Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mix and Match: Crochet Top and Neutral Skirt

One top I've been staring at longingly at my closet is my lace/crochet tank.  It's one of my favorite tops because I can wear it with almost anything and it instantly takes an outfit up a few notches from a plain tee or tank.  (As seen in this post on going from shabby to chic.)  So forgive me while I try to scratch that itch by mixing and matching this pretty crochet top today!  I love that it's cream rather than bright white, and I like that it has kind of a looser fit.  

I also found a great skirt from Boden that's on sale to include in the mix and match.  It comes in an amazing green as well as navy, but I'm using the khaki colored one today.  

As always, everything is under $50 and most items are well below that.

Outfit 1 - Casual Night Out
I started with an outfit that doesn't involve skinny jeans (you can thank me later!) and would be great for a night out.  You could easily do this look with other cuts of jeans too, whether skinny or boyfriend.  I added pink-ish accessories like the coral statement necklace and blush clutch, keeping it light and summery.  And, sleek but totally comfy wedges.  (I own those and love them!) 

Shop Outfit #1:
Top: Kohl's
Jeans: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

Outfit 2 - Casual Chic
For a casual chic look, tuck the crochet top into the skirt.  I added a lighter wash denim jacket to keep the palette light again for summer.  And with an all-neutral outfit I of course can't help but add a couple pops of colorful accessories.  I love me some yellow flats and a colorful pendant necklace!

Shop Outfit #2:
Top: Kohl's
Skirt: Boden
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Forever 21

Outfit 3 - Office
Here's the skirt mixed and matched for a work look.  Since it's neutral it pairs with almost anything.  Today I went with reds, thanks to this cute, easy-to-wear top ditsy floral top I found on ModCloth.  I found a fun reddish-orange bag to go along with it, but the cream version is adorable as well!  

Like a broken record, I chose a white blazer to keep the outfit feeling summery fresh.  You can definitely pair this with heels, but I hear from plenty of you that you love looks with flats, so there you go!  These flats are great because they're neutral, but the woven texture provides a special but subtle detail to make them more interesting.  They come in black too and are really affordable!

Shop Outfit #3:
Top: ModCloth
Blazer: Choies
Skirt: Boden
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: H&M  

I would totally wear all of these outfits if I could right now...and if I had that skirt!

On another note...I've been really interested in Dorothy Perkins for a while but have yet to order anything.  From what I understand, they're a UK brand but offer free shipping to US with a $50+ order.  I like so many of their bags, shoes, and accessories, and they're chic but affordable!   They also have a ton of great clothing, but I especially appreciate that they carry a huge selection of knee-length skirts.  (WHY are those so hard to find these days?!?!)

Anyway, can anyone from the UK or anyone who's purchased from Dorothy Perkins give us some insight into the brand and company?  I'd love to hear more about them!


  1. hello, i lived in the UK during grad school and Dorothy Perkins was one of my FAVORITE stores ever!! their stuff is pretty well made, very well priced, adorable, and their shoes were the only ballet flats i would wear for the longest time!! i've looked on the US version of their website several times and it looks like they do offer US sizing (if you happen to live in the States), but just make sure you look at actual measurements instead of numbered sizes - UK and US sizes are definitely NOT the same! i would definitely recommend though, i loved everything i bought at that store.

  2. Yeah, I totally echo what Kathryn says. I live in the UK and have purchased from Dorothy Perkins a bunch! I love their stuff a lot but find that quality varies, so definitely look at the material. I usually end up returning ~50% of what I order (but the other 50% is usually great). Their sizes are usually pretty accurate/consistent, too.

    At least in the UK, they also have really easy returns with prepaid labels. They are very affordable, too Let me know if you have more questions!

  3. Such a great post with so many pretty options!! I have a crochet top and love it too. I totally agree that you can wear it with almost anything & it takes it up a notch. I've seen so many bloggers wearing beautiful clothing from Dorothy Perkins-I really need to check them out! Hope they ship to Toronto.

  4. Hi Audrey! Long time reader. I have shopped at Dorothy Perkins several times and I live in the US. I bought a polka dot top + a black midi dress with sleeves (you can see both on my blog here if you want, not the best photos but oh well http://bit.ly/U9RzCX) i also bought 2 pencil skirts. the best thing is i think i got all of those for like $10-$15 each, they have great sales sometimes. I love my top and dress, but didnt love the pencil skirts but to no fault of DPs. Their shipping took FOREVER and you cant really track it once it leaves the UK and I am super impatient. But all of their items were great quality and I would definitely shop there again.

  5. Oooooo I'd love it if you don't a DP order, I'm in the UK and often think how I'd love to copy some of your looks!!! Quality of DP is pretty good but I do think sizing is sometimes off. I have picked up some fab finds from there though, my fav being a quilted leather jacket. They also email you virtually every day with offers and discounts once your signed up . Rach

  6. Hi, Audrey! I would totally wear all of those looks! Very, very cute. And I must say, I am also having a lot o trouble finding knee-length skirts. They are almost impossible to find here in Brazil as well. But I will not give up! Here's wishing us luck! Beijos!

  7. Love this Audrey!!!!! All the outfits are wearable and I agree what happened to the knee length skirts?? They are all super mini.



  8. I haven't bought anything from Dorothy Perkins, but I know someone who did (in the US), and she had to pay a lot of $$ in customs fees or something like that. Sorry I don't have more details, but it may be worth checking out or asking them about.

  9. DP offers free shipping to the US but not free returns. This means a) you have to haul butt to the PO and fill out a customs form (pain in the butt) and b) it costs an arm and a leg to send back. I bought the same dress in 2 diff sizes, and though the quality was good, it was not flattering, and I spent the equivalent of one dress to ship them back. Bummer.

  10. Both of those items are great. Boden makes such great quality items and they fit so well.

  11. Hi, I'm a big fan of your blog! I'm quite partial to the bargains of DP - I find their sizing very consistent but the quality is variable. I find the tops come out quite large on me and a bit short in the body so I tend to size down and use their tall range ( I'm 5 foot 7).
    I think you'd like the coloured jeggings ( bargain & super-comfy) and their scarfs and jewellery are great value :-)

  12. that crochet top is sooo beautiful!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  13. I love that crochet top, it is gorgeous! On another note they have mustard cardigans at Target right now if anyone is interested.

  14. I love Dorothy Perkins clothing! I was pleased with the items I bought from there last December, but I really hated how long it took for them to arrive. It took about three weeks to receive my order. Granted it was in the busy holiday season, but I was a little disappointed with the slow speed of delivery.

  15. I have heard of Dorothy Perkins but never ordered because I heard their shipping time is long.


  16. I love tops like that. You can make it preppy, you can take it boho. Possibilities!

  17. I ordered a few clothes from Dorothy Perkins last year and ended returning them all. They were all either the wrong size (too big! too small!) or the quality of the pieces weren't that great for the price. And I think I had to ship them back and paid international fees. I have a new policy after that headache -- if it isn't free shipping both ways or there isn't a store front I can return, then I never order online. And normally when I do, it's something I know what my size is.


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