Friday, April 18, 2014

Shopping Help: Maxi Skirts

Clearly I've had maxi-length stuff on the brain this past week.  But, whatcha gonna do about it...I'm pregnant and maxi stuff is a favorable alternative to jeans!

I've been asked a few times where I get my maxi skirts (Target and Old Navy mostly, and I've seen some affordable and colorful ones from Windsor...) but more than anything I've been asked about maxi dresses/skirts for petite and tall women.  I feel SO unfamiliar with either of those sizing groups, though both Target and Old Navy carry some things in petites and ON carries tall sizes.

If you know of other stores for petite or tall maxi skirts/dresses please comment below!  Thanks on behalf of the petites/talls looking for help!

*If the option has an asterisk next to it, then there's a petite or tall version too.


*Option 1 (Target)  |  Petite Version Here - Great basic jersey cotton maxi skirt.  Sooooo comfy!  Comes in blue, maroon, and black.  

Option 2 (JCPenney) - This is a cool twist (no pun intended!) on a solid, soft knit maxi skirt.  Gives it some interest without needing a pattern or print.

Option 3 (Target) - I love when maxi skirts have elastic waists, and this one's got one!  Also comes in a grey, navy, and a sort of muted green/teal thing.  <-- That's the technical term, in case you're wondering.

*Option 4 (Target)  |  Petite Version Here - Another elastic waist option with a fuller, flouncier skirt.  Really pretty and feminine, if you're looking for something with a little more draping than option 1.  Comes in light grey and black.

A little pattern goes a long way.  Just throw a plain tee or tank on with one of these, add a simple pendant necklace, and you're good to go!  

*Option 5 (Old Navy)  |  Petite and Tall - I own and love this one!  It's thicker than other maxi skirts I've tried and has an elastic waistband.  Also comes in black, grey, red, and cobalt, plus a cute coral-y red paisley print.

Option 6 (Windsor) - Comes in mint/white, black/white, and other variations too!  

Option 7 (Target) - A fun variation of a normal striped maxi--chevron!  Makes it a little more interesting while still being far from over the top.  If I didn't already have a navy striped maxi skirt I'd totally consider this one.  I'm imagining it with bright solids like coral, yellow, or kelly green.  How fun!

Option 8 (BonTon) - Small chevron stripes!  Also comes in black/white.  I like this one as a lighter neutral striped skirt.  You could pair this with bright solids like coral too!

I've already got solid and striped maxi skirts, so next on the radar is PRINTS!  I love each of these skirts, so it's going to be hard to choose which prints to go for!  

Option 9 (Dillard's) - I love the colors!  You can pick any color from the print and match it with a t-shirt in that color.  This is an effortless way to look chic--the print is so present that you let the print do all the work for you!

Option 10 (Charlotte Russe) - I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about this floral pattern that I adore.  It's also jersey knit, so it's that soft and comfy material but with a great print.

Option 11 (Target) - Really pretty floral pattern made even prettier with the flounciness of the skirt!  How cute would this be with a tank and a sun hat?  Also comes in a cool "spotty animal" print.

Option 12 (Dillard's) - Fun tribal print in a neutral color palette!  

What kind of maxi skirt would you add to your wardrobe next?  


  1. I have 3 maxi skirts now, so that is probably enough, but they all have fold over waists. I really wish they just had elastic waists as I really don't need the added width at that part of my body! I really like stripes!

  2. I just bought a petite maxi skirt at Nordstroms. Really flattering to the figure, and you can make it a midlength dress too, win-win! http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/caslon-convertible-maxi-skirt-regular-petite/3501888?cm_em=&cm_mmc=email_tran-_-040714-_-order_confirm-_-proddescr1

  3. Love Love LOVE these! I am so obsessed with maxis lately, I can't stand it! And I'm someone who hates skirts! I'm petite (lengthwise anyways!) and I still just buy whatever length skirts. I like that they cover my feet, and if they are too long, I can pull them up into a dress.

  4. I'm really liking everything in the bottom row. I'm so short. I buy the regular length maxis and fold the waist band over or pull it up and convert it into a maxi dress!

  5. I've had great luck at Ross/Marshall's with maxi skirts. Ross has gorgeous bright ones right now for $10, can't beat it!!

  6. Mrs. P (thepancakelife.com)Friday, April 18, 2014

    seriously your blog is the best...such cute outfits!!

  7. Who would have thought target would have such cute clothes?


  8. Can you do a post on tops that pair well with Maxi skirts? Shoes too! Maxi skirt outfits!!

  9. great post as always! Check out my fashion blog at www.MapOfMarsella.com

  10. I have that one from Charlotte Russe! I wore it to church and got many compliments! I always worry floral skirts will be too granny looking, but I didn't think this one was. I love maxi skirts and I can't stop buying them! :)

  11. JcPenney has a good petite section and their maxis are super cute. I live in the South and we have Belk and Bells (I'm not sure if they are all over the US) which also have petite maxis.

  12. My sister just got a maxi skirt, and wore it for the first time today. The whole day, I was thinking she looked like you.

  13. Ok, so Maxis look adorable, but I am at a loss as to what to wear with them. Any suggestions? I'm thinking coordinating tank and a denim jacket (cropped), but it would be great to be able to move beyond just that pairing

  14. I know not everyone will like this idea but almost all maxi skirts are some form of jersey material which won't unravel or fray like most materials so another option for people who are petite is to simply cut off the bottom of the skirt to the right length for you! You don't have to worry about finishing the bottom although you could if you wanted. My sister and I do this occasionally with really long maxi's and unless you're really looking for it you won't even notice the bottom is unfinished. Plus depending on how much you have to take off you also will have a cute new infinity scarf from the circle you cut off the bottom! :)

  15. I love maxi skirts, dresses, anything. So versatile and pretty.



  16. I'm 5'2" and I just bought the petite maxi skirts from Old Navy. They were no different in length than the regular length ones I already own, so I returned them. Nice skirts, but I still had to hold them up when I walk if I wore flat shoes.

  17. Alloy sells Tall sizes online. Their skirts are like 63"!!!! It is awesome for tall women out there! They also have dresses in tall sizes as well.

  18. Your shopping help is too helpful! Literally just went and bought two of those skirts. (#2 and #10).

  19. Meredith AbrahamTuesday, April 22, 2014

    Very helpful since I very much need a petite maxi. I just bought a reg length one at H&M which is nice but it's long and I have to roll it. Thanks!!

  20. What's the best shaped Maxi for us slightly pear-shaped ladies? Any help appreciated!
    PS.....I'm in England, so don't have many of your stores unfortunately.

  21. Just bought #9! I don't usually buy clothes from Victoria's Secret but they have the cutest black/white arrow print skirt that drapes beautifully. http://www.victoriassecret.com/clothing/skirts-a/foldover-maxi-skirt?ProductID=141313&CatalogueType=OLS

  22. I have like 5 maxi skirts. I am 5'10 so it's really hard for me to find any. Most of them I have to try on in stores or the website has to list how long it is before I even think about buying it LOL. But, I did find a site that sells Tall sizes with dresses/skirts and they are CUTE! It's Alloy Apparel and you can buy the tall sizes on their website and most of them aren't over $30!

  23. Allana SkarzynskiThursday, April 24, 2014

    Hey Mary! I am 5'11 and I have found some a great maxi on J.Crew.com, they have tall sizes in some items. There is also a website called Long Tall Sally that has great stuff for tall ladies!

  24. Thanks! I will have to check those out! I also know Old Navy sells Tall sizes online only. But some of their stuff I have had to take back cuz it wasn't long enough! :(

  25. I just found your blog and I'm obsessed!! Your style tips are pretty and practical without being too expensive - thank you for all the hard work you put into it!

    As a 5' lady, one way I've found to wear "maxi" skirts is not to wear maxi at all, but regular midi-length skirts. Often they are long enough to be maxis on us very petite ladies. Here is a link to a maxi that actually fits and is cost-effective:


    Thanks again for your suggestions and ideas!! I can't wait to read more! :-)


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