Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For the Long Days

I *think* this is the dress I'm wearing for Easter!  Easter is a long and active day for me since I'll be on stage with our church band leading the music for Easter for two different church services.  Anytime I'm on stage it means a long day moving around sound equipment, running rehearsals, leading a band, and then of course the actual singing part, but I also want to look nice, so my go-to is usually a maxi dress.  This one arrived just in time, is colorful and bright for Easter, and fits over my bump.  Suh-weeeeet!

Dirty little trick: the dress was too long for me, so I tied the straps in knots to shorten it and it worked like a charm.  

What's your go-to outfit for long days where you have to be really active (i.e. lots of responsibilities) but also need to look nice?

If you're looking for help with Easter dresses (or just spring dresses), check out the Easter Dress Shopping Help post from a couple weeks back.  Also, option 5 below from Land's End would be a great non-maxi Easter dress!

Links to Shop:
1.  Conversation Pieces  |  2.  ModCloth  |  3.  Boohoo
4.  Kohl's  |  5.  Land's End  |  6.  Forever 21

Shop for the Look:
Dress: c/o Conversation Pieces (exact--free shipping w/ PMTFreeShip, similarsimilar)
Blazer: c/o SheInside (exact, similarsimilar)
Shoes: Target (similarsimilar)
Necklace: c/o Fancy Frills Boutique and Jane

*22 weeks pregnant


  1. Clothes and CreativityWednesday, April 16, 2014

    If it's a long day at work, then it'll have to be a comfy pair of trousers with a nice solid top and printed scarf. And yes, some nice medium-high shoes.

    If it's a long day shopping, chilling etc., then a comfy maxi dress and some flip-flops! :)

    Love your maxi dress, Audrey. So Spring!

  2. I love that dress, Audrey! Do you care to comment about the sizing?

  3. I was thinking this is the perfect Easter dress. For me what i like to wear when i'm on my feet all day is a blazer styled over a dress like yourself or with jeans and some sort of flats. Beautiful dress.



  4. Like your dress! My outfit will be: jeans, top and some flats.

  5. Thanks, Kim! I got a Large because I was worried about the medium being a 34" bust and fitting too snugly...but the 36" bust on the large ended up being big on me! Knotting up the straps seemed to remedy that all around though.

  6. Oh, I LOVE this dress! And I've been looking for the perfect maxi and this should've been it! Unfortunately, Conversation Pieces items just don't fit across my linebacker shoulders and ample bosom. Sigh...

  7. I love tat blazer over the maxi. It is so bright white! I'll be working (and making over time pay yesssss!) on Easter so I'll be in uniform lol.

  8. I JUST got the Land's End one (#5) today- SO cute! They run a little big so I got to down a size and in a petite!!! LOVING IT!

  9. This dress is SO pretty, I love the florals on you. I'll have to pick one of these up ASAP!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  10. That's a super cute outfit. I like the idea of a maxi dress for Easter, that's something that never would have occurred to me. Easter is a long day for me too, what with getting myself and the kids ready and doing church which is always packed to the gills and then afterward getting to whoever's house we're going to along with whatever dish we're bringing and wrangling a cranky two year old who needs his nap. A maxi dress would be such a comfy option for me because by the time we get to Easter Dinner I'm so ready to rip off the pantyhose and heels and put on some sweatpants. LOL

    I do have one bit of trouble with maxi dresses - I'm 5'10" and they're too short! Any suggestions for brands that make them a bit longer?

  11. So fresh and pretty on you, Audrey! you definitely have a glow about you these days. How are you feeling?


  12. Sorry if you're sick of being asked that. Haha.

  13. Ah I love this dress on you, the floral pattern is great! They other dresses that you've found are really pretty too!
    An Unblurred Lady

  14. I saw that dress on the CP Pinterest page and really liked it...now I LOVE it seeing it on someone! SO beautiful!


  15. Ahhh that's great to hear! I think it's ADORABLE! Ditto for the other colors and patterns!

  16. Not sure about the taller maxi dresses, sorry! But Old Navy does sell in Talls.

  17. Hahaha no worries. Can't hate on people checking in on how you're doing, right? Overall I'm feeling good! I've been pretty lucky this pregnancy, feeling normal for the most part. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and do stupid things like climb onto counters to reach cabinets and run up the stairs skipping some at a time. Dumb since I'm accident prone. Gotta slow down!

    And...the secret to the glow is probably not the pregnancy--I refilled my blush finally! Bahahaha. I started wearing blush only after I got married and people CONSTANTLY were like "OMG you're glowing!" thinking it was because I was now married. I really think it's because that's when I started wearing blush. And same goes for the last few weeks...I was out of blush for a while and finally found a new one hahaha. ;)

  18. What a gorgeous dress on you! It's so pretty, love the colors :) I used to be on a worship band too! (AND I also tie my straps in knots sometimes hehe)


  19. You look amazing! Your bump makes your glow. These dresses are awesome finds! Thanks for always being awesome !

  20. You are as radiant and stylish as ever. That maxi is so pretty and the necklace is the perfect completer piece. Sorry if I missed it but did you announce the gender at all? Let me know.

    Stay well, Beautiful.

    Ada. =)

  21. I like your style, very nice, thanks for share

  22. You look gorgeous, I am in love with this on you!

  23. That is a gorgeous maxi dress! I hope that you have a wonderful Easter wearing it! :) Maxi dresses are a pretty good fail safe, pregnant or not!

    Away From Blue

  24. I just wanted to say this is one of my favorite looks from you. It's completely adorable.


  25. The link for Conversation Pieces says it's been deleted or doesn't exist. Does that mean it's sold out?

  26. The link to Conversation Pieces says it's been deleted or doesn't exist. Does that mean it's sold out?

  27. It appears so. Wow, that went quickly. Sorry!

  28. Love this look! I especially love your necklace! Happy Easter!

  29. I ventured to a Goodwill yesterday and I actually found one! It's not floral but it's super cute blue and black and it fits and it's long enough and I can wear a bra with it. :-) TMI, yeah, but for some of us that's essential! LOL

  30. What a beautiful Maxi!!!

    Check out my fashion blog at www.MapOfMarsella.com

  31. Because of you and Kimmie (Blue Paper Lanterns), I am now on the hunt for a white blazer! What a great piece to layer over a dress like this :)


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