Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shopping Help: Plain and Playful Spring Pieces

As I've been building my wardrobe I have come to appreciate a good mix of plain, solid basics and playful pieces.  Since spring is in the air here I've been giving attention to my spring "outfit formulas" and the kinds of pieces I have that are the building blocks to my spring wardrobe.  

I compiled a few of them, with ideas for both plain pieces and more playful versions.  

Blazers - White blazer (H&M)  |  Coral blazer (Wallis) (Forever 21 option here)
Instead of doing a black, navy, or grey blazer I showed a white blazer as a fresh neutral for spring.  If you want to make an even bigger statement, go for a blazer in a bright color like coral, cobalt, yellow, or in a floral pattern!

Pencil Skirts - Teal skirt (Target)  |  Floral skirt (Target)
A teal skirt is a safe way to do color, but it's a little more interesting than a standard neutral.  I showed this awesome floral pencil skirt from Target as a great spring addition that will really make your outfit pop.

Maxi Skirts - Grey skirt (Target)  |  Striped skirt (Target)
I love a solid grey maxi skirt!  For the "playful" version I originally had a brightly colored and wildly patterned skirt, but I felt that might be too out of many of your comfort zones.  I opted for the next step up from a solid neutral--stripes!  I don't think you can really go wrong with stripes.  :)

A-Line Skirts - Pink skirt (Dorothy Perkins)  |  Floral skirt (ModCloth)
Pink may not feel plain to some, but a solid skirt in a saturated color is a helpful piece to have in a wardrobe.  I also showed an a-line skirt in black and pink florals, which *might* actually be easier to pair than a solid pink skirt.  You could wear the floral skirt with a solid pink, green, white, black, or even mint top!  Throw a denim jacket over it for an easy, cute spring outfit.  Or wear it with a coral blazer.

Cardigan - Oatmeal cardigan (Target)  |  Mustard cardigan (ModCloth)
Cardigans are a must for me year round, but especially in the spring.  A neutral one in oatmeal will help tone down any of the "playful" bottoms, while one that's slightly punchier like the mustard cardigan will brighten up any outfit, whether full of neutrals or full of other bright colors!

Flats - Tan flats (Target)  |  Mint flats (Target)
If you haven't noticed, tan flats are essential to my wardrobe.  (Well, tan shoes in general, of any heel type...)  But I also really love colored flats!  I have a pair of mint flats that I picked up last year, which I love.  As I walked around Target I was delighted to see several pairs of mint shoes!  The ones I showed also come in some neutrals as well as a deep pink.  

Do you lean more towards "plain" or "playful," or do you feel like you have a satisfying mix of the two?


  1. I love all the playful pieces. They all go perfectly together!


  2. Great Spring pieces that can do lots of combinations. Perfect when you don't have a fortune to spend updating your wardrobe.

    X x

  3. Hello Audrey!! I'm from Brazil and I've never commented here before but I'm a real fan of you and of the way you dress!! Your Pinterest charts are just amazing!!!
    Really love how you dress so beautifully buying in shops that are not so expensive!!!
    Congratulations for the amazing job, and also for the baby!!
    Wish you all the best!!

  4. Lauren WickersheimFriday, March 07, 2014

    Oh my -- that striped Target maxi is on sale for $10. Yep, just bought that.

  5. Oh, I am such a plain person! I'm trying to branch out a little more (which is why I love reading your suggestions!!), but especially in cold weather, give me grays and navys!

  6. What do you suggest for tops?

  7. Love these combinations, time to go shopping!

  8. I can do a follow up post for tops! How does that sound?

  9. Just went to target.com and bought 3 Maxi skirts and 2 pairs of ballet flats- all for only $50! I'm thinking none of it will actually fit, but I'm trying!

  10. Sounds like my cup of tea! If the maxi skirts are junior's sizing I always have to size up, but that usually works out for me. I bought a skirt from Target the other week and it was perfect except I needed to size up TWO sizes...so I had to return and re-order. Even if they don't fit, keep trying--you're definitely on a good track!

  11. Yeah, I might have to go up a size, but I ordered based on the size chart. It is the same "letter" size I am in women's, but I'm on the low end of that range, and the high end of the junior range. Plus these are stretchy, so who knows.

    I'm worried about the shoes though. I usually wear a 5, and the smallest they had was 5.5- but they were a good price, free shipping and I can always return and re-order!

  12. I love these options! Now if only I felt like I could pull off a floral skirt. :( I will work on it ;)

  13. I need that white jacket, must go get one. :) Yes I said need.

  14. Love these formulas! I have recently bought both a coral blazer and a floral one, so I guess I lean toward the playful side of things? I think I need those mint flats too :)

  15. I definitely am trying to move out of my comfort zone and go with playful. I have a coloured blazer and a striped maxi skirt and I love them both. I think it's nice to move out of your comfort zone once in a while, while staying true to your style and who you are.



  16. You're pregnant! YAY! Im 12 weeks today and at a loss for what to wear! Hoping for some good tips from you as you navigate the world of "oh my gosh I feel huge!" CONGRATS!

  17. I'm in love with the mint flats. Shoes are the only way I can do color at work, so I've been amassing quite the colorful collection! I love the striped maxi too. It's neutral, but interesting.

  18. I'm more plain with a hint of playful. ;-)


  19. Love that floral skirt from Target! I've been wanting one so badly!




  20. I need more skirts, and I love the floral one you show here! It does look really versatile.

  21. Stopping by again to say Thank you! My three target maxi skirts and my black and burgundy target flats arrived today- and shockingly they fit!

    I really hope you will feature more tips on HOW to wear the maxi skirt. I always just wear a fitted t-shirt, but with the roll top on the skirt, it probably isn't that flattering...

    Off to go hem- these skirts are like 8 inches too long!

  22. That's great to hear, Jessica!

    You can find how I've worn my two maxi skirts here: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/search/label/navy%20maxi%20skirt http://www.puttingmetogether.com/search/label/maroon%20maxi%20skirt

    The links to how I've worn any of my pieces are always on the sidebar.

  23. Oh, awesome! I didn't realize you cataloged them since your posts don't have tags! Thanks so much! I think I put a few jackets together with them that look cute. I can't quite get to the "wear a belt when you have no belt loops" stage of fashion though- I'm just not that stylish.

  24. My posts do have tags! :) Or...labels..whatever you call them. They're always at the end of the post, but they're in very small font.

  25. Sounds Awesome! Thanks! I'm such a visual person.


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