Friday, April 25, 2014

Shopping Help: Printed Shorts

Is it too early for printed shorts?  I don't know about where you are, but the weather here has been GORGEOUS.  Plus, I've had shorts on the brain since I was shopping for some that would fit my growing belly during our Hawaii trip.  I had no idea there would be printed shorts in PLENTY!

Many of these come in solids or different patterns/colors and come in various lengths between 3"-5".  If you're looking for much longer shorts, like 7"-10" check the Old Navy site.  

Option 1 (Target) - I saw these at Target and loved them.  They might look like polka dots in the small collage up there, but they're more like a diamond pattern.  If I weren't pregnant I probably would have gotten them.  Okay fine.  I *did* buy them but realized it would be unrealistic to keep them at this point and willed myself to return them.  Comes in 3" and 5".

Option 2 (Target) - These aren't printed, but they come in 8 happy colors!  Had to show them to you.  I think these also come in 3" and 5".  

Option 3 (Old Navy) - Black and white polka dotted shorts in case you want to ease your way into patterned bottoms!  They'd go great paired with any colored flats--red, green, yellow, cobalt--anything!

Option 4 (J.Crew Factory) - These are denim, patterned shorts.  I don't know what it is, but I love these!  

Option 5 (J.Crew Factory) - Also very cute...they're supposed to have a little bit of stretch to them, but I haven't felt them in person to say for sure.  

Option 6 (LOFT)  |  Maternity Version - I bought the maternity version of these, and they are soooo comfy.  I don't know about the non-maternity version, but the maternity pair is a softer material than I thought it'd be.  And LOFT maternity panels are SO SO SO SO SO comfy!  

I waited for them to be 50% off,  Otherwise they're pretty expensive.  The picture is deceiving--it looks black, but the print is actually a dark navy.  It *might* even have some subtle (very subtle) hints of green too.  That, or I'm colorblind.  

Option 7 (J.Crew Factory) - Pretty floral print that's not TOO floral.  Very cute!  Would easily be super casual with a white tee, denim jacket, and sandals, or a little preppier with a chambray top and cute wedges.  

Option 8 (Old Navy) - I showed these because they're a linen blend, which I'm *thinking* means fluid, light, and airy?  Comes in 9 different colors and seem like they'd be great for lounging and other activities in warmer weather!  The only question is if they're a linen blend, are they itchy?  Anyone tried these in person??

Option 9 (Old Navy) - If I could fit into these I'd be curious to try them, given that they're called "drapey shorts."  Looks like they also have a lot of room and are maybe even more conducive to that fluid, light, and airy feeling.  You could dress this pair up or down too.  Comes in a teal print and two solids as well.  

Option 10 (Old Navy) - If you were hoping Option 1 was polka dots and were let down, then here's your pair.  Very cute!

Option 11 (Old Navy) - Like I said earlier, Old Navy has a bunch of longer shorts, just not a lot of printed ones unfortunately. Here's a longer pair with a cute anchor print though!

Option 12 (J.Crew Factory) - This is another pair that could help you ease your way into printed bottoms.  Not scary, right?!

I realized I don't own printed shorts, so I'm really excited about all these options and also really bummed that I don't fit them!  Haha.  Probably for the better because there are soooo many cute ones out there.

What prints would you go for this spring and summer?


  1. I have Option 8 in two colors (including the color in the picture!) I LOVEEEE them. Not itchy at all. Very airy. Really comfortable. I will say that I had trouble with the sizing. I sized up one size since they have a draw string, and I'm loving them.

  2. I almost busted out shorts the other day and then it rained. I mean if you can wear a dress or skirt! I like option 8. Looks comfy.

  3. I love printed shorts! Sometimes shorts & tee is necessary wear for hot summer days, but I always feel kinda dull when I can't layer to make the outfit have more flair - so a printed short is an easy and snazzy answer to that problem. I bought a pair from Loft last month, and they have even more very cute & tempting options now, I see... I also wore a floral printed maternity pair from Gap last summer - you might not think a maternity pair is worth the investment, but I promise it is :)

  4. The Fabulous Mrs. WingFriday, April 25, 2014

    I love the idea of shorts (especially now that I live somewhere that doesn't have A/C and I about died last summer) but I whenever I wear them, they creep and climb up my legs and I'm stuck pulling them out of my crotch area and that's just not cute. I don't really want to wear long shorts because I feel like that defeats the purpose.

  5. I was actually inspired by your printed maternity shorts! That's what spiraled me into the hunt for ones for my Hawaii trip. I figure I'm going to wear them ALL summer, so it's worth it.

  6. Worth it for sure! Actually, not that I want to be pregnant again at the moment, but I'm a little sad I can't wear them again this summer... I recommend checking Gap - I kept finding things on crazy sale in the store, which is how I ended up with those ones. Though I say worth spending on if you find a pair you love, because they ended up being so handy to have as a wardrobe option for a pregnant summer.

  7. I looooove Lilly Pulitzer's printed shorts. The dresses are a bit over the top and the skirts don't suit me but the shorts are just perfect :)

  8. Oooh I had plans to sew shorts with an ikat-ish fabric. So glad to know I'm "on track"! :)

  9. Ooh! I love all of these options! I guess J.Crew Factory is the place to go for cute printed shorts--I particularly love the polka dotted pair :)

  10. I wore the solid version of Option 8 all last summer while I was pregnant! They are not itchy and very comfortable! I just wore them right under my preggo belly!

  11. I have a navy print version of option 9 and I'm planning to wear them this summer while pregnant. I snagged them off the clearance rack in a size up from my normal and they are a bit loose, but the elastic side bands mean I can adjust the waistband to ride under a belly. At least that's my plan as I'm not showing much yet. Oh, and they look adorable with tights, boots and a sweater - already wore them that way (with pettipants underneath to help the tights not stick). I love how they look a bit like a skirt.

  12. I prefer a 4" short but I may have to snag those #12 shorts because they are too cute! And I have a pair of green shorts like #2 and I wear them SO much!


  13. Four and twelve are my favorites :)

  14. I love printed shorts. I bought a couple of pairs last year. A black and striped one and pink and white printed one.




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