Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Metallics, Kids, Patterns, and Color. Plus discount codes!

It's time for the weekly dose of gift ideas from our sponsors--plus discount codes of course!  Not only is it great to support small businesses, they also have so many great gift ideas.

This week's round up includes metallic jewelry, ideas for kids, and all that is fun and colorful.

1.  Outfit Additions - You guys need to check out their Holiday Special section.  Necklaces have been marked down to $15, and bracelets and earrings have been marked down to $10!  Plus, you still get 20% off your $50+ purchase with code PMT.  All the ones I showed above are part of the Holiday Specials.  

2.  Calypte Collection - Always a great place for metal jewelry.  I own that braided metallic necklace and have gotten complements every time I've worn it!  It's perfect for adding metallic jewelry without being flashy.

3.  Jane - I think I buy from Jane at least once a week.  There's tons of ideas for kids, like the matching daddy and son ties shown above or a slew of girls' warm and toasty leggings.  Jane also has TONS of other stuff for women.  I bought patterned straws last week!

4.  That's Mine Boutique - Whether you want bold colors or soft pastels, That's Mine has a million options to choose from.  Some of my favorite jewelry is from here and tons of you tell me that you love the pieces you've gotten here too.  Why not get one for your friend?

Discount$10 off your $50 purchase - 10OFF50  //  $20 off your $100 purchase - 20OFF100

5.  Silver Cocoon - These laser cut pieces come in vibrant colors.  These pieces are bold and unique without being over the top.  I think they strike a great balance of funky but classy.  

Discount: Free shipping through Dec 31 with code PUTME2GETHER


  1. You look WAY better than me on my lazy day! I'm in sweats but that's cause I had surgery. I have to go on a field trip with my daughter tomorrow so I'm going to wear something like this!

  2. I think if you had surgery you deserve some sweats. ;)

  3. Like the casual vibe of this outfit. Throwing on a scarf is the best way to jazz-up an outfit without putting in any effort. And that scarf looks cozy!

  4. Love how printed scarves are such great ways to add some extra interest to an outfit :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Wonderful, thank you! I tried to use the "That's mine!" Code last week and it didn't work, FYI. Hopefully that's fixed now.

  6. Sorry about that! Please let me know if it doesn't work and I'll contact the owner.

  7. beautiful accessories!!!

  8. Hi Audrey, I have a question about your Target satchel. Do you find that the structure of the bottom stretches out over time? I know you have used the bag for a couple of posts, so how do you think it holds up? I am a little nervous about the purchase since it doesn't look like the shape is kept. If it does stretch out, do you think it is flat enough to use one of those base shapers?

  9. Hi Diana! Check out my post about helping a purse keep its shape. I use this Target satchel as the example: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/2013/10/purse-base-shaper-help-bags-keep-their.html

  10. Great casual look Audrey :) Love the scarf and purse.



  11. OT but I was wondering how you organize your closet? Color, clothing type, etc. I am trying to use more of the items I have but sometimes they seem to get lost in there. Do you have a post on this already? I love your blog!

  12. I don't have a post on that yet, but I use Go Chic or Go Hometo make better use of my closet. It's kind of tedious to take pictures of
    all your clothes, unless you kind of like being anal like I do, then it's fun. But I store all of my outfit ideas there and it helps me see my entire closet and put together things I wouldn't normally think to in my physical closet.

  13. These are all great ideas! Can't go wrong with a fun scarf .


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