Friday, March 7, 2014

Speaking Up for Women Across the Globe

We're taking a break from style today, and it's for a really, really, REALLY good cause.  

Ever since I was young I've spoken up for those who don't get heard.  Many of you might be shocked to know this, but I grew up in an abusive household, so I know what it's like to feel like you have no voice and like you matter little as a person.  Out of that I grew a really strong resolve to speak up when someone isn't being treated well.

One of the main reasons I blog is because I don't want anyone to feel like they aren't good enough or don't deserve a place here on earth.  And if someone can feel a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence in their voice by simply being able to feel put together in the style department, that's all I need to keep blogging.

I've always wanted to use this blog to uplift women, and today we get a chance to do that in an even more profound way--by advocating for voiceless women across the world.

My good friend Charlotte has been doing just that with an organization called Sister India, which my husband and I have personally supported too.  Over breakfast Charlotte, her husband, and I brainstormed ways to use social media as a platform to affect change in the world.  (You know, small potatoes.)  One thing led to another and we came up with what's happening today--a collaboration with some other outstanding bloggers, all putting a hold on the normal blogging biz to speak up for women across the globe with Sister India!

(AND, there's even a $200 Visa giveaway at the end from a generous donor who wanted to get more women connected to the cause!)

Here's my friend Charlotte to tell you all about it...

Have you ever felt invisible?
Maybe you're the alarm-snoozer like me, rushing out of the house in a bland, rumpled ensemble and a bumpy ponytail. Or maybe you've been stuck at home cleaning up after the kids for too many days in a row. Whatever it was, chances are you've felt invisible at least once. And it's no fun.

I want to tell you about a chance to rescue women from invisibility.


This year I learned about millions of women in India who are ignored and abused by a culture that denies their worth. I learned about Kajani trying to light herself on fire, Kimaya and the physical abuse she faces for seeking education and sweet Rosmita, a grandmother who's never once felt loved or worth it. A team of dear friends and I started Sister India to lend our voices to rescue them from their abuse through education. 

This video paints a picture of her world, with shocking facts I didn’t learn until this year:

This Saturday, March 8th, is International Women's Day. If you're inspired to take action for these women, here are 3 small things that will make a huge difference:

  1. Share this video to end her silence. Lend your voice and encourage your friends to do the same. Click share on the embedded video post above.
  1. Give her an education for only $30. At Sister India, we are combating the abuse of women and girls by giving them the gift of education--- a gift withheld from over 300 million Indians, who can't read or write, even their own names. Educating a woman in reading, writing, math, health, business and Bible values only costs $30 because we work with an organization that raises up Indian Christian volunteers. $30 to transform a family for generations! Craziness. Right now all donations are being matched by an investor, so if you give $30, you're giving education to 2 illiterate Indians! Click here.

  1. Create a Fundraising Page this week to spread awareness and give your friends a chance to help too. Because there's a donation match on right now, just $150 will give education to 10 people! If 10 friends give $15 you will change 10 families, preventing generations of violence! Click here.

Thanks for listening! Because of you, she is one step closer to freedom =)
To learn more about Sister India visit SisterIndia.Org.
To connect with others who care, like us: facebook.com/IndiaSisterhood.
Want to talk to someone about how this moved you, or want to ask questions? Email: [email protected]
The winner of the VISA Giftcard giveaway will be announced on Friday, March 14, 2014.


  1. Have you checked out WAR (Women At Risk) International?
    This organization saves women from Sex Trafficking and give them jobs making jewelry! They have some really beautiful pieces, and I always get tons of compliments when I wear the necklace I purchased.

  2. This is beautiful! Love this!

  3. The idea is beautiful, but... when I read Rosmita's story, I realised that the classes were being used to sneak in missionary work. While I believe in everyone's freedom to practice their own religion, I am very much against converting people. I have lived in India and I have seen many institutions and foundations that offered help to the poorest, at the same time strongly encouraging them to switch religions. Many of these people did convert, mainly because of the economic help and support they were getting.
    And it's not like Christianity is a women-empowering and gender-equal religion either.

  4. I'm very sad and sorry to hear that your experience or at least your impression of Christianity is one that's not women-empowering or gender-equal. I totally get why you would have that impression--because I do see a lot of streams of Christianity misconstruing what the bible says about women and gender roles. The reason I'm sad to hear that that's your impression is because I come from a church that believes Jesus fully empowered women rather than seeing us as people meant to take a secondary role, including having a woman as a head pastor.

    Also, the classes offered by Sister India are, yes, bible based. The reason Sister India exists is out of values that the founders learned from the bible--to care for and advocate for the marginalized and to let people know they are loved, so it's an inherent part of why they do what they do. If people have problems with that, I do understand, but that is how they chose to run their non-profit. However, aside from literacy being taught out of the bible, religion is not forced on them in the sense that they aren't asked to convert or believe anything in order to take the class. In that way, certain views are presented, and if people have questions about Jesus then of course the teachers will answer them. Otherwise students can take it or leave it.


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