Monday, June 9, 2014

Mix and Match: Eyelet Skirt

Eyelet pieces have been popping up all over the place this summer, and Old Navy has a great one out right now.  Don't be thrown off by the eyelet--treat it like a neutral.  A more interesting neutral, but still a neutral.

I was hoping to find a good graphic tee that would work, but all the tops I ended up choosing were solids.  Just know that you can totally pair an eyelet skirt with a graphic tee.  I would either accessorize it like Outfit 1 or Outfit 3 below, depending on what the print looks like.  

This skirt is an item I'd probably buy if I didn't have a baby belly to account for!  This, or a white eyelet summer dress.  But oh well, this baby is sparing my wallet...for now.  Once she comes out that will be a totally different story!  Haha.  Anyway, here are 3 outfits with an eyelet skirt!

Outfit 1 - Casual
The white eyelet is begging to be paired with bright, happy colors, especially for summertime.  I started with a casual look, since my first inclination was to pair the skirt with a light wash chambray top.  However, I also loved the idea of a vintage peach tee for casual wear.  You could do either of these, half tucking the tee or tying or loosely tucking the chambray top.  OR, wear them together!  Tuck in the tee and wear the chambray top over it, tied, but unbuttoned so that the orange shows through.

This gladiator sandal makes a statement without being overwhelming, giving some character to a casual outfit.  

You can also totally use the plain coral/orange drapey blouse that I featured last week (this one) instead!

Shop Outfit #1:
Orange Tee: Target ($7)
Chambray Top: J.Crew Factory ($29.50)
Skirt: Old Navy ($30, wait for sale!)
Shoes: Old Navy ($22)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($6.80)
Hat: Forever 21 ($10.80)

Outfit 2 - Work
Last week I described how solid blouses with details were excellent building blocks for a wardrobe, and here's another example of one.  Pretty flutter sleeves take this up a notch from a regular t-shirt and make it appropriate for work.  I added a pop of green as well as floral flats!  Of course, you can do a nude or other neutral shoe if a floral one is too much for you.  Just thought I'd throw it in there to expand the horizon a little!

Shop Outfit #2:
Top: J.Crew Factory ($32)
Skirt: Old Navy ($30)
Bag: Target ($39.99)
Shoes: H&M ($12.95)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($4.80)

Outfit 3 - Going Out
I brought back the chambray top but accessorized it for going out.  Mostly, I wanted to show you these blue pumps!  They come in hot pink, brown, and black, but most importantly reviewers seem to loooooove them.  It made me super curious about them, so I added them to my shopping cart to try.

Anyway, I added a metallic statement necklace and a neon yellow bag to kick it all up even more.  This might be too loud for some, so you can definitely tone it all down with neutral open-toe wedges and a tan clutch.

Shop Outfit #3:
Top: J.Crew Factory ($32)
Skirt: Old Navy ($30)
Bag: Target ($23)
Shoes: Old Navy ($29)
Necklace: H&M ($9.95)

Do you own any eyelet pieces?  Or, are you considering any?  (You should!!)


  1. I have a white eyelet dress and I actually just did pics in it yesterday. http://www.lookfortheoccasion.com/2014/06/08/grown-up-white-eyelet/
    I love the skirt with the coral top in the first outfit and those floral flats from the second outfit are amazing!


  2. I love that orange coral color in the first outfit - and I love the shoes in the second! I would wear any of these. (I love this series, by the way!)

  3. I have a white eyelet top and I really love it. This whole series is so much fun!

  4. Now if only this thing would go on sale soon...


  5. I bought the gladiator sandals in Outfit #1 but still haven't worn them. I can't decide whether to keep or return. Nice to see them here with an outfit ;)

  6. The skirt is so cute and a great price point :)

  7. I have a few eyelet pieces. My tops are navy and white and they go with everything!

  8. I have a black eyelet skirt, but I might just have to invest in a white version for summer--all of these outfits are so cute! I also love those floral flats in the second outfit :)

  9. very cute skirt and great outfits! 2 and 3 are my style, for sure. I hope that skirt goes on sale soon so I can snag it!!


  10. whitney_home4comfortTuesday, June 10, 2014

    I have a white skirt that I haven't worn, because I can't find the right top for it. Thank you for the inspiration...chambray would be perfect!

  11. is there a maternity eyelet skirt!? i haven't worn/don't have a lot of maternity skirts...

    Sandy a la Mode

  12. I definitely was not considering the eyelet trend til your post. I guess it's not just for little girls or fancy occasions anymore! Thanks for some inspiration!

    Understated Classics

  13. No, I WISH. I don't wear or have a lot of maternity skirts either. I like jersey maxi skirts, but I feel sloppy in a jersey knee-length skirt. Unfortunately most maternity skirts are those jersey a-lines that I DON'T want to wear. I loved your ASOS floral pencil skirt! I saw it a while back but wasn't sure it'd fit over my hips haha :P

  14. Old Navy is having a 20-30% off sale right now!

  15. The skirt is super stretchy so it would fit on anybody's hips! And mine are way bigger than yours!

  16. I really love eyelet, but white doesn't do well in my house! I'm going to look for something similar in maybe a navy and then it'll have the added appeal of being a bit nautical!


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