Tuesday, May 20, 2014

White, Stripes, and Cargo Vest

Just when I think the days of cargo vests are long gone, I want to pull mine out to complete an outfit because it just works.  At this point it's a closet staple of mine, and in order to keep it feeling updated I just pair it with pieces that are more current or fit with the season.  Like today, all white!  I would point you to my "cargo vest" label to show you past posts with the ways I've worn this thing, but it turns out I've only labeled 3 other outfits with this (out of many, many more) from the archives.  Looks like I've got a ton of work to do in the labeling department.  Gah!

(One confession about this outfit, I wore other shoes.  I took these pics before I wore out and ended up going with other shoes instead.  I decided to wait to try this pair first before I dirty up the ones in these pics.)

Links to Shop:
1.  Old Navy (on sale)  |  2.  Choies (int'l shipping)
3.  Kohl's  |  4.  JCPenney

Shop for the Look:
Vest: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similarsimilar, similar)
Shoes: Target (exact, similarsimilar)
Bag: c/o Conversation Pieces (exact--code PMTFreeShip)

*Bump status: 27 weeks


  1. Love, love, love. Isn't it handy how well jackets/vests work for pregnancy? Definitely something that helped keep my maternity style feeling "me" by being able to pair them with maternity staple basics. I think I need to copy this, since I also have (and love ) that bag... though I haven't (somehow, shockingly) yet managed to justify the purchase of a cargo vest given that I have a green cargo jacket already. BUT... soon it will be too hot to wear it, and it's such a staple of my wardrobe, that I think I need a version with no sleeves now, right? :)

  2. p.s. I think this shoe option is great!

  3. The vest is the perfect finishing touch for this cute outfit :)

  4. HappinessatmidlifeTuesday, May 20, 2014

    Great outfit! I think you can never go wrong with a cargo vest and can be worn year round.


  5. So cute! I'm a huge fan of the cargo vest! I have one hanging up in my closest, and you've totally inspired me to bring it into rotation again.

  6. You've inspired me to dig out my cargo vest again. I need to savor the last few weeks of spring when it's still tolerable to layer!
    Also, love that bag!

  7. Maricel EdwardsTuesday, May 20, 2014

    I'm doing well. Just lots of end-of-the-year grading. :)

  8. I'm sorry, you're not selling me on the vest. You've got me to embrace stripes, but the vest is just a bridge to far


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