Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shop Intro: White Plum

As much as I love my chain stores like Target, Old Navy, and H&M, I'm always on the lookout for other stores to shop from.  Sometimes I get tired of the stuff at chain stores and crave more unique or trendier pieces, and when I'm in the mood for those I turn to online shops!

That's why today I want to introduce you to White Plum!  White Plum has adorable pieces that will pair wonderfully with those basics in your closet to spice up your wardrobe.  It's full of really fun prints as well as solid pieces that have great detailing.  Like I said, pieces that will spice up your basics to help you look stylish without having to do a lot of work!  

Check out some below:

And here's me styling a few of their pieces.

Top: c/o White Plum (exact)  |  Jacket: Target  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: Target

I've been wearing this top a lot though I haven't posted any outfits with it yet because I've been waiting to post it here first!  It's soft and has a great balance between being loose but structured at the same time.  There's so much pretty detailing on it too.  First of all, the lace.  Second, the sheer lining that pokes out from the bottom.  Third, you have to click to the product images to see this, but the back is cut open (but not exposed, don't worry!)  I've worn this top like this and have also belted it with a thin belt, especially to show the baby bump!  (But I would belt it even without a bump.  :) )

Dress: c/o White Plum (exact)  |  Bag: DSW  |  Shoes: Kohl's

This dress is one of those easy breezy pieces that you can throw on and look cute in.  It's comfy too!  If you want to change it up, rotate through your necklace collection.  Or pop a blazer or any colored cardigan over it.

Top: Forever 21  |  Jacket: Old Navy  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: c/o White Plum (exact)

A while back in a Shopping Help post I talked about wanting striped flats.  Aren't these fun?  They are a great addition to an outfit with a bunch of solids, though you can of course use them to pattern mix as well!  They also come in a red/white stripe.  And, buying tip--I found they run a *little* on the small size.  

If you want some more unique pieces to pair with the staples in your wardrobe, I highly recommend checking out White Plum!

Plus, get 20% off your order through May 11th with code AUDREY20!

This post was sponsored by White Plum.  I was actually going to reach out to them because I loved this store that much, but they ended up reaching out to me first!  That is all to say, opinions are mine and they're genuine.  For more info on PMT's sponsorship philosophies see disclosure page.


  1. WHERE is that necklace from you're wearing with the lace top? LOVE! :)

  2. Ha, that's fun! In the last photo I assumed the White Plum piece was either the top or the jacket but I was thinking, "What I really like about this outfit is the shoes!"

  3. You're necklaces are a hit! I'm wondering where you bought the one with the blue top?

  4. Your necklaces are a hit! I'm wondering where you bought the one with the blue shirt?

  5. Loving your maxi dress!!!!! So pretty and those striped flats are gorgeous.



  6. I really like the stuff on white plum, but I just hate buying clothes on the internet because sizing can be sketchy. Also their return policy looks a little sketchy. You can't return sale items and I only buy things if they are on sale.
    That being said, I really love the pink lace top. Adorbs. And I need to find a decent pair of white skinnies ASAP.

  7. Dang...here I was trying to be good and not buy things and then you go an post a link to this store with a coupon code. Ooops.....

  8. Love that dress at the top!


  9. I know exactly what you mean about branching out from the mall stores, but I just haven't gotten around to online boutiques. Maybe now is the time!

  10. Cute flats! And all of those necklaces are lovely!


  11. I love, love, love the first outfit!

  12. Super in love with those flats!! I'm a sucker for stripes.


  13. Do they have a size chart?????

  14. I'm not sure. Did you ask them?

    There's sizing on each individual item, as far as I can tell from the site.

  15. It's from That's Mine Boutique: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThatsmineBoutique?ref=si_shop

  16. That necklace is from Fancy Frills Boutique! They don't carry it anymore though :(

  17. Didn't see sizing on the lace top, but I figured it out :)
    Also, don't see any sizing for shoes & want to know if they run true to size, but I emailed them to check.

    Love these outfits!

  18. I should have known! I have the gray/yellow necklace from That's Mine. Purchased after falling in love with it on your blog!

  19. girl, where did your belly go?? :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  20. Hahaha I took these pics like 3-4 weeks ago. ;)

  21. Oooh, that first lacey blouse is so, so pretty! I love that color pink, and you styled it very nicely as well. I've seen White Plum exploding all over the blogosphere lately, and I've been enticed by all the wonderful things they have!

  22. Audrey you look so great in all our items! I love how you styled them and you have a really classy and accessible flair, a perfect White Plum lady. Thanks! xo

  23. Domesticated Working WomanMonday, May 19, 2014

    You look fantastic! Is your jacket from Old Navy still available there?

  24. Hey Lindsay! No, sorry :( It's like 7+ years old! haha


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