Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shopping Help: Spring Neutrals from Target

Spring doesn't always have to be about BRIGHTS and FLORALS!  (Though, don't get me wrong...I love both of those.)  I found a bunch of pieces from Target that are mostly neutrals (except the yellow trench--couldn't resist) and that don't involve florals.  While they may not scream, "SPRING!!!" I think they're fantastic for spring!  You can mix and match them with more colorful pieces in your closet (bottoms, cardigans, accessories, flats), or keep a neutral spring palette.  Ain't nothin' wrong with that!


Option 1 - This top is thicker than your normal striped cotton tee and holds structure.  I pass by it all the time at Target having to exercise will power and resist.  Not easy to resist, because it's a pretty great top!

Option 2 - The eyelet detailing takes this sweatshirt up ten notches!  Have the comfort of a sweatshirt without looking like you rolled out of bed.  Pair this with boyfriend jeans and Converse sneakers for the weekend, or pair it with colorful floral pants or a colorful printed skirt to get a little fancier.

Option 3 - This comes in a variety of solid colors and I think one more pattern.  I love love love flowy, breezy tanks for the spring, and they carry well into summer.  You get to look cute without having something hug your body.

Option 4 - Lace is great year round, but I particularly like it in the spring.  This happens to be on clearance right now for under $9!  It'll look super crisp with white jeans and wedges or professional tucked into a colored pencil skirt.  Or, shake things up and pair it with boyfriend jeans and open toed heels for dinner!

Option 5 - I'm starting to accept the fact that I will never feel like I have enough striped tees.  (Feel like are the key words, though!)  I like that this one comes out a little at the hips.  This would also look great with white jeans and tan or bright colored sandals, but it would pair well with any colored bottoms.

Option 6 - Another sweatshirt, because...why not?  I like that it's two-toned and has some texture.  You can wear this casually or add a sparkly statement necklace to dress it up. 


Option 7 - I LOVE this dress and would totally buy it if I wasn't pregnant right now.  It's a polka dotted pattern, but the dots are unevenly spread so it looks like a graphic print from far away.  Both are things I love--dots and graphic prints.  Easily make it casual with a denim jacket or a statement necklace and sandals, wear it for work with a blazer or a colorful cardigan and pumps, or wear it out with strappy heels and a shiny necklace.  See why I love it?  :)

Option 8 - Another dress that I absolutely love!  Perfect for spring.  And even better--it's ponte, which means it should be comfy.  Wear it with red, yellow, or green flats or a yellow or green cardigan.  Or try layering a white button up underneath for work.

Option 9 - Graphic prints <3 This would be a great dress for any type of showers you have coming up (bridal, baby, etc.)  Go neutral with a white or navy cardigan, or try a coral one to liven things up!  

Spring Jackets
These lightweight trench coats and jackets are perfect for spring when you need a light layer.

Option 10 - I don't know if you can see it from your screen, but this has a very subtle pattern to it.  Very cute!  

Option 11 - Or of course...stripes.  Couldn't resist.  (No one should be surprised about that!)  Both this option and Option 10 will make your outfits pop!

Option 12 - This polka dot anorak also comes in white/taupe stripes and a few other patterns that I can't remember at the moment.  They are ridiculously cute alternatives to solid anorak jackets!


  1. I LOVE those jackets!

  2. FYI- none of the links are working! :(

  3. Hmm...that's been happening for more and more people with the Target links and I'm not sure what it is.

  4. That striped trench is amazing! Might need to keep my eye on that...


  5. I love that blue and white striped dress! So perfect!

  6. I really love #8 and #11!


  7. I love all your jacket choices. I just wanted to note to people who may be on the fence, I've been wearing a polkadot trench I bought last year (white on navy) and I get compliments on it all the time. A pattern is a great way to be both neutral and fun!

  8. Such cute ideas - I really love the dresses.

  9. That graphic print dress (#9) = LOVE.

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

  10. Oooh, these are so great! I'd probably wear all of these things, but that navy and white striped dress is my favorite!! Ponte dresses with a fuller skirt and defined waist are my all-time favorites!

  11. Those dresses are breathing life into me right now! Love!


  12. Just found #2 on clearance for $11.50 (along with some leopard flats for $1.62). Happy Friday to me!


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