Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Heathered T-shirt Dress

Last week I was trying on maternity dresses at Target and getting annoyed that so many of them (not all, but many!) were basically non-maternity dresses--boring ones, at that--with a "maternity" label and a marked up pricetag slapped onto them.  I was even more annoyed that they didn't even flatter your shape!  They just draped down and made you look bigger. 

So, I retreated to the "normal" section, my Target happy place which I miss dearly.  I decided to look for any dress that didn't have a seam built into the middle, hoping that with good fortune it would flatter a bump better than the drapey maternity dresses I'd just tried.  And voila!  My faith was restored in Target when I tried on this dress** and its striped sibling!

It's a thin, comfy t-shirt material.  I got the striped version too, but I love the heathering on this grey one.  I rolled up the sleeves since they're a *little* long and the shoulders are slightly wide since I sized up to accommodate the bump.  They fit perfectly in the smaller size though.  Anyway, I'd recommend this dress, pregnant or not!

Links to Shop:
1.  Macy's  |  2.  Chico's  |  3.  DSW  |  4.  Target

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Target (exact)
Belt: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar, similar)

*Bump status: 32 weeks

**Let me preempt the caring concern about me ruining "normal" clothes by stretching them out beyond repair by saying that I don't mind if these stretch out beyond use after pregnancy because I intentionally bought them for pregnancy, like as if I were buying maternity dresses.  Except, I couldn't find many maternity dresses I was happy with so I bought non-maternity dresses.  If I'm somehow able to wear these dresses post-baby then I consider that a bonus.  :)


  1. I know what you mean. I tried on this dress at Target last night and was unhappy with the look. Despite being belted it just HANGS there off your (my) belly...I wasn't loving it: http://www.target.com/p/liz-lange-for-target-maternity-short-sleeve-smocked-dress-pink/-/A-15132643

  2. Experimental BeautyTuesday, June 24, 2014

    Funny because I'm not pregnant and saw a cute Target maternity dress and couldn't figure out the difference. I was going to try it on just to see but then I looked at the price tag and changed my mind! Glad I did after reading this though... "hangs there" is never a description I want my clothes to have unless they are in the closet. ;)

  3. I tried that one on too! I actually took it home and debated for a while, but realized I was compromising. Too bad though, because it's actually a cute print.

  4. Domesticated Working WomanTuesday, June 24, 2014

    I lived in these dresses when pregnant!! And the best part, I'm still able to wear them now. You look beautiful!

  5. Very cute dress. Love it belted and with the striped shoes!!!!!



  6. I've worn more non-maternity clothes than maternity through my entire pregnancy. Like you I have a teeny neat bump so it's very doable. I'm 39 + 2 now so really looking forward to getting my wardrobe back!

  7. I ran out and got one of these too! I got the thin striped version and was surprised at how comfortable and flattering a tshirt dress could be! And you wear what you want! My recently preggo friends have all been doing the same thing because maternity clothes are just too darn expensive for what they are and how long you wear them!

  8. I have a similar tee shirt dress! I actually just took pictures of it today for a post later this week (or maybe for next Monday). These type of dresses are the best and so comfy! Did you get it's striped sibling?

    Enter the ILY Couture Giveaway on my blog!

  9. I have this dress, AND I hope to be pregnant soon, so double win for me! :)

  10. Yes, definitely flattering. That sucks about the maternity dresses though, target's maternity section is usually on point. I always loved dresses that showcase the bump, but without empire waists, ruching, or uncomfortable elastic.


  11. i wore a dress of similar material throughout my entire pregnancy...and it still fits fine, post-pregnancy! it's a teeny more loose than before, but then again, so is my bod ;). you're almost there!


  12. My sister wouldn't let me borrow any of her clothes as she was afraid I'd ruin and stretch them out during pregnancy...but I haven't had any issues with my non-maternity wardrobe getting stretched even after wearing it in all 3 trimesters. So I'm positive this dress will still look good on you post-pregnancy as it does now - my regular target maxi skirts got really stretched by an overdue baby belly, and they still fit now post pregnancy (with a little post-baby bump too of course!)

    Away From The Blue

  13. CUTE! I have a few friends who are preggers now and they are all really discouraged with "maternity" clothing. Most of it seems to be kind of unflattering. So glad this one worked for you! I was actually looking at this dress online a while back and passed on it--now I'm totally regretting my hesitation because it looks so good!

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

  14. Lori Spear DownsTuesday, June 24, 2014

    I have this exact same dress! Non-maternity. It is so comfy and cool for summer! And even if you can't wear it when you get down to pre-baby size it'll be a good transitional dress between baby and losing the baby weight. A lot of the clothes I wore during pregnancy were ones hand-me-down from my mom, just larger sizes they were great on the way up and the way down!

  15. Just bought this dress in stripe - love it!

    xo, Nina

  16. You're so close!! I think I've worn more non-maternity clothes than maternity as well. It's not as a protest against maternity clothes--it's just that they are boring, expensive, or unflattering!

  17. Yeah! I did get the striped version. Even though I have a striped dress, I like that this one has sleeves whereas my other one is a tank dress. Plus...I just love stripes. Can't resist! Haha

  18. You're totally right that non-maternity is often more flattering. (Who designs maternity clothes, anyway?! Based on the offerings it doesn't seem like anyone who's ever been pregnant is involved in the process.) Just wait til you have to buy a nursing bra--if you're going to nurse. I suggest Cake Lingerie: the only brand I found that was both practical and pretty. A little pricey, but hey, if you're going to be nourishing your child for six months or a year, why not feel good doing it? That's my two cents, anyway.

  19. This is great! I've been buying non-maternity stuff too! I like it better!


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