Monday, April 14, 2014

Plaid in the Spring

I was looking forward to a weekend by myself while Benson was at my brother's bachelor party, but instead I had a showdown with a nasty stomach virus.  I still haven't fully recovered, though I'm on the upswing fasho.  Otherwise, not much to say about that unless you want to hear about how I watched 27 Dresses for the 485960th time and took equally as may naps...and equally as many trips to the bathroom.  TMI?  Good, let's move on.

Did you catch my new springy scarf from Ooh Baby Designs?  As subtle of a scarf as it is, it's actually out of my norm.  Usually when I think of spring scarves I think of florals, but never plaid.  I typically associate plaid with fall.  For some reason to me, gingham can be any season while plaid is for cooler months.  (Holler if I'm not the only one.)  But this plaid scarf is made for spring.  It's lightweight in fabric--I thought it'd be a flannel type of weight, but it's surprisingly lightweight!  And the pattern is light and airy, making it a perfect compliment to a light and airy color palette.  Would you wear plaid in the spring?  

Links to Shop:
1.  JCPenney  |  2.  JCPenney  |  3.  Chinese Laundry via Amazon
4.  BonTon  |  5.  JCPenney  |  6.  Charlotte Russe

Shop for the Look:
Top: Shade
Cardigan: c/o Conversation Pieces (taupe version--use code PMTFreeShip, similar, similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar--straight leg)
Bag: Target (exact)
Shoes: Kohl's (similar, similar, similar)
Scarf: c/o Ooh Baby Designs (exact)

*22 weeks pregnant!


  1. Maricel EdwardsMonday, April 14, 2014

    Plaid is for all seasons, my friend. After all, it is my favorite color! Sorry to hear about your illness but glad to hear you're well enough to holla at us readers. ;p Hope the little one isn't adding to your stress.

  2. i agree plaid fits what ever the season. Hope your feeling a bit brighter now and fully on the mend.

    x x

  3. I hope you're feeling better! That is a very "springy" scarf. Cute. :)

  4. you are too cute, love this outfit. hope you are feeling better :)

  5. That doesn't sound like a fun weekend, but at least you got a chance to rest. I love that scarf. I would totally wear a soft, pastel, plaid scarf. It is perfect for Spring.



  6. I actually like this pastel plaid for spring. It is something different(: I love the shoe choices too! Thanks! I hope you are feeling better! Susan

  7. So cute! I am loving how bright this outfit is. Way to be gorgeous!

  8. Can't get the link to work..to ooh baby designs. Is it just me?
    What a great simple outfit. Especially for after a weekend under the weather.

  9. I love the pastels in this outfit! So perfect for spring.

  10. Hmm, not sure...it works for me! Here's the link to the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/oohbabyinfinity and the link directly to the scarf: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182266458/white-and-green-plaid-infinity-scarf?ref=shop_home_active_19

  11. Love this outfit!

    xo - Sheila

  12. Plaid can totally work for spring and summer--just think madras instead of tartan. Over the years, my son has worn plaid short-alls, shorts, and short-sleeved shirts! I love how preppy and proper they make him look.: )

  13. Oh, duh--madras! You're totally right! I guess when I think plaid scarf I just think thick and flannel...but plaid shorts--totally spring and summer!

  14. So cute! You're right about plaid assumptions... but this totally works for spring! And hope you're feeling totally recovered by now. A stomach bug while pregnant is extra not fun, I know!

  15. I LOVE plaid...it's probably my signature pattern...well, with polka dots mixed in regularly :) Anyhoo, I just bought pair #3 at DSW and and LOVE them!! Im praying this last snowfall here in Michigan will melt so I can happily wear them on Easter with no tights!!!! You're looking so cute Momma...hope you feel totally better SOON!!

  16. You are looking gorgeous pretty lady! Love that scarf!

  17. in love with the combination of these colors!!

    Check out my fashion blog at www.MapOfMarsella.com

  18. I think the same way because I always associate plaid with flannel (so of course only for cool weather) and Catholic School Girl's uniforms, which means school is starts, which means fall? At least that's how my brain does the math for it!
    I like seeing the plaid in such soft colors though. It's cute.

  19. I'm sorry to hear you were sick, but I'm glad to hear it was pretty short-lived :) I looove the light, neutral color palette you chose here. It's really pretty and springy, and I love your hair like that as well!


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