Sunday, February 9, 2014

Make It Pop With White Jeans

Another white jeans for "winter" look!  Perhaps this is more fall-esque, but most of your guys' fall weather is the extent of our winter.  I also showed it with the grey cardigan since I layered it under the cargo jacket.  Yes, it was 58 degrees and I needed all those layers.  I'm a weather wuss. 

My friends were really digging this outfit, especially with just the grey cardigan, saying they loved the red with the grey and white.  I thought it was interesting because I've worn the top half before, but with black jeans, and the white really does make it all pop much more.  Just goes to show once again that you can really change a look by changing the bottom half!

(Some FANTASTIC options for cargo jackets have hit stores!  This is one of my favorite pieces for fall and spring!)

Links to Shop:
1.  Old Navy  |  2.  Old Navy  |  3.  H&M
4.  H&M  |  5.  Forever 21  |  6.  H&M

Shop for the Look:
Shirt: c/o The Walk-In Closet (similar, similar, similar)
Jacket: c/o Conversation Pieces (similar, similar, similar)
Cardigan: H&M (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar, similar)
Boots: DV by Dolce Vita (similar, similar)


  1. I absolutely love that cargo jacket! I will definitely be looking for one for the spring! And from one weather wuss to another (although I unfortunately live in New England- currently on the couch under about 4 blankets!) I will give you a tip which is to drink warm drinks! I have a cup of tea in my hand pretty much constantly from October through April! Love you and your site!

  2. I have every single one of those items in my closet! Some time soon, I think I'm gonna be an Audrey clone. It's such a comfy yet stylish look.

    Completely off topic, are you gonna buy/invest in some Peter Pilotto pieces from Target? Have you seen the collection in person? I buy all my stuff online since I've got a Redcard and am half-tempted to just buy one of every thing in various sizes just to test them out. ;p

  3. This is a fantastic outfit! Your jacket looks so versatile, and I really like all the other pieces too.

  4. I love cargo jackets, a LOT! Don't wait too long to buy one if they are in stores right now. In my experience they sold out quickly last year and it was hard to find one at a decent price!

    Thanks for the warm drink tips!

  5. HappinessatmidlifeSunday, February 09, 2014

    I like this with the cargo jacket - very unexpected!


  6. Haha!

    I don't think I'm going to buy any Peter Pilotto stuff. I'm not super into trends or designer names. If I participate in a trend it's usually on accident (because I'm not that cool)!

    I can get really distracted by the rage of "limited time!" Target designer stuff, so I try to remind myself that I actually have a running shopping list for pieces that will build my wardrobe and that I personally probably won't wear the designer-for-Target pieces in the long run. I did get the Phillip Lim satchel because a replacement small grey satchel was already on my list since my old one was falling apart. The Philip Lim one was PERFECT! But whether it was Phillip Lim or not, I would have gotten it.

    If you're into Peter Pilotto stuff then go for it! But if you're like me and get caught up in the rage, figure out if you'd actually want something like that if it were not a designer, limited time kinda thing.

  7. I love the jeans, boots and parka look :) Very chic :)



    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  8. Love the jeans with the utility jacket and cognac boots!

  9. Wow, you are absolutely right about the difference the white jeans make! Love both looks, but the white jeans make the colors pop. Could you please post a side-by-side?

  10. Amazing what a difference just changing the jeans makes! I love both outfits. I am itching to wear my white jeans, but it was SO HOT today, that even a light summer dress was too much! But I am not complaining, I love the weather here in SA. Sunny most of the year with mild winters. What is not to love?

  11. Love this with the white jeans - so interesting how the color on the bottom can highlight the top so differently!!

  12. The white totally pops. And I am loving that H&M jacket.


  13. It's a bit difficult to see the "pop" of the white against the white background. I'd love to see another example of how white jeans can make an outfit in front of a background where they don't blend in so much.


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