Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shopping Help: Open Cardigans

It all started with this LOFT cardigan that was not available in my size.  Almost all of my cardigans are the same kind--just your standard cardigan.  You've seen me wear them plenty.

What I like about the LOFT cardigan is the silhouette.  The cascading front is a great way to add some interest and change up the silhouette of your outfit while still providing the functionality of your standard cardigan.  I thought one like that might change up my outfits a bit more, buuuuut, no luck with my size.  And now it's totally sold out.

I tried two from SheInside which did not pan out at all:

left  |  right

The first was way too big and boxy on me, though it might be great for someone else.  The grey one would have been PERFECT, except that it is not really as pictured and is super short in the back.  I thought I even had it on upside down or something, but neither way worked!  

So I went hunting, and here are some others I found.  They're all from LOFT (on sale), Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, or Macy's.  If you've been in a cardigan rut and want an easy next step, these are great deviations from a normal v-neck cardigan that play with textures and shapes!

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine

Row 1: Ideally I wanted one with a marled texture like these, but with a cascading front or at least a pointed, uneven front like option 3 from Kohl's.  That's still what I'm looking for, so I might need to go  to Kohl's and check it out in person.

Row 2:  

Option 4: I reallyyyyy like the color and texture of this one.  Looks so cozy!  I think it pairs great with dark jeans, a light tee, and wedge booties for an easy, casual look.  It would also be great at cozying up a dress.

Option 5: This pattern seems a little more sophisticated to me, which makes sense, since it's LOFT.  I can see it being great for an office appropriate look and worn out with chunky metallic jewelry, black skinny jeans, and boots.  

Option 6:  Comes in a bunch of neutral colors, plus a nice maroon.  

Row 3:  These are on the thinner side, which will be great for spring and summer.  Options 7 and 8 aren't too far from a normal cardigan, just a little more drapey.

Option 7:  Also comes in a bunch of neutral colors.  You name a neutral, this cardigan comes in it!

Option 8:  Comes in a dark heather grey, too.  It has some texture to it, which gives it a little more dimension.

Option 9: A lighter knit version of a cardigan with a cascading front.  

Besides the normal v-neck (or crew neck) cardigan, what kinds are you drawn to?  


  1. I'm not a big fan of open-front cardigans on me, which is weird, because I rarely button my regular cardigans. I fell in love with this one from Gap: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=928967012&tid=goaff2178999&ap=2&siteID=goafcid150

    But I didn't get it because I figured it would sit in my drawer like the other open front cardigans I have. Now i kind of wish I had bought it. It's so cute and cozy!!

  2. I like the Loft (option 5) and Target (option 6) the best. The Loft one is sophisticated but versatile and a bit different than the rest. The target one is a nice one too. Both are pretty much sold out in smaller sizes though

  3. I feel in love with that Loft cardigan too, but I held myself back. Now I'm bummed that I didn't go for it!

  4. I bought this one from Target in two colors and love it! http://www.polyvore.com/merona_womens_chunky_cardigan_sweater/thing?context_id=7396695&context_type=user_fav&id=94416330

  5. Oh, that looks great! Sad it's sold out now!

  6. I just got this from Nordstrom on sale for $40 -- http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/bobeau-asymmetrical-fleece-wrap-cardigan-regular-petite/3113609?cm_em=&cm_mmc=email_tran-_-122513-_-dtc_ship_confirm-_-proddescr1

    You can button it up or let it hang down, which adds a little versatility.

  7. This isn't knit, but I bought it from Joe Fresh sleepwear, and I wear it to work (head office at a bank) and everyone like it and thinks it is a blaser. It's the first time I've tried an open cardigan. https://www.joefresh.com/Categories/Women/Sleepwear/Modal-Open-Cardigan/p/WF13SL4145_001
    You're right that it is especially hard to tell what these are like online! I really like option 4, though!

  8. The first row middle one is my fave. I think it would work well left open or even belted?

  9. I love the whole first row! The middle in the second row has a lot going on but is fun and young.

  10. I have these 2 open knit cardigans from American Eagle and love the "waterfall" look that the front has:
    and this one in teal though...

  11. My favourites are 2, 3, 4 and 6! I've been all about chunky sweaters replacing my usual blazer option this season. I picked up an AMAZING black one from BCBG at Nordstrom Rack (I tried to find it online but couldn't - I'll blog it soon :P) and have barely left the house without it since... I'm obsessed

  12. I just saw some adorable open/ moto style cardigans on target.com

  13. HappinessatmidlifeThursday, January 16, 2014

    I just started falling in love with these types of cardigan and bought a couple this season. I love the easy flow of these cardigans.


  14. I've tried a few of the cascading cardigans but I think they just looked really awkward on me, despite them looking perfectly fine on the hanger. maybe I just haven't found the right one yet! Until then, I'm sticking to my normal button cardigans, though I have #6 and love it!

  15. Its like a cardigan sweet shop....love it xx

  16. The ones in row three are my favorites. Though I love the multicolored one at the top of the post that you said didn't work out. Too bad! Such an interesting one.

  17. I love open cardigans. So comfortable and warm.



  18. I love cardigans that have a "waterfall front". I've been searching for the perfect one too, but so far no luck. I do have a couple of regular open cardigans, but would really like one that has that cascade effect ^^ xo

  19. Do you want me to check the multiple LOFT stores near me to see if they have that cardigan in your size??

  20. You are so sweet! No, that's fine, but thank you! I've moved on from it and want a marked one anyway. The LOFT one just sparked all of my thought. Plus, with it being as hot as it is here lately I'm not sure I'll be needing a thicker one.

  21. I love open cardigans. :-) I've always had a hard time with button ones. I don't know why, they just don't tend to fit me well. I prefer thinner-knit ones because I tend to overheat easily when I wear thicker knits. I feel really classy and elegant in my open cardigans. I had one when I was pregnant and wore it almost to death! LOL I love that I can wear it over a jersey dress or with jeans and a t-shirt or with pants and a blouse and it works on all of them.

  22. I like the Target option. I have an open front cardi from Loft and it stretches out a little too easily. It drives me nuts that I have pointy elbows after 30 minutes. LOL.


  23. I have similar to option 9 but in a slightly longer length- it's actually about the same length as 8 in the back, and a little longer in back. Confession time...I have it in 3 different colors khaki, plum and black. It's the only thing I have multiples of in my entire wardrobe. SO cute with skinnies and boots, it works well with scarves or neckaces, and I get lots of compliments every time I wear one. Ive also worn it over dresses. The best part is that mine is extremely lightweight which is great for this Cali girl who likes to pretend that we have seasons. I highly recommend getting one since its such a versatile piece that works with our warmer weather.

  24. I don't own any LOFT cardigans, but I've heard someone else say that as well. Or it pilled easily or something. Sorry to hear that, but good to know!

  25. Ok, try not to laugh at me too hard for finding this at an old lady store: http://www.coldwatercreek.com/product-detail/59090/65612/ribbed-cardigan-sweater.aspx?colorid=A91&refLink=search.aspx

    Everything there runs a size big IMO.

  26. Personally, I would lean toward option 4 or 6 -- they look the coziest. I have a thing for toggles and neutrals... so, yeah. :)
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  27. Haha! I have nothing against a place like Coldwater Creek ;)

  28. I have a few from Charlotte Russe that I love. They aren't too thick and the length is perfect. Here are some options: http://www.charlotterusse.com/thumbnail/Tops/Cardigans-Cover-Ups/pc/3047/2622.uts


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