

    :o) Becky in Portland, OR

    (PS also found a REAL leather tote at Ross for around $100, not bad at all. Very nice Australian leather. But I just couldn't beat the $16.99 one.) :o)

  16. Haha! I'm glad you love it! I've been without a tote for so long that it feels sooooo good to have one again!


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