Monday, December 30, 2013

Olive and Mustard

I'm writing this with a fuzzy head and stuffed nose because for one of my Christmas presents I got a cold.  That's what happens when a bunch of children cough in your face for a week, in case you were wondering.  Those generous little ones.  

The holidays plus being sick have thrown off my blogging groove, and I still have family visiting for the next week!  I have a bunch of backed up outfits to post for whenever I can get in the right mental space to put together posts.  But behind the scenes I'll be in pajamas, throwing back DayQuil, and hopefully catching up on Hulu Plus.

I wore this outfit sometime during the holidays, taken from my 10 Pieces, 14 Outfits Thanksgiving packing list.  I was surprised by this outfit because I don't think I would have come up with it were it not for the pieces being together in the capsule wardrobe.  I never would have thought to put mustard and olive together, but I really like it and I'm probably gonna do it again!  Would you wear olive and mustard?  Would you eat olive and mustard?  Har har.  Blame it on the DayQuil.

Links to Shop:
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four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Top: c/o SheInside (similar, similar, similar)
Cardigan: Tilly's (similarsimilar, similar)
Jeans: Target (might be exact, similar, similar)
Boots: DV by Dolce Vita (similar, similar, similar)
Necklace: c/o That's Mine Boutique (exact)


  1. Landon Clary EasonMonday, December 30, 2013

    Hi, Audrey!
    So sorry that you are ill, I have a sinus infection myself and I am stuffy headed also, LOL
    I love the olive and mustard together, they look super cute on you, girl!
    I wrote you out a post and now I can't find it so I am rewriting you.
    Did you write a post about colours and the colour wheel? I thought you did.
    Well, no matter, I do enjoy your posts and I will try to be more active!
    Best Wishes,

  2. Hope you feel better soon :) I love the olive and mustard together! Thanks for the link to the jeans on Banana Republic!! They are on sale right now for $39.99 with an extra 40% off. I had to order them right away, I can't wait to try them with my mustard cardigan!!!

  3. Hope you feel better! Love that outfit!

  4. I wouldn't eat olives and mustard but I would wear this all day! My cousin Jamie and I have been looking for the perfect mustard cardigan. You find the best stuff!

  5. Awww. Sorry to hear you are sick! :( Hope you had a good holiday otherwise though! Love this color combination. I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but think it looks great!



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  6. I think mustard is a becoming color on everyone. You look great in it, and this is a very down-to-earth yet cute outfit. Thanks for sharing.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  7. Krystle ColorTransformedFamilyMonday, December 30, 2013

    I received a mustard piko top for Christmas. Yellow is typically not my color but the mustard looks really good on me. I'm excited to have a new color in my wardrobe.

  8. I really like the colour scheme of the green and yellow together :)

    Sorry to hear you've been sick, I hope you feel better and back to normal soon!

    Away From The Blue

  9. Loving the colour combination.

    X x

  10. I really like this color combo Audrey!! Susan

  11. That's a new colour combo and it looks nice! Although I think swapping the olive pants with maroon ones would make the outfit better!

  12. nice… love it.. Happy New Year!!


  13. HA! Yeah, I got one of those Christmas gift colds too. Thanks, niece!

  14. Amazing outfit!! Love it! I have mustard jeans,and a striped to with an olive jacket on my wishlist! So I will be copying you for sure!

  15. I love this! Such great colors, and they go so well together. Lovely cardigan.

  16. This is one of my most beloved outfits I found on your blog Audrey! Yellow and green, well Mustard and Olive are a harmonious couple and suit you very nicely! I'm still looking for anything mustard (or curry as I put it) to re-style myself. Love from Berlin to you, Just_b


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