Monday, May 5, 2014

Go With the Obvious

I think I have an allergic reaction to matchy-matchy, and I secretly love it at the same time.  On one hand it feels like the obvious choice, and I think that's what I have allergic reactions to.  On the other hand it makes everything streamline and uniform, and the OCD side of me loves that.  

Often as a style blogger I have to remind myself that just because something seems obvious doesn't mean it's not good.  I recommend "formulas" and "go-to's" like what I did here to others when they ask for styling advice (like picking out colors from the dress to pair with) , but for myself I make it harder.  I *do* want to grow my style and try new things, but it doesn't mean I've gotta toss what's tried and true and easy out the window.  And besides...it's spring and I already have enough allergies to deal with.  No need to add more.  So, matchy-matchy it is.  

Links to Shop:
1.  Zappos  |  2.  JCPenney  |  3.  Old Navy
4.  Dorothy Perkins  |  5.  Forever 21  |  6.  ModCloth

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Old Navy (similarsimilarsimilar)
Cardigan: c/o Conversation Pieces (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Target (exact, similar, similar)
Necklace: c/o That's Mine (exact)

*Bump status: Taken at 23 weeks


  1. Adore this look! Its so fun watching your baby bump grow :) and I love that your style still TOTALLY translates to not pregnant ladies (like myself) too!

  2. Danielle ArsenaultMonday, May 05, 2014

    I can totally relate! I feel the same way about being "matchy matchy" but sometimes it just works! You look great! xoxo Danielle @ For the Love of Leopard

  3. That's so cute together!

  4. Domesticated Working WomanMonday, May 05, 2014

    I love yellow and grey together! You look beautiful, mama

  5. I usually end up liking matchy-matchy outfits the most, too - they can go overboard, but I feel like a lot of bloggers stray *too* far away from any semblance of matching. I adore your dress, and I love it with the gray sweater.

  6. that jcp dress is adorable!

  7. That is such a cute dress! Sometimes it's nice to go matchy-matchy, I always feel I've put a little more effort in when I do that for some reason. Even if it's only a couple accessories in similar colours.

    Away From Blue

  8. I love the way you styled your dress! That Zappos one you linked to is super cute, too :)

  9. Cute outfit! I love jewelry sets and matching my shoes to my belt, but I otherwise tend to ignore the general concept of matching. Every school year, I hit a point where my students have to discuss whether or not I match on a daily basis, and then applaud me on the days I do. ;)

  10. I secretly love matchy-matchy too. :) That yellow dress is adorable.

  11. I always face the same dilemma--one side of my loves the symmetry of matchy-matchy, but then I think of what Stacy and Clinton might say...
    That dress is way cute! I love the combination of yellow + gray.

  12. I love matchy items when I am in a rush or have to be some place more formal. I let my creative side out when I have time!
    I love this beautiful shade of yellow, and I'm super jealous you can wear yellow! It makes my skin look sallow. :(

  13. This dress is gorgeous, yellow is amazing on you!

  14. I just bought that #2 and I am wearing it today! I paired it with a grey floral cardigan I got from target awhile ago :)

  15. Oh yes, I totally hear you about the matchy matchy - I looove to coordinate my pieces! :) I really like the look of that dress with the longer cardigan. It makes the outfit look perfectly casual and comfy!

  16. Where did that baby bump go? I just love that dress on you. It is one of my favourites, you always look so good in it. I sometimes worry that matchy matchy somehow ages me (don't ask me how I came up with that).

  17. OMG! Audrey, I havent been on your site in forever! Congrats on your new growing baby bump. It has given me inspiration to come back more regularly to watch your growth. Im so excited!


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