Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shopping Help: Fun Target Bags

I mentioned last week that my current direction for freshening up my wardrobe is to focus on accessories.  I've been focusing on updating my shoes, bags, and necklaces.  

Since my first stop for anything and everything is Target, I naturally scoped out Target's bag collection.  SO many fun pieces!  Adding a little pop to your outfit can go a LONG way.  Here's what caught my attention from Target:  

Larger Crossbody Handbags

Option 1 - This is the coral version of my very beloved cognac satchel.  This color came out in previous seasons and I was really sad to have missed it, so I'm drooling now that it's back!  

Option 2 - This is larger than you'd think given this picture, which is what I like about it.  It's got structure but also has a laid back vibe thanks to the stitching.  Fun neutral option for summer!

Option 3 - Neutral with a pop of neon--fun and fresh.  This comes in other variations too, like solid cognac or a smaller white/navy.


Option 4 - What's not to love about a striped canvas tote?!  Great for the beach or a trip to the park!

Option 5 - Another fantastic print for a tote.  Pretty tough to decide between this and the one above.

Option 6 - This one's more of a woven type of material, which I'm assuming holds its own shape better than the other two.  

Small Crossbody Bags

Option 7 - I looked for a small bright yellow crossbody last spring but couldn't find one that would fit quite enough stuff.  I'm up for giving this one a try.

Option 8 - Is this adorable or what?  A little mint crossbody with a curved bottom.  Love it!  

Option 9 - I would either like to add a yellow or coral crossbody.  This one seems a little bigger than the yellow one, but maybe TOO big for a tiny crossbody?  Dunno!  I'd have to try it to see.  

What kind of bag are you looking forward to rockin' this summer?


  1. I just recently purchased the #1 bag in white. I LOOOOVE it. This coral color is so pretty too!

  2. I love all of these handbags!

  3. I, too, have #1 in cognac and LOVE it! I bought it after seeing it repeatedly on your blog. It's my main bag and I am AMAZED at how many people compliment me on it and ask about it--I've had people tell me they thought it was the MK bag. I also picked it up in red and in black last year, and recently bought my daughter the white one--and I'm eyeing a new color for myself now! It's also back in the store in cognac again and I'm thinking about picking up another one; so if anything ever happens to the one I have, I'll have a backup! LOL! ;)

  4. Is #3 like your green one? I have that one in the green and also the cobalt blue color. #1 is still my favorite, but I do use these two when I want that extra pop of color.

  5. Small crossbody bags will come in handy when you have to lug a huge diaper bag around but still able to keep all of your personal things in one place and not have to fish around the diaper bag for them! Another unsolicited advice =)

  6. I love #1 and #4. I'm planning a trip to the beach this summer so I could use a cute beach bag. I'll have to browse at Target next time I'm there.

  7. 9! I want number 9! :)

  8. Lauren WickersheimFriday, May 23, 2014

    I got it after drooling over it here for months too. :)

  9. Lauren WickersheimFriday, May 23, 2014

    Audrey, you're killing my wallet! You trained me to love neutral accessories and I've happily been carrying cognac bags for over a year now and now you're tempting me with color again! :P #8 comes in brown but the mint is so much cuter ...

  10. This is so funny....I am just reading this post today but I ordered 3 bags from target after seeing some in store yesterday. and i agree that the coral is CRAZY neon pink. I ordered a weekender bag in a floral print that I want to use as a diaper bag and a light blue (called mint) tote cross body bag. Not sure which I'll keep but great minds, I guess :-) BTW, I am a first time commenter but have been reading your blog for a year. Thanks for the wardrobe inspiration. Your style is great and I have learned lessons. I look forward to your posts most in my feedly.
    And, my first baby (who will be 5!!) was born in August. It's a great month for little ladies, and I wish you a healthy and speedy delivery!

  11. Thank you for taking the time to write, for the well wishes on pregnancy, and for reading this whole time! I hope those bags work out for you ;)


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