Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye, 2013!

As 2013 comes to a close I wanted to share some of my favorite purchases of the year!  I'll compile some posts with remix recaps of these items and why I love them once the new year rolls around, but for now you can scroll through these labels to see the ways I've worn them:

3.  Everlane Tees  |  4.  White Lace Tank  |  5.  Striped Dress

On the Personal Front
This year has been full of both extreme highs and extreme lows on the personal front.  Some of the highs were Benson and I both turning 30, my brother getting engaged, Benson's sister getting engaged, a billion friends having babies, developing a great new community of friends from church, and Benson taking a big risk to switch job fields and thriving.  There's so much to be grateful for!  Some of the major lows have to do with sicknesses and other unfortunate events in our families which I will share about in its own post sometime.  (They don't seem like appropriate topics to couple with an outfit post, you know?)

On the Blogging Front
On the blogging front, I entered my 3rd year of blogging (at 2.5 yrs right now) and I'm still enjoying it!  I've been so grateful that in the midst of the family sickness I could come here and "escape," especially in the moments when I need to feel a little to feel a bit normal.  Also, family sickness aside, I'm incredibly thankful for all of you guys for taking the time to read whenever you can or comment or share with your friends or write to me telling me how this blog has made a difference for you.  That makes all the difference for me and is largely why I happily continue to blog!

P.S. In 2014 I hope to write more often about some "behind the scenes" of the blog.  Let me know if you have specific things you're interested in hearing about!


  1. Love the white lace tank and the striped dress!

  2. Happy New Year Audrey! It's been so much fun reading your blog...can't wait to see more behind the scenes too! You are such an inspiration for me to do blogging!

  3. Happy New Year Audrey! All the best for you (and your family) this year!! Thanks for the great blog!

  4. I absolutely love your blog! It has been such an inspiration to me. You successfully combine fashion and budget-friendly options. It has made fashion so much more accessible to me! I have always loved looking at fashion blogs but felt confused on a college student budget how I could pull it off. I thought I needed to spend lots of money to be stylish. (Seems silly now...) Then I found your blog and it changed my whole approach! So thank you. (My husband and our wallets also thank you.) And I wish you and your family all the best in the new year!!

  5. Audrey, I am one of your old lady readers.... Age 44 and with 5 kids. So I'm sure I'm not your typical reader. But your blog has inspired me and reminded me to be creative with my wardrobe. You have done that without breaking the bank or baring a lot of skin. :). Thank you for that! Have a blessed new year.
    A in Nebraska

  6. jennifoundinmyclosetWednesday, January 01, 2014

    Happy New Year Audrey!!!



  7. So smart to recap the best purchases of the year - a good way to learn for the future... I'm due for a closet cleanout, and this is inspiring me to get started and to reflect on what were my good wardrobe choices and why. And superficial clothes aside, best wishes to you for 2014 in all areas of life ;)

  8. Great recap -- in retrospect I rather wish I had done something similar. And I hope 2014 brings more wonderful adventures your way.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. Sorry to hear about the family sickness, that is always rough. I love your favorite pieces! <3, Rachel (For the Birds)

  10. Love all those items! Happy New Year!


  11. And because of you I have maroon pants and the same white tank...and I wear them both all the time! Sorry about the sickness in your family. For my family it has been a year of ups and downs, too. I guess all years are; I just feel them more deeply now as I get older (turning 30 in 2014). You have meant so much to me these past few months...I would love to get to know you better! Remember that it is your blog and while I appreciate you writing for your audience you really can write about whatever you want!

  12. It sounds like 2013 was quite the year for you and Benson, between the highs and the lows. As always, I have loved your blog since the beginning, and I'm eager to hear more about the girl behind the blog. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts!!


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