Monday, June 16, 2014

Mix and Match: Navy Polka Dot Top and Yellow Skirt

I scoped out a few fun pieces last week that I had a blast mixing and matching. They’re each so versatile that I wanted to put together way more outfits than these, but I’m proud of myself for exercising restraint. I just get so excited when there are so many possibilities!

Today I'm featuring 3 outfits mixing and matching a navy polka dot top and a great yellow skirt.

Annnnnnd, everything is under $35!!! (Or on sale for that.)

Outfit 1 – Work or Going Out
This breezy navy and white polka dot top goes with pretty much anything!  Pair it with bright bottoms in warmer weather and darker colors like maroon, mustard, and grey in cooler months. 

I started with coral skinnies, which is also a versatile piece, surprisingly.  If you need another layer, top off the outfit with a white blazer for work or going out (add more metallic jewelry) or a denim or olive cargo jacket for casual activities. 

I know some people would rather shop at Kohl's than J.Crew Factory, so luckily there's a very similar Kohl's option linked below too.  

Shop Outfit #1:
Jeans: H&M
Blazer: Choies
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21 

Outfit 2 - Summer Party
I also found a fun yellow skirt to pair with the navy dot top.  Tuck it in (with optional belt) for a cute look for a summer party.  You can pair it with neutral shoes, but instead I chose red flats to play with a little more color. 

For some reason it’s kind of hard to find a good yellow skirt, but this one is great, AND it's on major, major sale at J.Crew!  I'm not sure how long the sale will last, but it's at a sale price, PLUS another 50% off, so hurry!  There are white and coral versions too.

Shop Outfit #2:
Skirt: J.Crew 
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Target

Outfit 3 - Casual
Since this skirt was such a great find I had to do another outfit with it.  I went for a more casual option with a graphic tee.  Tie it or half tuck the tee to give your silhouette shape.  I could have paired this with sandals, but instead I went for striped flats from Target.  To complement the shoes, I opted for a large navy bag to carry all your goods.  And mint earrings--because mint pretty much goes with anything!  I like the extra dimension a touch of mint gives the outfit. 

Shop Outfit #3:
Skirt: J.Crew 
Shoes: Target
Bag: Target
Earrings: Target

Like I said, I wanted to create a ton more outfits with these pieces.  If you want to see more outfits with any of them, let me know!  


  1. If you need another layer, top off the outfit with a white blazer for work or going out (add more metallic jewelry) or a denim or olive cargo jacket for casual activities. http://chilp.it/11ddd5

  2. These posts are awesome, but now I have a serious case of "I want all the things"! So you need to stop them.. but seriously.. don't. :)

  3. that yellow skirt is adorable!! i love summer!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. I really like all these outfits and pieces! So pretty and spring-y.

  5. I second the "I want all the things" problem! Also, given your post about online shopping last week and relying on people's reviews, do you have any reviews about the quality of products from Choies? The blazer is super cute and cheap, but even at the low price, I'm nervous to order from an unknown site!

  6. Haha! I also "want all the things" but luckily the little bun is stopping me. I might be in seriously trouble once I can wear regular clothes again!
    As far as Choies, I'm pretty sure it's the exact blazer I have from Sheinside (http://www.puttingmetogether.com/search/label/white%20blazer) which is ponte. I have that blazer in 3 colors and haven't had problems with them. Though I could see if washed the wrong way they might pill or something, but that hasn't happened to me yet.

    Besides the quality of the blazer itself, just know that Choies is an Asia based company which means shipping will probably be slow and customer service might not be quick if you need to return or exchange anything. I haven't ordered with Choies, so I'm basing this off of my experience with Sheinside which is a very similar Asia based company. I haven't had problems with Sheinside but I haven't had to return anything either. I've had 1 person write saying they were frustrated with Sheinside's customer service, but I've had handfuls of readers tell me they ordered from Sheinside with no problem. Again, I don't have experience with Choies though. I'd say as long as you don't have to return anything or they don't accidentally mess up your order (never happened to me) then it should be smooth. I hope that helps!

  7. Thanks, this is super helpful!

  8. I love all these pieces! You have me contemplating ordering the yellow skirt and red flats...

  9. Who knew the yellow would be so versatile?!

  10. Please be warned about SHEINSIDE, they are not reliable at all. I ordered a dress from them 1 month ago that said it was in stock and ships within 24 hours and still have not received it. I have emailed customer service 3 times and have not heard back with an ETA or a tracking number. So I guess now I am out $55 dollars. I wish I would have googled them before I ordered! Tons of negative reviews out there.

  11. Oh goodness, that top outfit is so perfect! Navy and coral together are so classy and fun! The shape of the yellow skirt is really nice as well. That's the kind of skirt I'm always after :)


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