Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Color Me Happy

MAN!  I'm digging this top, but it doesn't photograph well unless it's super super close up.  The product image doesn't look good on the Old Navy site either, but at least when you zoom in on ON's site it shows clearly.

Anyhoo, thanks to my new non-maternity tunic from Old Navy, I'm happily wearing some more COLOR!  Especially colored flats.  They really know how to give an outfit a nice twist.  I was originally going to throw on the tan flats that I wear every other day, but in the process of reaching for them I caught my mint flats winking at me.  And when mint flats wink at you, you seize the opportunity.  I personally think they can take an outfit from being "normal" to a little quirky or fun.  Besides neutral outfits I've often paired these with navy or pink/coral.  See them all here!

Which of your colored flats do you LOVE?  Or, what color are you gonna add next? 

Links to Shop:
1.  Land's End  |  2.  Target
3.  LOFT  |  4.  Forever 21
5.  Target  |  Target

Shop for the Look:
Top: Old Navy (exact--on sale for $15, similar, similar)
Cardigan: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: LOFT (exact--sale for $35!)
Shoes: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Belt: Old Navy (exact)

*21 weeks pregnant


  1. This is so Springy and adorable! I love the light yellow with the mint. They play well against the floral. Love you hair pulled back as well.

  2. You are so right, Old Navy does not do that blouse justice. Ordered one based on how great it looks here!

  3. I am very tempted to add mint flats to my collection after seeing all these pretty options, but I'm actually looking for some pink ones at the moment. They would be so perfect for a lot of my spring outfits!

  4. The second mint pair from Target also comes in pink - check it out! It's on sale right now, too.

  5. Audrey, you always have the cutest links! I have bought 2 things via your site so far (really a big deal because I mostly only shop secondhand), and am thinking of a third item (#2 on the shoe list). Great job!

  6. I love that top! And congrats on the baby! I'm expecting as well! So many babies this year!!! That makes me so happy!

  7. Adorable flats. They look comfortable. I also shopped Old Navy when I was pregnant. Tunics were my favorite non-maternity style to wear. Also, if you're unlucky like me, you'll carry extra baby weight during breastfeeding, and the non-maternity tunics come in handy during that time.

    Thanks for sharing. You look beautiful as always.

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  8. you're just adorable Audrey!

  9. That printed top is so nice! I like the touches of colour with the yellow cardi and mint flats, they work well with the top and jeans :)

    Away From Blue

  10. So pretty! Love the springy colors - a top like this is great for wearing a lot of color because it so easily helps a girl pick out ones that will look nice together. Also, you'll be glad to have some non-maternity tunics in your wardrobe for the first few weeks post-baby, take it from me :) I really don't have any tops like this, but I wanted something a little flowy/loose/long in those early postpartum days (plus buttons are good for nursing) - so might as well get a few now and get use out of them in early pregnancy AND postpartum!

  11. You're seriously still in non maternity jeans!?! As a mom of two let me take a moment to secretly cry in the corner in my sweatpants (and kinda hate you, but not really!) That's awesome and you look amazing and love all your outfits! Super affordable and so nice to have someone else put it together for me!

  12. Your baby bump is growing!!!!!! You look amazing!!!!! Loving this outfit, so spring inspired!!!!



  13. Only in non-maternity jeans with a hair tie and an embarrassing hole with an unzipped fly if anyone sees! :) My super comfy low-panel maternity jeans aren't comfy for long periods of time anymore, and I went for a full panel but found them sooooo uncomfortable for me. Hair tie feels the best, so I'm milking it as long as I can.

  14. You look fabulous. Now I need that top. :)

  15. very cute outfit!

  16. Colored flats are definitely on my list this summer! I had to throw away a few pairs that were tattered beyond saving last year, and it's already becoming clear that bending over to put on more structured shoes is NOT going to be fun once my bump gets much bigger. The last mint pair from Target are first on my list, and I'm hoping to grab a cute coral pair, too!

  17. Just be careful not to stretch them too far. My zipper never stayed up once I went back to wearing my pants the regular way. Boo!

  18. LOVE the top! So much so that I ran out and bought one for myself. Thanks for the recommendation!

  19. hello Audrey, I stumbled on this blog while I was searching for maternity work outfits.... these are super comfy and wear-able to work.

    I live in India, pretty hot climate, like summer all the 12 months, I travel by public transport and work in a conservative office setting, am still in the process of conceiving, but wanted to be prepared mentally for all the wonderful changes....

    In India, its very difficult to find maternity clothes ... maternity clothes means XXXL clothes, with slouchy shoulders and and baggy bottoms, no maternity panel for trousers and people do not wear jeans during maternity as if its a crime ... people suggest women to wear saris and loooosssseeeeee clothes which is very depressing, I want to spend my maternity like a 9 month spa-holiday but not like a oversized elephant wearing long curtains and bedsheets .....

    I dont want my bump to show up that soon, as people here do not understand the meaning of privacy or personal space and they are pretty nosy, and scare the crap out of the Mom-to-be. Its very depressing for a person to go thru that grilling of annoying neighbors, relatives, colleagues and husband's friends' spouses and the crap ... I hate them all

    Any help to dress up and not show the bump till like the end of 3rd trimester hahahahhaha ... would be really awesome

    I am 5 feet 3 inches and dark (like halle berry :) pure love ) not very skinny nor plump 57 kgs weight, just right for my height (and my husband thinks I am fat ... huh !)

    Please help Audrey ... eternally grateful to you.

  20. Stephanie BentonThursday, April 17, 2014

    I have such a similar top from ON like 2-3 years ago that I can't get rid of because I love it sooooo much! Been looking for similar ones I think I'll order the blue thanks for posting this!

  21. This top is so cute, and I love how you paired it with the yellow cardigan and mint flats :) You really are the cutest pregnant woman alive...love that little bump!!


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