Thursday, January 2, 2014


Dang it!  This outfit is a redo of an outfit I liked a lot less--one that I took pictures of to show you the difference but now I can't find those pictures to save my life!  Basically, it was this outfit with my thin grey scoop neck cardigan and black pumps instead of boots.  Something about the silhouette wasn't my favorite.  I think it had to do with the scoop neck broadening my shoulders with this shirt while the black pumps made the bottom half look even narrower, so I looked awkwardly top heavy.  It wasn't the worst thing ever, but after seeing the pictures I was definitely like, "Hmm...I wish I hadn't worn that one out..." Haha.

On another note, I'm getting ready to spend a week in St. Louis for work, and I'm looking forward to three things: 1) real winter weather, 2) being with all of my co-workers and friends, and 3) getting to meet Grace (!!!), which should definitely make you all jealous because she is flipping hilarious.  If you don't already know Grace, then you need to, because she will make your days better, guaranteed.

Links to Shop:
1.  Target  |  2.  SheInside  |  3.  Kohl's
4.  Land's End  |  5.  Express  |  6.  Ann Taylor 

Shop for the Look:
Top: Target (exact, similar)
Sweater: Old Navy (similar, similar)
Jeans: Target (similar--on sale)
Boots: Target (exact, similar, similar)
Necklace: c/o Tiny Dazzles


  1. Love the polka dots and he pretty burgundy!!

  2. LOVE the new black boots, there is just something so chic about black and burgundy... Also, welcome to St.Louis!I live here and It just snowed all last night, and the lows this week are supposed to be in the negatives for the first time in a decade, so you will definitely get to experience real Winter Audrey! Stay warm and enjoy your time here :)

  3. I really need to try colored jeans with boots...looks so cute on you!

  4. This is a cute outfit, even if you don't have the first version to share :) I feel silly when I see that an outfit I thought I liked and wore out actually looks terrible in photos, but at least I can learn from it and not repeat it again! :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. This outfit is cute regardless of how the last one came out!

    xo, Nina


  6. Have fun in St. Louis! If you get a chance, go to the City Museum -- it is amazing and unique. And enjoy your touch of winter weather. I've just spent a week way up north with morning temps of -22 and watching people drive their trucks and snowmobiles out onto the lake to go ice fishing. That's serious winter entertainment!

  7. pretty little things blogThursday, January 02, 2014

    I have those same boots and I love them!! you look great girl! xo


  8. Thanks Steph! Always, a great compliment coming from you :)

  9. I'm pretty sure I won't have time to go site seeing, so I'll have to do that some other time I'm in St. Louis! I can't even fathom -22 degrees. How do people keep their eyeballs from freezing?

  10. Haha! Totally. At least we get to learn from our mistakes. Style is an ever-evolving process anyway, right?

  11. UGH! I'm in St. Louis twice every three years (confusing statement?) but I don't think it's ever been in the negatives. Maybe I'll eat lunch in the hotel on the worst days instead of venturing out...haha.

  12. I love this look! And yes, I love Grace too! Can't wait to hear your hilarious stories!!


  13. you will definitely be getting "real" winter weather when you come to saint louis next week--it's supposed to be like 3 degrees outside here, with lots more snow coming this weekend!!!

  14. i love your top, so adorable!

    xo Sarah

  15. Thank you for putting the store/brand names of the links underneath the pictures. That was a huge reason why I never clicked on your links!

  16. St. Louis is so much fun! Since I live a short two hours away, it is a frequent weekend destination of mine. If you have time, you should definitely check out the City Museum and, if it is really snowy (*fingers crossed*), sledding in Forrest Park is a lot of fun too!

    Btw - Love your blog! I love that all your outfits are totally wearable (and affordable!). My wardrobe has made huge improvements since I became a follower. :-)

  17. Great outfit!!!!!! Love the polka dot top.

    Happy New Year!!!!!



  18. So jealous that you get to go meet Grace! I hope your business travels bring you to Seattle someday :) Love this outfit. I'm still learning to decipher why certain outfits "work" and some don't. I never really paid too much attention to silhouettes and balancing and stuff, but it's something I need to pay closer attention to now!

  19. Beautiful look on you.

    Cheers to 2014!


  20. I'm loving your wine colored jeans :) Great outfit! I'm well on my way to Grace's blog now ^^ xo

  21. I must say love your shirt. I was looking for some comfortable/stylish shirts to wear for my new job. When I saw you got this from a Target, I just HAD to buy it. Not only that but Cartwheel was having a 30% off deal on this particular style (which is only valid in actual Target stores). I went to every Target store in my city just to: A. find the shirt and B. find my size. Only one store had one shirt in my size left. But I was happy to buy it; it looked so awesome on me. I can totally see the potential with it!

  22. That cardigan looks so cozy! I also love the polka dot button-down with the colored denim. So cute!

  23. Every time you wear this cardigan, I get so envious. It looks so unbelievably cozy, and I love that it's so neutral and goes with everything :)


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