Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shopping Help: Easter and Spring Dresses

In light of Easter at the end of this month, this week is about Easter dresses! I figured I’d post it earlier rather than later in case you wanted to order anything online. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, many of these are great dresses for the spring. And if you do celebrate Easter but aren’t into dresses, check out last week’s spring skirts post for skirts that can be turned into a cute Easter outfit.

Though I celebrate Easter now, I didn’t while growing up. Over the years I’ve heard people share their Easter traditions and picked up that they can range from very relaxed and casual to more formal and fancier, so I chose dresses along those lines.

The first row is very casual dresses that can be worn for "everyday" wear.  The second row is dresses that are slightly dressier.  The third row is dresses that are a little nicer or more formal, and can probably even be worn to spring weddings.

Casual Florals
These would be great for both Easter and everyday wear.

Option 1 (Target) - I love that the background is taupe instead of white and that the flowers are bigger and less detailed instead of intricate and delicate. It would pair wonderfully with a pink or purple cardigan, but would also look great with yellow or mustard, or even green.

Option 2 (Old Navy) - Pair this with a cardigan of any color and nude wedges for Easter or a birthday or bridal shower. Or easily wear it with my go-to everyday casual combo for spring dresses: denim jacket and sandals.  Comes in a navy floral and a black floral, as well as four solids!

Option 3 (Old Navy) - While 9 out of 12 of these dresses are florals, I don't think Easter dresses need to be florals.  This eyelet dress has great details, comes in a bunch of colors including a fantastic yellow, and would be a great dress for Easter.  Pair it with a pink, red, or white statement necklace...or even tr yellow.

Option 4 (Old Navy) - Pair this with a great statement necklace and nude wedges for an Easter look, or choose a pendant necklace, denim jacket, and sandals for a cute casual everyday look.

P.S. Any of these would look fantastic with a denim jacket.

Slightly Dressier
These are a small step up from the first row, but in addition to being great for Easter they would work well for bridal showers and baby showers or even some outdoor spring and summer weddings.

Option 5 (Target) - I've shown this one before, but it's so cute that I had to show it again.  Pair it with any colored cardigan: magenta, purple, pink, red, yellow, green, mint, turquoise, grey, and wedges for Easter.  Or add some shiny jewelry and strappy sandals for an outdoor wedding.  You could also get fun with pops of color in your shoes!

Option 6 (Old Navy) - I don't know what it is, but I love how the print is only at the bottom.  This would look great with yellow, teal, mint, green, or white.  Add a chunky statement necklace or a simple, delicate one that hits above the bust.

Option 7 (Old Navy) - This is another dress that you could spunk up with colored shoes, like yellow, coral, or green.  Or, keep things more neutral with a tan, coral, or green cardigan.  This could also work with a light colored blazer.

Option 8 (Target) - Pair this with a pink or green cardigan, or the pastel versions for a lighter look.  Or, dress it up for evening with a black blazer and black, pink, blush, or purple pumps.

Gettin' Fancy
These are great dresses for more formal or fancier Easter traditions, and they'd also be great for parties and weddings.

Option 9 (ModCloth) - Bold, but modern floral print.  Try it with a gold necklace and red or magenta pumps.  Or tone it down with a navy cardigan and neutral shoes.

Option 10 (Kohl's) - I love this option for a dressier Easter celebration.  There are so many colors to pair it with based on the print, or throw a white blazer over it.

Option 11 (Kohl's) - This is a great option for Easter as well as for a wedding.  Pair it with a white or navy cardigan, or even a grey one.  Add some simple jewelry and you're set!

Option 12 (ModCloth) - I loooove this as a non-floral option for Easter (and for spring).  You could also wear this to a wedding with some gold jewelry.

It's a good thing I'm pregnant, or I'd have a really hard time choosing between these!  If I could wear these, I'd probably go for 5 or 12 for Easter and the whole top row for the rest of spring.  :D


  1. I really like #10! Very Easter-y without being too frilly and foo-foo. It drives me crazy when I want to find a floral dress for Easter and everything has ruffles and bows. I'm thirty, not three, thankyouverymuch. ;-)

  2. Love that blue and white one (#11)! You're so right that it would be great for Easter as well as summer weddings.

  3. I just ordered #2 in the print shown, as well as the blue one. I also ordered one of skirts from the skirts post, a pair of flats, and a pair of cargo skinnies. Thanks Audrey. *rolls eyes*


  4. I like number 11! It reminds me of the china print...forget what it's called. So pretty!

  5. Haha, sorry! At least you'll look REALLY cute ;)

  6. Lauren WickersheimFriday, April 04, 2014

    #1 and #9 are my favorites. My husband may need to ban me from reading your blog for a while. In the last couple of weeks, I've added nude heels, your Target cognac flats, Target cognac sandals, Target striped maxi, Target striped BF cardigan, LOFT red skinnies, and gray TOMS. :P But on the plus side I've gotten it all on major sale + coupon codes, or via ThredUP! Savers can shop too. ;)

  7. What are you going to chose to wear as a pregnant woman? I'd love to see your picks...


  8. Thanks for posting this, Audrey! I'm currently hunting for some floral pieces for my wardrobe, and these are some great ideas :)


  9. Beth @ Turn2theSimpleFriday, April 04, 2014

    Super cute dresses but I prefer something longer...midi or maxi length. Would love to see some of your choices in longer dresses!

  10. I am searching for an Easter dress and I am pregnant as well. I would love to see some options for pregnancy.

  11. Shoegal Out In The WorldFriday, April 04, 2014

    I love all your spring - Easter dress options, but my favorite is number 11, the Kohl's white & blue floral dress... It is just pure perfection...

    Have a great weekend!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World


  12. What shade/color of gray would you suggest to pair w/ dress #11? I actually own the dress, but I wasn't sure what gray to wear it with and I didn't have a navy cardigan, so I ended up wearing it with a black blazer :/ Not too happy about that hahah, I would rather wear it w/ gray or navy blue.

  13. I think navy blue would look the best, or even a lighter shade of blue. For grey I think any shade would look cute, but a lighter or light/medium grey might be more consistent with the lighter feel of the dress.

  14. I ordered this maxi from Conversation Pieces: http://www.shopconversationpieces.com/abstract-floral-pattern-maxi-dress/. It looks like it has an empire waist. But if that doesn't work out I have some old dresses with empire waists that would work for pregnancy.

  15. Haha oh no! I'm glad they were all on major sale or on ThredUP though!

  16. danielle ericssonMonday, April 07, 2014

    Nice spring selection :) I am a huge fan of the floral motives and my choice is number 10 :) Happy Spring!
    Spring Cleaners NW1

  17. I love that in the Northern Hemesphere Easter equals Spring (which is perfect). Down South it is Autumn, so no pretty floral dresses for me :( But I can wear boots :P


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