Thursday, June 5, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide + 25% Off!

I've teamed up again with Macy's and ShopStyle to create a special Father's Day Gift Guide.  

This is a special but strange Father's Day for me.  It's (sort of) Benson's first Father's Day since we have a little girl due in 2.5 months (!!!) but it could also be my own dad's last Father's Day depending on how his health holds up.  (So far he's been doing fine, though!  He's responding well to chemo.  Thank you again for your prayers and well wishes!  If you have no idea what I'm referring to, catch up on this post.)  Like I said, special but strange, you know?

Anyway, ShopSense asked me to put together a post on Father's Day gift picks, and since I've been buying my dad presents from Macy's for years, that was a no-brainer yes.

My dad pretty much has the worst sense of style ever, and unlike how I slowly helped revamp my brother's and Benson's wardrobe through gifts of clothing and a lot of patience, it's useless with my dad.  Instead, I opt for the accessory route, like toiletries bags, watches, grooming and polish kits, and belts.  My dad travels quite a bit, even after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, so that kind of stuff serves him well.

And given that it's sort of Benson's first Father's Day (depends on who ya ask) I included things appropriate for his tastes too.  That's why there are some clothing items on the list.

1.  Fossil Cotton Twill Travel Case
2.  Gingham Shirt
3.  Tumi Leather Wallet
4.  Perry Ellis Travel Grooming Kit
5.  Armani Exchange Silver Stainless Steel Watch
6.  American Rag Hoodie
7.  Perry Ellis Leather Belts
8.  Perry Ellis Toiletries Bag
9.  Perry Ellis Shoe Shine Kit
10.  Armani Exchange Black Stainless Steel Watch (Benson really likes this one)
11.  Plaid Shirt

Almost all of these are on major sale except for a few...like the watches.  But regardless, Macy's is having a Guy's Friend's and Family Sale right now, offering 25% off menswear!  Use code FRIEND at checkout.  (Valid 6/3 to 6/9.)

I was compensated by ShopSense and Macy's to create this post.  All opinions are mine.  For more info on PMT's sponsorship policies see disclosure page.  


  1. Awww it's cute that you helped your brother and husband revamp their wardrobes! I did the same thing with my husband while we were engaged. It's not so much that he had a bad sense of style, it's that he is very tall and slim and didn't really know what size he was, and his size is very difficult to find in stores. So we figured out what size he was and then we went shopping and he found a bunch of things he liked! And we cleaned out his old wardrobe of everything that didn't fit and donated it. Three giant black trash bags full! Nowadays it's even harder to find his size (the store we usually shop at said there's not a lot of demand in our area) so we mostly shop online for him. I'm pretty good at taking a look at a picture and knowing if it's going to be a good cut for him or not.

  2. Of course it's B's first Father's Day! She's still In Utero but she exists and he's the father. He'll just have to hug the belly this year! Hope you are able to treasure the day with your own Dad too. Best wishes & thanks for the gift ideas :) From Louise.

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