Thursday, March 13, 2014

You're Invited: Google Hangout - March 17!

That's right--I wanna hang out with you this Monday night!  If you've ever wanted to chat live (and see me make awkward faces), now's your chance.

The ladies from are hosting a Google Hangout to chat spring fashion!  I'll get to show you some really, really, REALLY cute new spring items from a couple of boutiques that I've been adoring lately.  Like, REALLY cute items.  Plus, there will be giveaways!

Click here to RSVP.

I hope you can come!  As much as I love talking to myself, talking to you guys would be way more fun.

See you there?  :)


  1. This could be interesting! How does it work?

  2. Awesome! I have a big work thing middle of next week, so this will be my reward for spending the weekend preparing :) Perfect timing!

  3. It was so fun to see you live, Audrey! You're so cute! And I'm excited that I won one of the gift cards! What should I get at :)

  4. Thanks for tuning in, Kim! And, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! They have some ADORABLE yellow flats or pumps right now ( or if you like a-line or floral skirts I would totally recommend waiting for the floral skirt I opened yesterday. IT'S AWESOMEEEEEEE. I *think* they said it would be on Jane...but maybe I heard that wrong and you should email them to see. Otherwise, it's on major sale at


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