Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shopping Help: Spring Skirts

I feel like I'm perpetually trying to ramp up my skirt collection, yet somehow it's been hard to find what I'm looking for.  The good news is that it's a lot easier to find skirts in the spring and summer, and there are plenty out there now that look promising!

Here's some help if you're in the same boat as me.


Option 1 (Target) - I've shown this before, but I just love it.  I absolutely love my floral pencil skirt, and I've gotten asked a lot about it.  Last season it was hard to find great alternatives, but I keep showing this Target option because it's a fantastic option!

Option 2 (ModCloth) - If you're not so into pencil skirts, try this one.  The flowers are bright, and it can be paired with pink, green, yellow, and white tops or cardigans.  But the dark background counters all the brightness in a way that makes it perfect for winter as well.  Make it cute and classic with a denim jacket or give it some edge with a cropped black leather jacket.

Option 3 (Fancy Frills Boutique) - I received this skirt recently and LOOOOOOVE it.  It has an elastic waist, which is great for my growing belly.  Plus it has pockets!  It's shown with a yellow top, but because of all the colors in it you can pair it with almost any cheerful color.  So fun!  It comes in a darker version as well.

Option 4 (Kohl's) - This is a more subdued floral skirt in case you're not THAT into all the floral stuff.  :)  It's also great for spring and winter, similar to option 2.


Option 5 (Joe Fresh via JCPenney) - A fun ponte striped skirt that's not a pencil skirt.  I love the waistband and the button details, and I think the shape is adorable.  Pair it with a plain grey tee and sneakers, or add a bright top and wedges to spruce it up.

Option 6 (Forever 21) - This skirt is $11.  WHAT?  You can use the same styling ideas as I said above, or see the ways I've worn mine.

Option 7 (ModCloth) - This is not technically stripes, but geometric shapes...whatever.  It's adorable!  Classic yet interesting print that would be great for an office or for the weekend.

Option 8 (Old Navy) - I ordered this from Old Navy, so we'll see how it pans out.  It comes in 6 other colors/prints and has pretty good reviews.  I've been looking for another striped maxi, so I hope this works out.

Not all spring skirts have to be florals, but if you're going to do solids why not play with interesting textures or cuts?  Here are a few that are a little more interesting than a plain jersey cotton skirt.

Option 9 (J.Crew Factory) - Eyelet!  <3  It comes in navy too, but why bother when this color is so beautiful?  It has a great texture which can be made office appropriate, casual, or fancy schmancy.

Option 10 (ModCloth) - Another texture you could go for is pleated tulle.  It's airy and nice, but you can "ground" the look with tougher textures like a denim or leather jacket, leather sandals, or two-toned metallic pumps.

Option 11 (Kohl's) - This *is* a jersey cotton dress, but with a tulip silhouette for a little something special.  Comes in 6 colors including a lot of neutrals and looks ridiculously comfortable.  Could be a great alternative to a normal a-line maxi skirt.

Option 12 (J.Crew Factory) - Lastly is this J.Crew Factory mini that people ADORE.  It comes in 4 colors, all of which I love.  I adore it too, but sadly not on me.  :(  I live vicariously through others who can pull it off!

I was looking for a floral a-line and a striped jersey maxi this season.  I got the floral a-line and I hope the Old Navy striped maxi works out.  Seems like I'm in good shape!

What kinds of skirts are you hoping to add to your wardrobe this season?


  1. Number 9 is gorgeous!

  2. I hope to add a floral print pencil skirt to my closet, and hopefully a flowy midi, too. I haven't found any that I'm loving yet, but hopefully I will!

  3. I love that lattice print from ModCloth! So sad that I can't wear 99% of pencil skirts due to my square-shaped hips.

  4. What a Timely Post. I don't typically go for flora prints but I think I am liking them on these pencil skirts. I will be looking for some this spring. and No. 7 is my favorite in the stripes! Great post.

  5. I hope you'll give us an update on the striped maxi once you get it!

  6. I am waiting for the striped maxi skirt from ON to arrive too! I was excited that it came in petite because most maxi skirts are way too long on me! (5'2")

  7. Lauren WickersheimFriday, March 28, 2014

    If the ON striped maxi doesn't work out, try the Target one you posted a few posts back. I'm SO pleased with it -- it was on sale for $10 and is a nice thick knit. So happy!

  8. I'm kind of obsessed with that Target floral skirt! Thanks for sharing (again!)

    Melanie @UnraveledThreads

  9. I still love the pattern on the Target floral skirt, but just wish that it wasn't broken into panels in the front, breaking up the pattern :( and no waistband.

    I was obsessed with finding that Joe Fresh striped skirt because it's been sold out online for a long time already, and I searched online to find one in store and found one at my nearby JCP and made a special trip awhile ago just to go buy it. Sadly I wasn't able to find it in store (I haven't been to JCP in years and didn't realize how much of a mess it is inside! or maybe it's just that store?) but it's SO cute.

  10. I love how much effort you put into these lists!! I'm currently looking for a floral maxi skirt and just found the perfect one. Now just to come up with a reason why I deserve it ;)
    I also want to find something like 4 or 7, they are adorable!

  11. Shoegal Out In The WorldFriday, March 28, 2014

    All the above are great skirt options for spring & summer... I am not a real fan of floral skirts while I prefer floral dresses & love wearing the in the spring mostly... However I am a great fan of stripes & loved the Forever 21 & ModCloth striped skirt options... As far as solid skirt options, my favorite is the Kohl's maxi watermelon skirt that I would combine with simple tees, biker jackets, jean jackets, ankle boots for now & for summer sandals & wedges...

    Have a great weekend!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World


  12. I love the floral skirts! a must for spring :)


  13. Hi! Our friend Melissa Look told me about your blog (and how you went to Monta Vista too, haha!), so I came to check it out. :) I love your picks, esp #5 and #6!


  14. Wow, I never think of details like no waistband or broken up into panels. I don't know that I care much about them either, but I'm always amazed by the details you catch on clothes.

    Our JCP is clean and organized...especially the Joe Fresh and MNG sections, but I've definitely been to some that look and feel a little like Marshall's in terms of the chaos.

  15. cool! yes I want a petite maxi skirt! sometimes i see them hanging up in stores and I'm like that is as long as my whole body

  16. I finally received it in the mail and love it! I love that it doesn't have a foldover waistband.

  17. These are all so great! I love #2, #5, and #6 especially! Some new items have been added to my To Buy list and online shopping will ensue shortly.


  18. Thanks for this list. I am not a huge skirt-wearer because I don't like my legs but I am trying to get better though because I really do hate wearing pants all the time. I just got back from JCP where I went to find the Joe Fresh skirt you posted because I could tell immediately that it would be perfect for my body shape (I can NOT do pencil skirts). You will not believe this - my JCP only had one left (it is almost sold-out online, too) and it was my size. I'd say it was meant to be! The universe is trying to tell me to wear more skirts!
    I can't wait to wear it! Thanks so much, Audrey! Keep up the great work - you have given me so many great ideas!

  19. Thanks for this tip! I am 5'2", also. I didn't know Old Navy had maxis in petite! This is really exciting! Off to check it out...

  20. that Target skirt is on my wishlist!


  21. I LOVE when that happens! I hope you love the skirt :)

  22. I've got quite a lot of skirts from your list in my wardrobe, I just need the weather to start cooperating!!!!!! Love your picks, especially the floral ones. I need to get something floral, just afraid of looking like a couch.



  23. Thanks for featuring the Joe Fresh skirt - I picked the last one in my size up at my local JCPenny's yesterday!


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