Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two Ways: Striped Top & Statement Necklace

Yesterday I showed the look on the left, and for today's look I used the same top half but swapped everything else.  Call it cheating or call it remixing.  Either way, I was dressed and it was easy!

That's why basics are so wonderful, which took me far too many years to believe.  You can use them as cornerstones and build tons of outfits around them.  Actually, I *just* remembered that last summer I took a striped tee + this necklace and paired them with a pencil skirt!

Like I said...basics are the bomb.  Find a combo that works and build a bunch of outfits around it!

(Skirts below are all blue, even though some look black here.  And all under $30.)

Links to Shop:
1.  Target  |  2.  Target  |  3.  Target
4.  Spiegel  |  5.  Dorothy Perkins  |  6.  Piperlime

Shop for the Look:
Top: H&M Maternity (exactsimilar maternitynon-maternitynon-maternity #2)
Jacket: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Skirt: Target (very similar, very similar)
Shoes: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Necklace: Nordstrom (pretty similar--$6!, similar, similar)

*Bump status: 27 weeks


  1. Love both looks. I've pinned the one on the left, yesterday. Definitely outfits that are easily re-creatable and both ones that I would wear.



  2. i actually did the exact opposite with your jean jacket outfit! I bought the navy striped maxi you have from old navy and put a plain navy top and jean jacket with it. It was so cute with a large gold statement necklace.

  3. Love it! Can't go wrong with stripes and a statement necklace (or a cargo jacket/denim jacket, for that matter). So versatile.

  4. That's why I love your blog. It's great to actually see the same items repurposed - much more helpful to us real ladies out there than a bunch of new gifted items that are photographed in one outfit only. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  5. Love! So cute! Especially the baby bump!

  6. What size did you get in the maternity shirt? You look great by the way. Having had 3 kids already- I looked like a frump through all of them. I'm determined to make baby #4 different.

  7. Welcome, Jill! Congrats on your little bun in the oven :)

    You can find all my maternity outfits here: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/search/label/maternity%20style

    The link is always on the sidebar, too!

  8. A striped tee is a great basic! It's so good to have a wardrobe full of basics you can create multiple outfits out of. Statement pieces are nice too, but I wear my basics more often :)

    Away From Blue

  9. Thanks Vann! I definitely do the latter as well, but I try to limit that number or repeatedly wear and restyle even the gifted items. If I don't, it's usually because the fit wasn't quite what I was looking for and it doesn't make sense to return it if it was free!

  10. Makes sense! :)

  11. Jens Ken LundstromThursday, May 22, 2014

    Really lovely styles!
    Nice post!

  12. FYI - with 30% off sale items at Forever21 for Memorial Day weekend the $6 necklace is now $4!!

  13. A striped tee and a baseball tee, both on my list for me and my mini. I'm finding basics are a good idea for the kiddos too.

  14. Where did you get the yellow pencil skirt?

  15. Girl I spent plenty of time browsing yesterday! :) Bottom line - I need more jackets/blazers. I kinda knew that already but your various outfits confirmed!

  16. Consignment store about 2-3 years ago. I think it's JCPenney.

  17. Great idea with some mixing and matching posts - really looking forward to more!

  18. Are these maternity jeans? I'm looking for a pair of white maternity jeans. Or any stylish pant options for the 3rd trimester! I need a classic work wardrobe that will help me to survive the Midwest summer heat!

  19. Wow, all three of those outfits look totally different from each other! Remixing is so cool. And I'm such a nerd for having just said that...


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